Thursday, December 31, 2009

Parents, students ask city to reopen their Altgeld library branch

Make this either your Christmas wish or your New Year's wish, a public library for the residents of Altgeld Gardens. You can read this article from Megan Cottrell @ One Story Up.

Excerpt from this Sun-Times article:
Fenger High School senior Kermilia Wellington wanted to spend her Christmas break at the local library, using the Internet to work on college applications -- but her neighborhood branch has been closed since March.

"I'm trying to go to college, but I don't have a computer where I can apply to college," Kermilia said.

So instead, she joined about two dozen other protesters from the Altgeld Gardens housing development who gathered outside Mayor Daley's City Hall office Wednesday to demand that Daley reopen the Altgeld Branch of the Chicago Public Library.

The same group has complained about Daley's closing their neighborhood high school, causing friction that they say led to the September beating death of Fenger student Derrion Albert.

On Wednesday, their angry chants echoed through empty halls: "We don't have a library. We don't have a school. So Mayor Daley, what do you want us to do?''

When a press secretary emerged to find out their demands, one student screamed, "Can we use your Internet?" Other protesters quickly took up that message as their new chant.
Before you start talking them down consider this and if this still doesn't satisfy you then you can comment:
Going to libraries outside Altgeld requires travel through dangerous areas, said Altgeld parent Cheryl Johnson. To get to one, at 119th and Halsted, kids have to take three buses and walk six blocks, Johnson said.
Travel is difficult for that area of the far south side. Right on the city limits with either Riverdale or Dolton.

Two crime stories on New Years Eve

I wish everyone a happy and safe New Years. Here are some stories that was written in the media regarding incidents in our community

Chicago State accountant charged with theft:
While Laverne Sanders, 52, of the 7600 block of Calumet Avenue in Chicago, worked in the university cashier's office between April and August, she collected an estimated $15,604 in checks and $3,985 in student payments, prosecutors said.

She was responsible for depositing all the money but kept the cash, prosecutors said. When asked by university employees about the money, she admitted to taking $800 but said she didn't know what happened to the rest, prosecutors said. Sanders is free on $100,000 bail.
Pants robbery in Park Manor:
Three or four armed men wearing ski masks forced their way into a home at 6835 S. Champlain Ave. about 1:10 a.m. and ordered all 11 people inside to remove their pants, police said.

The robbers then shot one of eleven, 33-year-old man, in the leg. He was taken to University of Chicago Hospitals and is expected to survive, police said. Police said the man did not believe the gun was real prior to the shooting.

The robbers then fled the home with televisions and the pants, police said.

Police said the robbers apparently made the victims remove their pants so they could steal their wallets and other belongings as well as to prevent them from pursuing the robbers when they fled.

The incident is possibly drug-related, police said.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grocery Cheat Sheet for 2010

Wise Consumers Master The 'Yearly Grocery Cycle'
'Coupon Queen' Jill Cataldo
Advises On The Best Months To Purchase Certain Items At The Supermarket

The price of grocery items can fluctuate over the course of the year. The key is to know when particular items will be cheapest.

You probably shop for groceries at least once a week. But if you shop during certain
months, you could really save a bundle. It's something called the "yearly
grocery cycle," CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports. "Coupon queen" and super saver
Jill Cataldo teaches bargain-hunters the best months to shop to get the lowest
prices. "I can't make this stuff up," she told an audience recently. Jill says
when certain foods go on sale during certain months, the price of those items
can drop by as much as 60 percent. In late January and early February, for
example, right before Super Bowl Sunday, look for sales on chips, dips and sodas

For the complete article click here

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chicagoans Bracing for Single-Digit Temps

Chicago residents are bracing for single digit temperatures Monday night. Jim Allsopp is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. 

ALLSOPP: When you get the really cold arctic air mass, the plus side is that it's usually very dry air and sometimes we'll get some sunshine with that, but on the other hand it's very cold.

Allsop says temperatures may climb back into the 20s on Wednesday. But that could mean more snow for the Chicago-area.
I want to refer you to this post if you need somewhere to go to stay warm during the worse part of this winter!

