Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#mbmhmc Rally for Interconnectivity

A rally this weekend in Chatham. In support of Jahmal Cole's Explorer's Club which is his way of exposing teenagers to other parts of the city. A worthwhile cause to support.
  • Rally for Interconnectivity

    Community Captains

    I'm looking forward to having lunch with you on Saturday, November 7th, in Chatham. I do hope you can join me, as I'm anxious to meet with and learn more about all of you-and I'm excited to share our purpose with each of you.

    As straightforward as I can say it, we will be marching down 79th Street, holding "picket" signs that read "Inter Connectivity" "77" (referencing all 77 Chicago community areas) and, of course, signs promoting My Block, My Hood, My City. Feel free to make your own signs, as well-I want your voice to be heard, too.

    You might be wondering why we'll be doing a march. Part of the "why" is told by history. A march was the form of public demonstration that helped Martin Luther King Jr. enthuse passion in citizens of all races, and marches have helped other civil rights leaders raise awareness and peacefully protest throughout the years. But there's another reason to our "why." To be honest, we're doing this for to uplift our spirits and help raise awareness for the Explorers' program. During our short half-mile walk, we're creating awareness to our vision of an interconnected Chicago. We're more than diverse-we'll be demonstrating our commitment to equal opportunities amongst all Chicagoans. The best way you can support the Explorers' program is to join us in our March for Interconnectivity. We'll talk more about our specific organizational needs at the luncheon. I'll buy Chicken and waffles for the 1st fifty people. Captain Hard Times has a lot of great food options too.

    We'll gather at 11:00 AM at PRIDE CLEANERS PARKING LOT on 79th St, Chicago, IL 60619.

    While you're there, be sure to notice Pride Cleaners' sign-it's a Beacon of Hope for the Chatham community. After a brief rally for interconnectivity, we'll take a walk east on 79th for few blocks until we get to Cottage Grove, and enjoy Chicken and Waffles at a local hidden gem business named "Captain Hard Times." Lunch is my treat and my way of thanking you for supporting our cause.

    WHEN: Saturday, November 7th at 11:00 am
    WHERE: Meet at PRIDE CLEANERS PARKING LOT 558 E 79th St, Chicago, IL 60619,
    LUNCH: Captain Hard Times Restaurant: Chicken and Waffles
    WHY: Rally for a more interconnected Chicago. Together, we can make a difference in a teenager's life and in our city. See you on November 7th.
    I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and experience different cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Wear your Hoodie. Explore Chatham!!

    Jahmal Cole | My Block, My Hood, My City

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