Friday, June 11, 2021

Today is the day we're back to normal

 I'm sharing the tweets from Gov. Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot the state of Illinois is fully reopened and so is the city of Chicago. You still have to wear your mask on CTA regardless of whether or not your vaccinated. And not to confuse you most anywhere else other than on CTA, if you've been vaccinated you don't need your mask.

However as far as "normalcy" we're back to where we were before the pandemic and before the initial mitigations or the stay-at-home order from March 2020. We had a rough year, but we've made it. I don't need to tell you that coronavirus is still out there so it always pays to take your precautions.

Most importantly if you're most at risk for this tricky virus please get vaccinated as it's of no cost to you. Also if you're hesitant always ask questions of a doctor or someone in the healthcare field.

Here's a quick report from WGN [VIDEO]

And here are the tweets. Starting from Mayor Lightfoot
And then here's Gov. Pritzker with a video message about today
Checkout the link present in the Governor of Illinois' tweet this is one place where you can find a place to get vaccinated near you.

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