Parolee shot by cops faces felony charges

An update to an earlier post:
Authorities tonight charged a 38-year-old parolee who was shot by police Sunday morning with a number of felonies. The shooting was prompted when he pointed a handgun at officers during a traffic sto, according to police.

Demetrius Whitney, of the 6000 block of South Lafayette Avenue, was charged with four counts of aggravated assault to a police officer, one count of armed habitual criminal, one count of robbery, and one count of unlawful use of weapon by a felon, according to police.

It wasn't immediately clear whether Whitney -- who was hospitalized after the shooting -- would make a bond hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

Police said they pulled over Whitney's vehicle at about 1:45 a.m. in the 500 block of East 79th Street in the Chatham neighborhood after a license plate check revealed the vehicle was stolen.

Monday, December 28, 2009

CTA offers penny rides on New Years Eve

I just know some of you will be out there celebrating so if you celebrate (especially important if you want to drink alcohol), you should bring a friend and consider taking public transportation:
It’s time to break open that piggy bank and dig deep for change for a cheap ride on the biggest party night of the year. The CTA is again offering penny rides to help ring in 2010, starting on New Years Eve Thursday at 8 p.m. through 6 a.m. Friday.

Several bus and rail routes are also extending to later service hours, including bus routes to and from Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Ogilvie Transportation Center and Union Station, according to a CTA release.
Happy New Year!

Update on Soul Vegetarian

We posted on Soul Vegetarian being closed due to health code violations.

Well, at least as of yesterday (Sunday, Dec 27), the restaurant was open for business.

Can't give many details beyond this...but i would like to note that this is a restaurant that has drawn people outside the neighborhood (i.e. white people), and is otherwise an example of how we can generate economic development in the neighborhood.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Male hit in police-involved shooting in Chatham

The Chicago Sun-Times wrote about a shooting near 500 E. 79th Street. (An armed suspected who was in a stolen car fled & alleged ointed a weapon at officers as he fled.

Quite a few comments...i hope some of them could make their comments here.

Male hit in police-involved shooting in Chatham :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

Medley's on 95th Street

A picture from Thomas Hawk on Flickr. This building you will see on 95th between Prairie and Forrest. You seen this building already in another post.

Found thru the 6th Ward EveryBlock feed that also contains a lot of crime stories right now!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

19-year-old male shot in the face in Chatham!

The shooting happened about 1:20 a.m. at 79th Street and Wabash Avenue, according to police News Affairs Officer Amina Greer.

The victim was walking with a group of about 30 people at the time when shots rang out and he was shot in the cheek, Greer said.

The man was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where his condition was reported to be stable, Greer said.

No one was in custody early Saturday.
If you know anything about this incident, please call the police. Calumet Area detectives are investigating.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Riding the Holiday Train

Seasons Greetings

Here are some photos from the CTA's Holiday Train.

It was a fun cheap Holiday activity.

A thought: If the CTA needs extra money, it might be smart to have a company sponsor the train next year. There are ways the company can sponsor it without it becoming too commercial. For example, the CTA has put up fake ads, such as for Northstar Buck's coffee... Part of the deal could be that the sponsoring company creates fake websites that could re-direct to their real ones (to cut down on the obvious commercialism).

Important tips for next year:

  1. Go to the beginning of the trip (whether it's Howard or 95th). Even just stops in, at 79th, the train was quite crowded.
  2. Plan to be there at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule. It will be a lot less stressful.
  3. There is a time to get a photo taken next to Santa & in front of the trains. This ride, it was at Belmont. But note-- it's only about 4 minutes to do so. So take your photos & hop back on! (we wound up missing it after the photos)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Light' shines brightly on the legendary Perv's House

From the Chicago Sun Times, regarding 914 E. 79th...

(This property is now known as "The All New East of the Ryan". They may be reached at 773-908-7513)
Perv's House was a home run on the South Side's musical playing field during the mid-1970s.

The block-long nightclub is a cornerstone of the electric Light: On the South Side book and double-vinyl set. The book features the photography of Michael Abramson, and his silver print of the dance floor at Perv's House is in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Like every double-knit dance step, there is a backstory.

