Friday, October 5, 2018

Van Dyke trial jury deliberations

By the time you read this court will probably be in session. I'm sorry to have not have closely followed the trial of Officer Van Dyke with regards to what happened with the late LaQuan McDonald. What I want to leave you with as I share this most recent article I found before going to bed Thursday night is whether or not it should've took 16 shots to subdue McDonald.

As the jury continues to deliberate on Friday I'm sure this will be the question they will consider as far as Van Dyke's fate. Incidentally I was reminded by a long-time reader about the trial and the fact that it's now up to the jurors fairly recently.

One thing I am concerned about with the jury deliberations is that whatever the verdict, the police are getting prepared for any potential disturbances. I'm hoping any ugliness doesn't happen in our city.
Finally this was reposted on our ig page and want to share this hear. While it probably doesn't need to be stated or repeated this is one reason hopefully many of us want justice for LaQuan. From Mr. Jahmal Cole of My Block, My Hood, My City.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Laquan McDonald had experienced his first visit downtown a year before he was killed. Why downtown was out of reach for Laquan for so many years is unacceptable. What happened to him in 2014 was devastating. The loss of his life and the circumstances of his death have left a deep wound for his family and our entire city. We can’t afford this continued violent loss of life. We need solutions that build community, not tear it apart. Solutions that include police, activists, houses of faith, grandmother, mothers, fathers, and our youth. We also must demand honest accountability for a disgraceful past that we can’t let continue. The solutions must unify our city and repair what we have lost. Chicago is about standing together AND about a unified call for something different.
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