Recounting all of our officials who have gotten into trouble

We're following up on yesterday's post about former State Representative Connie Howard.

The following officials were all in office at the same time for at least 6 tears (2006-2012). That’s 4 out of 5 of our local offices where there’s been at least a serious allegation or arrest, if not a conviction. (We don't have any official allegations for Aldermanic offices, at least east of the Dan Ryan and north of now 87th).

It is interesting to note that in several elections, these officials ran unopposed.

1st Congressional District – U.S. Representative
Bobby Rush
17th District – State Senator
Donne Trotter
34th District – State Representative
Connie Howard
4th Cook County District – County Commissioner
William Beavers
Convicted of tax evasion.  Spent 6 months in Federal prison

How does that make you feel about our representation in our area? Will we have choices and accountability in the next election?

Rep. Bobby Rush

St. Senator Donne Trotter
Former St. Rep. Connie Howard


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