Perv's House was owned by Pervis Staples, of Staple Singers fame.

Abramson called Perv's House "a Playboy Club for the South Side." Accented by regal Southern pillars, the club was at 914 E. 79th. Staples, 74, owned and operated the club from 1971 to 1976. He was a member of the Staple Singers from 1948 to 1970, when he was replaced by his sister Yvonne.
The story is continued here....

'Light' shines brightly on the legendary Perv's House :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Dave Hoekstra

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FCC hails Mayor Daley's plan to bring technology to 5 neighborhoods

Wireless Internet access along a 26-block stretch of 63rd Street. Free refurbished computers as an incentive to complete technology training. Family NetCenters and Community Craig’s Lists to support local businesses.

Five months after designating four impoverished Chicago neighborhoods as “digital excellence demonstration communities,” Mayor Daley on Monday added a fifth neighborhood to the list and put some meat on the bone.

The plan to flood Englewood, Auburn Gresham, Chicago Lawn, Pilsen and the latest addition, Humboldt Park, with technology was hailed by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski as a model for the nation.

“As we develop the national broadband plan in Washington, we’re paying a lot of attention to the smart actions being taken in cities like Chicago,” Genachowski said.

Read the whole thing!

Monday, December 21, 2009

ABC 7 finds 75th Street

The local ABC affiliate ABC 7 has created a new program Heart and Soul that taps into the African American community in Chicago. One of the stories that was featured in the first installment was 75th Street which is being called "Black Wall Street" because of the number of African American owned businesses

It starts at 13:28 in the video below - Levois

Recyling Warning -- keep the trash from overflowing!

The 8000 Blocks of Calumet & Prairie were skipped when the city had the Thanksgiving Day holiday & mandatory furlough day the next day.

i had waited patiently, thinking that there was a slight back-up, and that they would come later.

Nope, didn't happen. When i did call, they simply waited until the next pick-up.

(Enclosed are some photos of the back up of several homes for 3 weeks of non pick-up).

With Christmas, there's definitely plenty that could be recycled. Wrapping paper especially can easily be recycled, as well as boxes, cans & bottles (from that delicious food you're making!).

However, we need to make sure we don't create a mess during the one time of the year where the blue cans are SURE to be filled.

If you notice a problem, call city's 311, or also the 6th Ward Streets & Sanitation office at 312-747-8776. They will pass on your concern to those responsible for the blue cart pick up.

Let us (and the alderman's office, 773-846-7006) if you experience any issues that aren't being resolved.

Some other suggestions:
  • SMASH your boxes -- maximize the space in your can
  • SAVE your gift bags & boxes whenever possible.
  • CALL right away if you notice your recycables were not picked up on time.
  • ASK a neighbor who might not be using their can to use theirs if needed. It's rude to dump more that small piece of trash or two into someone else's can, so please ASK first for big uses.
Have a safe & blessed holiday!

UPDATE: The garbage collectors (for the black bins) arrived a day early, this afternoon (rather than the usual Tuesday morning).  So hopefully they are working ahead of time...

Daley Weighing In For South Side Wal-Mart

Courtesy of FOX Chicago

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Police seek missing 15-year-old South Side girl

Just saw this story on the Chicago Breaking News website ...very concerning for me, as the missing girl lives literally 2 blocks from my home.
Police are asking for help finding a 15-year-old South Side girl who has not been seen by her family since she left for her charter high school on Friday.

Brianna "Bri-Bri" Lacey, who lives near 80th Street and South Eberhart Avenue, left for school Friday morning and has not been seen by her family since, according to a police alert issued today. She had been headed to Chicago International Charter School's Longwood Academy Campus, 1309 W. 95th St., police said.

Lacey spends time at locations near her home and also near 105th Street and Yates Avenue, according to police. She also goes by the name Brianna Wright.

Lacey was last seen wearing school clothes: gray pants, a navy blue polo shirt, a navy blue sweater, a brown coat, and black gym shoes.

She is black, stands about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs about 110 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes, with a light complexion. She also has pierced ears.

