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Schools will be closed on Thursday #Chiberia

Due to the extreme weather conditions so CPS students have two days off today and Thursday. Here's a Tribune article about the near record cold temps and the various closures and cancellations as far as schools. Here's a notice posted to CPS' ig View this post on Instagram Schools are closed Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 and Thursday, January 31st, 2019 due to inclement weather. District and network offices will be open. #staywarm #polarvortex2019 A post shared by Chicago Public Schools (@chipubschools) on Jan 29, 2019 at 4:45pm PST

Capitol Fax: Chicago’s black flight problem

Rich Miller writes about the decline of the Black population in Chicago based upon an article you might have read in the Chicago Reader . BTW, it's in line with the population decline in Illinois . Chicago’s black flight problem — Rich Miller (@capitolfax) January 29, 2019 The article about "Black flight" from the Reader was written by PeteSaunders. You can follow him on Twitter @petesaunders3 or visit his The Corner Side Yard blog.

CPS schools are closed on Wednesday #Chiberia

Many were concerned, especially on social media and with temps going to very chilly lows CPS is cancelling classes on Wednesday. BREAKING: Chicago Public Schools has announced that schools will be closed Wednesday due to sub-zero temperatures and potentially record-setting windchill values. — Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) January 29, 2019 And here's the official word by the CPS' CEO The safety of our students is the district’s highest priority. All afterschool activities will be canceled tomorrow, January 29th. All CPS schools will be closed on Wednesday, January 30th. — Janice Jackson, EdD (@janicejackson) January 29, 2019 If you're looking for a warming center here's some information posted on Saturday . Feel free to call 311 to find one near you.

Capitol Fax: Sims talks more about Orland Square Mall shooting

State Sen. Elgie Sims was at Orland Square Mall where that fatal shooting took place last week. Rich Miller does a quick round-up with Sen. Sims' statement on his blog. Sims talks more about Orland Square Mall shooting — Rich Miller (@capitolfax) January 28, 2019

Re: Wiretaps...

I suppose that with the revelation of Ald. Danny Solis wearing a wire effectively helping the feds in their investigation of Ald. Ed Burke, Newsalert wonders who else Solis might have wore a wire with. Even shows a pic of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Congressman Luis Gutierrez. That pic was found via Ald. Solis' fb page . I don't think the soon to be outgoing Mayor and the former Congressman are corrupt, but now I start to wonder who else might have been recorded. It makes you wonder if anyone else has been caught in corrupt actions...

It's cold out there!!!

The Chicago Police put this information out on twitter with regards to finding a warming center during this wave of frigid temps. As always call 311 to find a warming center near you or for a well-being check. And also noted in the tweet, police stations are warming stations as well. Also, don’t forget that ALL @Chicago_Police Stations are warming centers, open to anyone in need of a warm place to get out from the cold. Contact 311 for assistance finding a warming center or to arrange a well being check. Dial 911 for emergencies. 📸: Officer Andre Van Vegten — Chicago Police (@Chicago_Police) January 26, 2019

Capitol Fax: Mendoza in 5th place, Daley closing on Preckwinkle, Chico and Wilson in the hunt #ChiMayor19

Via NBCChicago For those of you who are into polling. How do the remaining candidates fare as of this week? Well the poll you see shared by Rich Miller gives you an idea. Poll: Mendoza in 5th place, Daley closing on Preckwinkle, Chico and Wilson in the hunt — Rich Miller (@capitolfax) January 25, 2019 We still have a long way until February 26, 2018. I can't believe it's a month away! 

Hinz: It's time to talk about the way we choose judges

From Crain's Greg Hinz and another sign of unhappiness with the conclusions of two cases involving the LaQuan McDonald shooting: But almost nothing has been said about fixing the broken system in which we select the final arbiters of justice: judges. Instead, we stick with a ridiculous election system in which we all troop to the polls every couple of years to elect or retain dozens of officials whose performance we're in no position to evaluate. We have no firsthand knowledge of who we're voting for, so we rely on others to make the choice, and that almost always results in political insiders controlling the outcome—insiders such as Ald. Edward Burke. In case you've forgotten, he's in charge of Democratic organization slating for judges, and those candidates almost always win. The current system "is a total joke,” says Lightfoot, and she's absolutely right. Stephenson hasn't yet faced voters, since she was appointed by other judges to fill a vaca

The plot thickens with Ald. Burke #ChiMayor19

[ VIDEO ] So Ald. Danny Solis (Ward 25) was wearing a wire for the feds and that helped them get search warrants and an indictment for Ald. Ed. Burke (Ward 14). Even worse Ald. Solis was on Chicago Tonight last year and wondered aloud if Burke should run for re-election. I'll quote an article where I saw this but you'll see the segment itself later.

