Monday, November 7, 2016

Tomorrow is election day...

Right now I'm recognizing that when many of us go to the polls on Tuesday we're voting in what I see as a polarizing election. In this part of the city many of us will vote for the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a minority will vote Trump and another minority still will vote for either a Green Party candidate or a Libertarian Party candidate.

Unfortunately we have something resembling a horse race election with the Presidential race and it's important to note because it's at the top of the ballot. A lot of people will turn out because of who's running at the top of the ballot. Question about tomorrow is whether or not either major party candidate can engender significant turnout.

BTW, often on this blog we want to encourage people to go out and vote. We are non-partisan so it's not very important at least for me to say vote Republican or Democrat. For me I very much hope that you don't just vote according to your respective party, just for the right person for the job.

Either way one thing this blog has often hoped to do is provide you with the information to allow you to go to the ballot box to make the right choice. More likely we do that in time for the aldermanic races more than we do for a gubernatorial race or presidential race. Which doesn't make those races and down ballot races less important.

Either way thanks for those of you who have voted early and we encourage you to go out tomorrow and vote. You may be free to just sit home and not cast a ballot and that does serve the purpose of sending a message. At the same time going out to vote also sends a far stronger message.

Whoever wins the Presidency let's remember while a lot can happen during a four year term, it's still a four year term. In 2020, we get to do it all over again. That's true on the state level and at the city level although in different years.

Either way again we encourage you to vote on Tuesday. As always for those of you who follow this blog thanks for reading.

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