Anyone with information regarding Lacey's whereabouts
should call the Calumet Detective Area's Special Victims Unit at 312-747-8274.

Are the casino buses still running?

Just wondering..are the casino buses still running? Are they taking less, or more, of our seniors out of our community, and along with it, our dollars?

I have seen these buses stop at 79th & King, 87th & King, and even 2 of them (at the same time) in front of Tuley Park

Even if we had a Chicago casinos...that's money that would leave our families, and go into the hands of people not interested in the impact for our neighborhoods (such as possible foreclosures & bankruptcies).

Please let us know...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What do you think of our neighborhood movie house?

Yesterday on the Facebook page I linked to a Cinema Treasures page regarding our neighborhood movie house ICE Chatham 14. Here is the comment of note on that page:
Yes, I totally agree………….. IT USED TO BE NICE!!!! However, myself, my family members, neighbors, and friends ALL agree pretty much EVERYTHING has changed! The managers are NICE-nasty! The concession stand workers are VERY RUDE and unconcerned! Most of the time the ticket booth workers are just as rude. I experienced and my 8 yr old God-daughter witnessed an awful scene where I was loudly berated by a concession stand worker. I emailed the theater and received (2) NICE-Nasty, condescending emails telling me that I didn’t witness what happened before my very eyes. I asked them to check the audio surveillance to “hear” the guy going off on me! I was “offered” free tickets to return by the manager on duty, who told me that “she wasn’t there” (to witness what transpired). I thanked her for the “offer” but politely refused them! This is not the first time I have been insulted in this theater…………. It is odd to me how we have NEVER had to file a complaint against the other theaters, we frequent. But I will take the blame for this one ( had guarded reservations about going because of the messy atmosphere), I admit I compromised for the short distance to travel…………..I WILL NEVER RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well some of the fans of the Facebook page had their own comments.
  • I don't need to read the comment to know that 87th Street is the pits. 
  • I just hate that our people are notorious for bad customer service. Our ancestors raised us better.
  • I don't know what happened because from the very beginning the community stressed to the Mr. & Mrs Starks (owners) that customer service has to be on point.
  • I love the convenience of the theater and their matinee prices.
Let me just say first and foremost that I'm a longtime customer of this cinema since they opened in 1997. In fact one of the first movies I have seen there was Tomorrow Never Dies. It was great to not have to travel halfway across the Chicago area just to see a movie.

In fact years ago the theater of choice was Ford City and then the day I found out Chatham 14 were being built my family started going there instead.

To see people talk about customer service at our neighborhood cinema is a bit troubling. Of course you're talking to a guy who hasn't made many trips to a movie house in some time. As a matter of fact the last time I went to Chatham 14 was to see Star Trek.

I write about this especially if you look at our counterparts over at Sloopin'. They've been talking about the Showplace Icon Theaters at the Roosevelt Collection on Roosevelt Road. These theaters caters to more of an adult clientele and is likely a great place to bring a date. Especially if you wanted to do a movie, dinner and a date.

I see in this Chicago Defender article from 2008 that ICE wanted to expand the theater to include a restaurant. Of course if they have some work to do on customer service then would there be any business for the Chatham 14?

QUESTIONS: Do you have any complaints about the Chatham 14 theaters? Is there anything positive you would like to say about our neighborhood movie house? Do you like them, dislike them, or what would you do to change them?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wal-Mart items

Video courtesy of Fox Chicago. Posted on the channel Vote4JobsChicago on YouTube.

Also from FoxChicago, Ald. Anthony Beale of the 9th Ward discussing the Wal-Mart issue. He seems more interested in compromise than outright saying Wal-Mart can never open another store.

Finally a Tribune editorial that was forwarded to the blog:

So watch for a Wal-Mart vote in the Finance Committee on Jan. 11. And watch for Burke to push a compromise in the so-far-thwarted union efforts to impose a living-wage ordinance on Chicago employers. That's what caused the "bitter showdown" three years ago. The council approved a living-wage ordinance, but Daley wisely vetoed it.

Burke is likely to propose an ordinance that would require only employers who seek city assistance, such as tax increment financing money, to pay a city-established living wage. It apparently would not apply to the Wal-Mart project in the Chatham area.