Hinz: Expand Metra before extending Red Line to 130th Street? #ChiMayor19

Red Line Extension This is for those of you who would support Mr. Paul Vallas for Mayor of Chicago and especially if you live in the area that could benefit from the red line extension. Wading into a debate that’s been waging for years over how to best bring more fast-train service to areas of the South Side that primarily have to rely on buses, Vallas says it appears that pursuing the Metra work "may be the more viable alternative" than extending the Red Line south to 130th Street, as outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants. In an interview after unveiling his overall transportation plan, Vallas said he wouldn’t use the word "shelve" to describe his views on the Red Line project. But the Metra Electric work "is more viable, at least financially," Vallas said. "In the absence of a funding solution for the Red Line, the Metra Electric may be an affordable alternative." The Red Line extension would cost an estimated $2.3 billion, money the CT

#TBT A former stock car race track near 87th/Greenwood

Saw this a few days ago via Lee Bey on twitter . Along with a photo of this race car track and the cover of a program from this track. I had no idea there was once a stock car race track at 87th and Greenwood (on the south side of 87th). I found this tonight while looking up something else. Speedway operated from 1948 to 1956—altho the abandoned oval remained until at least 1959, according to Historic Aerials. — Lee Bey📷 (@LEEBEY) January 21, 2019 And here is a recent Google Streetview of this area at 1111 E. 87th Street Basically I remember this lot as the home of the former Handy Andy hardware stores, however, the traces of this race track are no longer there. What we have these days are mostly physical therapy and medical offices there.

Tribune: CTA driver jumps out window during shooting on bus in Chatham

Ulric Slovig flickr Taking the bus out there be very careful. As you see here (or in headline ) the bus driver had to dive out of a window to avoid shooting: A CTA bus driver jumped out a window at the sound of gunfire on his bus late Tuesday in the South Side’s Chatham neighborhood, causing injuries to his neck, back and leg, according to police. The driver was the only person hurt in the shooting around 10:25 p.m. Tuesday in the 7900 block of South Cottage Grove Avenue, police said. The shots fired by a rider did not hit anyone. The shooter got on the bus at 79th Street and Drexel Avenue. Another man got on two blocks west, at 79th and Cottage Grove. Five other passengers were on the bus when the men started to argue, a police source said. The shooter took out a handgun and fired several times at the other man, then ran off the bus, police said. The other man also left the bus before police arrived. You may have also seen this story on: WGN Block Club Chi CBS Chicago

Dorothy Brown off the ballot? #ChiMayor19

I haven't been following the whole petition objections process this year but the field has been whittled down from 21 late last year to 13 once the elections board ratifies a recommendation to remove circuit court clerk Dorothy Brown from the ballot: On Friday night, a hearing officer at the Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners recommended that Brown’s name not appear on the Feb. 26 ballot because she didn’t have enough valid voter signatures. In Chicago, candidates for mayor must collect at least 12,500 valid signatures to appear on the ballot. Brown fell 949 signatures short, according to Elections Board Spokesman Jim Allen. The validity of her signatures had been challenged by two of her contenders, businessman Willie Wilson and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Wilson dropped his challenge earlier this week, but Preckwinkle didn’t. And at a Friday night hearing, attorneys for Brown didn’t show up with any signed affidavits to prove her contested signa

My Block My Hood My City: Shovel crew

Jahmal Cole assembles his crew to help dig out seniors during that snowfall from this past Saturday. It's safe to say no one memed him when he slipped and fell. Just a sample of some of his needed activities to bring a variety of Chicagoans together to help other Chicagoans. Listen to his speech during this, it explains why he doesn't mind shoveling snow.

