Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Did you watch this past Friday's Chicago town hall on FOX News with Laura Ingraham?

On Friday Laura Ingraham' hour long show was a Chicago town hall. A number of prominent people in Chicago from politics, police, even churches gave us their own takes on Chicago politics and the violence. I watched this and tweeted some comments on Twitter and got one retweet from Pastor Corey Brooks who was on this town hall.
I haven't been able to find the segment with Pastor Brooks so far, however, there are some segments worth sharing with you all. To start here's a segment with FOX News political analyst Gianno Caldwell discussing the issues of violence in Chicago. Even offering a young man an opportunity to leave the drug dealing life if he had a job. And with him is Vic Maggio who you might remember from those series of videos - Chicago's 10 most violent neighborhoods of which Englewood is one of them. [VIDEO]
Another video talks about Chicago's "political class" and their response to many of Chicago's issues. With DePaul University professor Jason Hill he refer to Rahm Emanuel as incompetent. I would urge you to watch this segment for yourself. [VIDEO]
Finally of the videos I can find on YouTube from Laura Ingraham's special program we see Ald. Anthony Napolitano (41st Ward)  a former police officer himself with two representatives from Chicago's police union discuss how the police could be part of the solution. What you will learn here is since the city is understaffed on police detectives which puts a damper on solving many of the crimes in the city. [VIDEO]
There is one other video I'd like to share with you, however, I think it deserves it's own dedicated post. It's a story about Demetrius Griffin. I tweet his name during his segment with a hashtag, what happened to him was so horrible and is related to what the police officers above were discussing, they aren't able to clear these cases. We don't know who killed Demetrius in such an evil way and he and his family deserves to bring the culprits to trial for their atrocity.
So now that we have an open seat for Mayor of Chicago in 2019, there are some issues for those candidates who will throw there hat into the ring for the office will have to chew on. I just hope they have the answers - that I'm sure without this townhall - will argue Rahm Emanuel just wasn't able to provide.

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