Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Capitol Fax: Um, mayor? What the heck?

 Rich Miller covers the FOIA request over emails from Mayor Lori Lightfoot and it's not good. Perhaps many are accusing the mayor of not treating the people who work for her very well. In fact one email that I noticed over the weekend shows her writing repeatedly about how she needs office time. 

I liken that to having to write things over and over again as punishment as perhaps my class had to do in grammar school. Not fun and jarring to see a politician do something similar.

I just had to share this from the blog
…Adding… I didn’t notice this at the end of the Politico story
The mayor’s job is tough. It’s not hard to imagine her predecessors — Rahm Emanuel or Richard M. Daley — erupting similarly. Hers was just memorialized in an email.
Um, no.

 Hmmmm, being Mayor of Chicago is a tough job. And I have a difficult time believing her immediate predecessors Daley and Emanuel would've had their behavior immortalized in an email that could be FOIA'd.

When I get elected to something I need to avoid using email or any private messaging. While not transparent it seems smart....

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