Neil Elementary School’s Annual Back To School Barbeque

This information is also included in GCA's recent e-mail blast.
  • Neil Elementary School’s Annual Back To School Barbeque

    Thursday, August 27th
    From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm
    8555 S. Michigan
    School Parking Lot

    This summer may have been sizzling, but the good food, kid games, dance music and dedicated parents with kids will be real hot at this year’s event.

    And don’t think, Neil teachers aren’t getting everyone rockin’ just for the fun of it!

    Students will receive FREE backpacks with lots of school supplies.

    Hey! Are you a local resident who wants to donate some school supplies to keep our area kids focused on studying? Then bring then on down to the event for Neil’s super-duper crew to give away!

    Please remember to bring at least 10 or more of anything: pens, pencils, paper pads, crayons. Whatever you can afford----- so at least 10 kids can get the extra supply do-dads per pack! Or come on down to the school and donate early!

    See attached flyer jpeg for all details!


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