Friday, July 13, 2018

EveryBlock is going away!

This is such a surprise, EveryBlock has been something utilized on this blog over the years. We were even an EveryBlock publisher and traffic from there has been responsible for some of our pageviews over the years. And now its going bye-bye essentially encouraging users to sign up for Nextdoor. The site will go dark on July 19th!

Perhaps Worlee knows this better than I do, Comcast is an investor in Nextdoor. It owns EveryBlock and shut it down once to bring it back and now it's going bye-bye again! And just think Comcast is another major corporation that not only provides a cable TV service, they do internet, phone and now cable and broadcast networks as well as a film studio. Just like many corporations do these days they just readjust and sometimes this means that somewhat familiar brands are going by the way side.

What had been popular with a number of local blogs was utilizing a widget provided by EveryBlock which we operated on our "Blotter" page since the widget - at least the original one - was first created in 2010-2011. We used to communicate with someone from EveryBlock looking for feedback on the widget and other things company related and of course this was before the takeover by Comcast.

So it looks like we won't have a "Blotter" page anymore. I would wonder if any EveryBlock features will carry over to Nextdoor. Nextdoor I could treat as similar to those old fashioned internet forums that now with the advent of social media just aren't as popular as they used to be. This means perhaps the features that I liked about EveryBlock probably won't carry over and that's a bummer!

RIP EveryBlock!

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