Dreaded G-word redux

A reader sent in this link to a DNA Info article out of Pilsen referring to her neighborhod Chatham as "under serviced" because as she puts it: "so that all the middle-class, black folks will want to leave: then the white folks can return and take back the city."
Anti-gentrification signs have again popped up at Bow Truss coffee shop on 18th Street, this time reading: 'White people out of Pilsen!"

The coffee shop, at 1641 W. 18th St., has been vandalized five times in the last two or three weeks, Bow Truss owner Phil Tadros said Monday. The latest anti-gentrification messages, posted sometime late Sunday or early Monday, are in the form of stickers fashioned to look like the Chicago flag.

In January, anti-gentrification signs reading "Fresh Roasted Gentrification Served Here!" and "Wake up and smellllll the gentrification" were plastered over the windows at Bow Truss. The next weekend, the shop was hit again, prompting the Chicago-based owner to ask those targeting his store to come forward and talk about the polarizing issue.
On Monday, Tadros renewed that call. To date, nobody has claimed responsibility for the signs, he said.
I'm a long way from saying Chatham is under the "gentrification gun". But on the fb page I see there are those who believe it's coming. I'd be very curious to hear from those who do and those who may not see it.

Perhaps it's time to revive an old discussion "gentrification prevention" or Chatham "South Looped".

BTW, I like how Tadros the owner of this coffee shop is attempting to handle this situation. At the same time, it appears those who opposes this business and gentrification may have no interest in talking.


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