Van Dyke sentenced

[ VIDEO ] There has been a lot of reactions to it as I see many aren't happy with the former police officer's sentence of 6 years and 9 months in prison. Cook County prosecutors wanted a sentence of at least 96 years behind bars. Via Vox Months after being convicted for second-degree murder, former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke has been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison and two years of mandatory supervised release for the 2014 murder of Laquan McDonald, a judge announced Friday. This is further broken down on the CapFax and not long after they shut down comments for the weekend. How Jason Van Dyke’s projected 96-year sentence wound up being 81 months — Rich Miller (@capitolfax) January 19, 2019 There was another trial last week which just ended of other police officers who were also involved with the shooting of LaQuan McDonald and they were charged with covering this up: Three current and former Chicago Pol

My Block My Hood My City getting ready for a snowstorm

As you know we're expected to get hit by a major snowstorm this weekend. Just know that Jahmal Cole is getting ready with some volunteers to help dig out seniors. It's something we've covered over time on this blog which is Cole's volunteering efforts and it's very laudable. Even if you have no desire to shovel he would appreciate some donations for his efforts. Here's one of his latest ig post with regards to his efforts View this post on Instagram WINTER WEATHER WARNING: #Snow is coming this weekend. 6-10 inches. Volunteers, the time and place is Saturday, 11am, 79th Street Red Line Station. Meet us there to lend a #shovel to the community. We’ll disperse to various addresses in the city that have requested our services. Text “Shovel” to 55222 for more info. To those of you who are snowed in, you can still give to the effort by donating at Thank you all. Your support means an easier, s

2019 election page is up #ChiMayor19

 Thanks to JP Paulus for starting the page. The 2019 page will be updated as often as possible with ballot position numbers, other links involving the campaigns, hopefully some headshots along with returns as they become available. We hope this page will help you all make an informed decision as far as who you would vote for in wards 6, 9 and 21. We will also cover the election for ward 21 this year also. The reason is a bit different from 2015 which for back then we considered Ald. Howard Brookins' role in the ward remap of 2011-12 and his former position as chairman of the city council Black caucus. It's also interesting that many of the people who are stepping up to run against him this year also ran against him in 2015. As always if you have any additional information with regards to the candidates who are on the ballot feel free to let us know. Write a comment, tweet us, write on our fb page, and of course feel free to send an e-mail with our address in the sideb

Status - 79th/State #6WardChicago

Photo taken in October 2009 - 79th/State You know perhaps I should dust this post off, the vacant lot on the southeast corner of 79th & State Streets has been mentioned by Worlee Glover on Nextdoor . Allow me to share that post with you and then link to a post which was one of the first times we've mentioned this corner. Several weeks ago their was a post on Wendy’s that digressed to a discussion on 79th State.   In the post there was a discussion on a proposal to purchase/lease the vacant property at 79th State to build a Culver’s restaurant.  Statements were made suggesting that the city initiate imminent domain proceeding on the site which would force Carter Temple church to sell the property to the city.  The church board met this past weekend and decided that they needed to bring in a consultant to evaluate proposals and internal plans and make a recommendation on which was in the church’s best interest. No time frame was given in when a decision will be made.

Curbed Chicago: Here's what Chicago is really losing as the two-flats vanish

Worlee Glover shared this to Nextdoor over the weekend and it's something to be shared here. Why is this important? Well consider the issue of affordable housing. Do we need to have major corporate real estate companies owning a vast number of rental units throughout the city? And why not allow mom-and-pop landlords to be able to rent out their own unit, especially their two or four-flats? Finally what do we do about those units that are in disrepair? What you see below is via CurbedChicago . Here's what Chicago is really losing as the two-flats vanish. — Curbed Chicago (@curbedchicago) January 5, 2019

CapitolFax: Inauguration open thread

Today, starting at 11:00 AM in Springfield, Illinois Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker will be sworn in. Rich Miller provides you with the means to tune in if you so choose live at that time. Sorry to have done this at the last minute, but if you find other places to tune in for the inauguration of the Governor feel free to tweet us or leave a comment here or post to our fb page . Inauguration open thread — Rich Miller (@capitolfax) January 14, 2019

My birthday last month at Studio Movie Grill Chatham...

