Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Should the United Nations be involved with maintaining peace on Chicago's streets?

[VIDEO] Over the years on this blog, we've seen some semblance of discussion regarding crime in Chicago. More specifically there have been those who wanted martial law in some parts of the south side - especially for example along 79th Street in Chatham.

Among other solutions to the issue of violence is bringing in the United Nations. Normally this diplomatic organization that seeks to maintain the peace of the world engages in a number of hotspots around the world. Richard Boykin - a west side Cook County commissioner - wants the UN to intervene in the violence occuring in Chicago's streets.

While above, I have a video from the Dec. 15th edition of FOX News' Special Report I'm also going to share a post from Chicago's Hottest Blog.
Huge thank you to Commissioner Richard R. Boykin for shining a light on violence in Chicago while in New York at the United Nations.

As everyone knows, Chicago is in a public health and safety crisis. Gang violence that somewhat mirrors sectarian violence in foreign countries has taken over Chicago.

Even the President of the United States, Donald Trump has been mentioning the violence in Chicago. Since January 1, 2017 to the present, over 3,000 people have been shot in Chicago, and over 600 people have been killed!

Yes, Chicago needs serious attention and resources.
The need for attention & resources much agreed. My doubts are no different than asking for the Nat'l Guard to patrol city streets. Does the UN really care about issues of warring gangs on city streets? Does gang warfare represent a serious danger to the peace of the world?

It's great to use the UN to bring attention to the issue of Chicago violence - especially as President Trump seeks to point to Chicago as a disaster. We definitely need to find ways to get the city to really tackle this issue and make our streets safer. Something is not working and it's a problem when the thugs are using their guns as we head into winter.

BTW, just had to add that the blog 2nd City Cop had something to say of course...
Boykin obviously has no idea of the federal laws and Constitutional hurdles that would have to be overcome to have any sort of foreign forces operating within US borders, armed or unarmed. Not to mention Rules of Engagement and other such concerns. Add in the constant headlines of corruption, rape and sex trafficking that follow the UN everywhere and you have a recipe for disaster upon the disaster that already is the south and west sides.
Ah, so Chicago is know for corruption just add more corruption from foreign forces. Regardless Boykin brought attention to the violence issues in Chicago.

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