Decision 2016: 6th ward GOP Committeeman

It's that time of year again while petitions have been filed and now we are in petition objection hearing season.

We were just alerted to the race for Republican Committeeman  in the 6th Ward. Committeeman Darnell Macklin e-mailed us info regarding his race. Candidate Jimmy Lee Tillman withdrew from this race and other opponent Aja McClanahan reportedly has been removed from ballot although this information from the Chicago Board of Elections doesn't reflect that fact as of yet.

And Alderman Roderick Sawyer the current Democratic Committeeman of the 6th Ward has no opposition in his race. Four years ago he faced off against Richard Wooten for that office in addition to facing him twice for 6th Ward Alderman in 2011 & 2015.

Feel free to let us know if there are any races we should cover for the 2016 primary elections. We already see an interesting election taking place in the 1st Congressional district for example.


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