SMG Chatham concession stand, bar, lobby For the first time in years I went to the SMG Chatham theaters. I met up with fellow Sixth Ward blogger JP Paulus (whose birthday also fell on December 14th) to check out the newly renovated theaters. If you know the history the Chatham 14 was opened in 1997 under the ownership of ICE Theaters and managed in the beginning day to day by a company known as Cineplex Odeon. Of course as of 2014 the local cineplex is owned by Studio Movie Grill (SMG) and renovations were completed in 2017. Usually I'm a matinee guy and always have been. But in meeting with JP Paulus on our respective birthday for the release of Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse I was going to the show later than normal. I had no idea according to JP that the concession stand would be closed by 6:30 PM. If you want food even if it was typical theater treats such as candy, popcorn or soft drinks you'd have to order them through a server in your respective auditorium. I

Union National Bank in Roseland #tbt #Ward09

This was shared via Pete Kastanes ig @chicagoextinctbus . What you see below is a branch of the former Union National Bank which was bought by Seaway National Bank in the 1980s. I have to do some more research, but I suspect this bank was purchased in a similar fashion to how Seaway got bought in January 2017. Regardless the branch you see in the photo was demolished in the 2000s and replaced by a new branch you would see near that location today still located near 11108 S. Michigan Avenue. These days, however, this branch is owned by Seaway a branch of Self-Help FCU . View this post on Instagram A sign from The Union National Bank once located at 11108 S Michigan Ave in The Roseland neighborhood of Chicago. Used to live across the street from there. A post shared by Pete Kastanes (@chicagoextinctbus) on Jan 7, 2019 at 11:01am PST

Capitol Fax: Burke finally busted cold

Yesterday after returning from his holiday break Rich Miller of Capitol Fax takes a look at the feds finally busted ward 14 Alderman Ed Burke. He resigned from his longtime chairmanship of the city council committee on finance after the feds finally charged the longtime alderman with extortion. Burke finally busted cold — Rich Miller (@capitolfax) January 7, 2019 Also I wanted to share this video with you, I think you might have seen jokes about the charges involving some Burger King franchises. Specifically if you remember what happened with LaQuan McDonald what happened with that young man over four years ago happened not far from a Burger King on Pulaski near the Stevenson Expressway. [ VIDEO ]

EDITORIAL: Ed Burke scandal presents Chicago with a grand opportunity for reform

After the search warrants executed on Ald. Burke's ward & city hall offices last year, federal authorities have finally charged thenow former finance committee chairman with corruption. I would like to share some stories about this at a later time. Meanwhile, how about an editorial : On Friday, after Ald. Edward Burke resigned his chairmanship of the Finance Committee, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Ald. Patrick J. O’Connor, as acting chairman of the committee, will lead an effort to reform how the city runs its secretive $100 million-a-year workers compensation program. Most basically — and this is an excellent development — the mayor wants to strip the program from the Council’s Finance Committee, where Burke apparently ran it as a personal political favor bank, and move it to the city’s finance department, where it belongs. We enthusiastically support this reform, for which we made a case just two weeks ago, with one big caveat: The city inspector general should be

CTA's north terminal reopened at 10 AM Friday... #Ward09

[ VIDEO ] I shared a photo ( twitter & ig ) of a flyer handed to me this AM rush by CTA personnel noting that the revamped original terminal of the red line terminal at 95th would reopen today. CBS 2 did a quick story on this and saw that the Mayor of Chicago did a quick live stream. Hope to have more later now that both sides of the 95th station is now open! BTW, I just have to ask. A swanky DJ booth? Really? At a CTA station? Aren't there more worthwhile amenities worth having at a transit hub than a DJ booth? Here's a pic of the flyer

Illinois Channel: Comptroller Susana Mendoza on Her Run for Chicago Mayor #ChiMayor19

[ VIDEO ] Former city clerk and current state comptroller Susana Mendoza talks about her run for mayor at the City Club of Chicago. You've see two other candidates for mayor such as Bill Daley or Garry McCarthy talk about their run for mayor during the course of the last month. I didn't get the chance to watch this vid before posting it. I do wonder if she made her case for becoming mayor of Chicago in 2019. Duration of this video is about an hour.