I wish I could track ground zero of when this post got shared, linked, or whatever. So far this posting of random Straight outta Compton images which you can produce here with whatever flair can be added to it is the No. 1 post of all time.

If only there were a gallery of images created by many users. I decided to take the "straight outta Chatham" think one step further and added an image of the Pride Cleaners sign. It's a community landmark that has been noted numerous times online and photographed often.

Here are a couple of others I have seen on Instagram. First straight outta Roseland via Corey Hardiman.
A photo posted by Corey Hardiman (@coreyhardiman) on
R.A.G.E. celebrates one of their celebrities Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose straight outta Englewood
A photo posted by R.A.G.E. (@rage_englewood) on

Also Zack Raz's humorous take and certainly a rip on the fashion where young men allow their pants to sag and show their under garments.

Feel free to share with us your take on this Straight outta Compton meme, we'd be happy to post them. Especially if there's a Chicago reference in them.


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