CapitolFax: Could Rush be toast?

Just to piggyback off of JP's post this morning we get some more details on the petition challengers of Bobby Rush. Alderman Howard Brookins who is also running for the 1 congressional district seat initiated a challenge to them. Over there you will get links to see copies of the petitions in question that Rush had turned in.

In a press release Brookins noted the following discrepancies:
  • Multiple signatures from the same person on different petition sheets.
  • One signer signed for another person or multiple people at a single address.
  • Circulators signed their own sheets.
  • Circulator signatures do not match.
  • Notary notarized his own signature.
  • Circulators repeatedly visited the same addresses and collected duplicate signatures.
  • Some sheets have no signatures and only printed names.
  • Is it possible for the veteran Congressman to push back the challenges to his petitions?

Here are the examples of the discrepancies for Rush's petitions provided by Howard Brookins
Will the veteran Congressman be able to beat out these challeges to get on the ballot next March?


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