Wednesday, January 31, 2018

WGN-TV documents Pullman last year

While I didn't see these series of videos produced in 2017 by WGN-TV, they seem to make the same mistake that Maggio News made in their violent neighborhoods series. Both seem to confuse community areas with neighborhoods. Within those 77 community areas often there are a number of distinct neighborhoods within those areas.

Now thankfully Pullman is one of those community areas you need not have to separate out into different neighborhoods. Of course there is a newer part of Pullman built out during the 20th century - not sure if that constitutes it's own distinct neighborhood or not. There is of course the Pullman Nat'l Monument that was built during the late 19th century which was the site of a company town that made luxury railroad coaches.

Also since Pullman goes all the way up to 95th Street you can also include Cottage Grove Heights which is the neighborhood sitting on 95th. Then you have those London Town Homes which is a development east of Cottage Grove and just south of the Bishop Ford/Calumet Expressway.

Above you see the segment about the Pullman neighborhood or more specifically the Pullman Nat'l Monument area. One of the people you see featured here is Ian Lantz who owns the Pullman Cafe feel free to follow him on ig.

For your convenience here is a map of the Pullman community area.
Pullman community area

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