The 9th Ward Community Meeting is to be held tomorrow night at 7:30 6:30 PM at 550 E. 103rd Street at the Pullman Presbyterian Church. If you want more information you can call the 9th Ward Alderman's office at 773.785.1100.

In addition if you live in Roseland Heights their neighborhood meeting is also being held tomorrow night at 5:30 PM at the Temple of Glory located at 311 E. 95th Street.

Finally early voting for the 2016 elections has started. If you reside in the 6th Ward early voting is at Whitney Young Library 7901 S. King Drive. If you reside in the 9th Ward early voting is at Palmer Park Fieldhouse 201 E. 111th Street. Early voting lasts through November 7th, 2016 the day before Election Day.

If you want to know about other early voting places around the city visit

A flyer for Ald. Beale's 9th Ward community meeting is below.


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