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Status - 79th/State #6WardChicago

Photo taken in October 2009 - 79th/State

You know perhaps I should dust this post off, the vacant lot on the southeast corner of 79th & State Streets has been mentioned by Worlee Glover on Nextdoor. Allow me to share that post with you and then link to a post which was one of the first times we've mentioned this corner.
  • Several weeks ago their was a post on Wendy’s that digressed to a discussion on 79th State.   In the post there was a discussion on a proposal to purchase/lease the vacant property at 79th State to build a Culver’s restaurant. 

    Statements were made suggesting that the city initiate imminent domain proceeding on the site which would force Carter Temple church to sell the property to the city. 

    The church board met this past weekend and decided that they needed to bring in a consultant to evaluate proposals and internal plans and make a recommendation on which was in the church’s best interest. No time frame was given in when a decision will be made. The church board includes local residents State Senator Elgie Sims and businessman Paul Williams. 

    Carter Temple which has been in the community for 40 + years purchased the property at 79th State approximately 20 years ago after a long fight with the property owner who had let the property diminish and become a nuisance in the community . The church had a vision to redevelop the building that was presented but found it too costly. The church has indicated they want to build a senior living facility with retail in a multistory building. Subsequently, the pastor at the time Henry Williamson was promoted and left the church. Over the past 15 years the church has had a string of pastors and the there has been differences of opinion within the church about the property. 

    The church has sought to stabilize the leadership team with the Rev.Joseph Gordon and board member Sims.

    As information comes forth will update.
PHOTOS: 79th & State Street with vacant lot and abandoned building from October 2009

And perhaps it's time to go to that corner and take some updated snapshots, almost 10 years later. Perhaps when the weather warms up or when the snow melts...

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