For their part, Chicago residents are firmly behind the idea of the City Council getting the heck out of the way and letting Wal-Mart put Chicagoans to work.

A Tribune/WGN poll in September found that 68 percent of residents wanted a new Wal-Mart in town and 73 percent thought it would be good for the community. The numbers were even higher among African-Americans, who would benefit most from the South Side store.

While aldermen have stalled, those residents have been schlepping to Niles or Orland Hills or Evergreen Park to shop at Wal-Mart. While they're in the neighborhood, they're having lunch at a local restaurant, taking a Starbucks break or two, maybe stopping on the way home to grab a bag of groceries. Chicago isn't just missing out on jobs -- it's missing the additional retail traffic, the sales taxes, the parking fees.

Daley has renewed his push for Wal-Mart because he knows Chicago can't afford to turn up its nose at 500 new jobs. "People are getting laid off," he said. "There's no future jobs."
Your thoughts on the Wal-Mart issue is very much welcome as always.

Kari Steele recommended by Sierra Club

We were recently sent this press release by local candidate for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD), Kari Steele.

Note: her bio has added experience with the MWRD, as well as recent membership into the Sierra Club.
From: Jack Darin
To: Jack Darin
Sent: Thu, December 17, 2009 3:04:16 PM
Subject: Sierra Club Endorses Clean Water Champions For MWRD


Jack Darin (312) 251-1680x7


Connor, Spyropoulos,and Steele Are The Best Picks To Protect Our Water For Dems

The Sierra Club today announced its endorsement of three candidates in the February 2nd Democratic Primary for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. Sierra Club recommends Todd Connor, and Mariyana Spyropoulos, and Kari Steele to Democratic primary voters in Cook County. Sierra Club also has endorsed Nadine Bopp in the Green Party Primary.

“The safety and quality of our water supply will be on the ballot on February 2nd, and these are three candidates voters can trust to safeguard our Chicago River and Lake Michigan,” said Jack Darin, Director of the Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter. “Todd Connor, Mariyana Spyropoulos, and Kari Steele are each committed to clean water, and will be champions for the changes we need to make to protect public health and drinking water.”

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) provides wastewater treatment services for homes and businesses in the City of Chicago and Cook County. Historically, the MWRD has been a leader in pioneering clean water technologies that have been models for the world to follow. However, the MWRD has resisted calls to install “disinfection” equipment on its plants that discharge to the Chicago River system. Most wastewater plants in Illinois and America, including several operated in the northwest and southwest suburbs by the MWRD, disinfect their effluent before dumping it into rivers or streams. Disinfection kills potentially dangerous bacteria and pathogens present in sewage to protect people who may come into contact with the water while recreating.

“Todd Connor knows that MWRD can be doing more to protect the health of everyone using the Chicago River system, and he supports swift action to disinfect MWRD’s wastewater discharges into the waters people are using for many forms of recreation,” said Darin. "Todd has even launched a website advocating for this issue that can be found at"

“As an MWRD Commissioner, Mariyana Spyropoulos puts the public’s interest in clean water first,” said Darin. “She is the only attorney on the board, and is fighting to protect homeowners from flooding through a new stormwater management ordinance. A new stormwater ordinance will not only help keep basements dry, but result in cleaner waterways. We need her continued leadership at MWRD to enact a strong stormwater ordinance.”

“Kari Steele is a chemist and committed environmentalist, and she would bring needed scientific expertise to the MWRD Board of Commissioners,” said Darin. “We all win when decisions about our water supply are informed by sound science, and that’s exactly what Kari Steele would do on the MWRD Board.”

“For Green Party voters, we are proud to recommend Nadine Bopp as a longstanding environmentalist who has bright ideas for the future of the MWRD, and as someone who will always put our water first,” said Darin.

The endorsed candidates are strong in their support for clean water, and confident the Sierra Club endorsement will help them win. Sierra Club will be working to assist the campaigns, educate area voters about the candidates’ strong support for clean water, and engage 12,000 Sierra Club members in Cook County in their campaigns.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rules for candidate profiles/articles/comments

We encourage all candidates who serve at least a portion of the 6th ward of Chicago to send us information for your candidacy.

