DNA Info: Chatham Methadone Clinic Meets With Local Group Over Complaints

So the Chatham methadone clinic is in the news once again:
The clinic, Nuway Community Services, 110 E. 79th St., was the subject of a neighborhood meeting in January, where residents complained of clients loitering and littering, which is bringing down the overall quality of the community. Violence is also a concern.

Jerry Davis-EL, a certified alcohol and drug addiction counselor at Nuway, said he has been meeting with a group organized by the Greater Chatham Alliance since April.

Davis-EL said that the clinic has addressed the early morning loitering problem but added that if the community knew the clients better there would be less tension.

“We need to let [neighbors] know these people are human,” he said referring to the clinic’s clients. “We have to show them some love, be transparent and let them know we’re here for them.”

Davis-EL, who has been meeting with Greater Chatham Alliance vice presdent Cee Powell, wants to see a health screening bus as well as a back-to-school drive to benefit the area. He wants to have both toward the end of August.

“My thing is, if you’re in this community, you need to give back; let’s look at the real issue, which is these people need some hope,” Davis-EL said.
Here's hoping some progress will continue to made on this issue. Here's hoping that the community knows more about what this clinic does for their clients.


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