Here are things we are looking for:
  • Phone number:
  • Slogan/Tagline (if you have one; example: "Yes We Can")
  • Website: (Please make sure the link works)
  • E-mail address (we can type it such that spam robots won't automatically pick that up)
  • "Traditional" contact info, such as phone number and mailing address
  • Other contact info (optional). This may include links to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, fax number, etc.
  • Your top 3 issues:
  • Employment (past & present):
  • Community affiliations (past & present; includes church/religious):
  • Politcal affiliations:
  • Endorsements:
  • General Comments (they must be positive, about you and/or the community; NO attacks on your opponent!):
  • Other candidates (just to make sure each candidate has a chance to present themselves to the public)

We will not post unsubstantiated allegations (i.e. quotes/links to professional news organizations are legitimate; rumors are not), and they are not appropriate for your candidate profile.

It's your responsibility to sending us accurate information in an organized & timely fashion. This is a voluntary blog, so we don't have the time for formatting, and it would help our readers if you can give us info ahead of time, so they can get an accurate picture of you as a candidate.

Please do not expect us to try to go through your campaign material for you (though you are free to quote from it).

Thank you for contributing to the political process!

Miracle House of Prayer church

Just around the corner of the former New Calvary Misisonary Baptist Church, I spotted this church, Miracle House of Prayer, at 8638 S. Michigan.

Looking at the cornerstone, we see that there was a previous church that established the building. Southwest Missionary Baptist Church was organized as early as 1928, and in fact late as 1976, built this building.

Does anyone know what happened to Southwest? Why did they disappear after (relatively) recently building a new building?

And more relevant...what happens at Miracle House of Prayer? Anyone from the neighborhood go there? And ministries impacting our neighborhood?

Movement on Wal-Mart?

It seems Mayor Daley is eager to move this impasse on opening more Wal-Marts in Chicago:
Mayor Richard M. Daley is pressing aldermen, union leaders and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to resolve their differences and open the door for the world’s biggest retailer to expand in Chicago.

The mayor said following Wednesday’s City Council meeting that he’s calling on all sides in the debate “to sit down and come up with some common ground as quickly as possible,” according to published reports.

Mr. Daley, who at the meeting introduced several ordinances aimed at creating jobs in the city, also acknowledged that he was raising the specter of the city’s “big box” ordinance, a piece of failed legislation pushed by some aldermen that would have required large retailers to pay its workers at least $10 an hour plus benefits. The mayor vetoed the ordinance, and the aldermen were not able to override it.

“I am raising a political hot potato,” he said. “These are very complex issues. They are completely different than they were three years ago.”
We all know about the Wal-Mart that was to be built in the neighboring 21st Ward with Ald. Howard Brookins in very hot pursuit, but another ward Ald. Anthony Beale in the 9th is seeking a Wal-Mart although he may take issue with how Wal-Mart compensates their workers. Excerpt from Tribune:
Ald. Howard Brookins Jr., 21st, who long has pushed for a Wal-Mart in his South Side ward, and Ald. Anthony Beale, 9th, met with labor leaders to discuss what it would take to end their opposition.

Beale said the unions have indicated they would drop their resistance if Wal-Mart guaranteed workers at least $11.03 per hour, built stores using union labor and met standards for other benefits.

Bisio insisted the company has always been willing to talk to labor leaders but said Wal-Mart will stand firm on its pay scale and benefits. Wal-Mart workers average about $11 an hour, he said, though entry-level workers make about $8.

"It doesn't make sense for us to dignify that because to do so would be to accept that what we offer (compared to other large retail companies) isn't good enough, and that's just not the case," Bisio said.
Here's an editorial from the Sun-Times:
The time for a South Side Wal-Mart has come. Unemployment in the Chicago region hovers above 11 percent, with higher rates among blacks.

City revenues are down 31 percent from a high point in 2007.

Even Mayor Daley, who hasn't pushed hard for Wal-Mart for fear of alienating the unions, is publicly going to bat for the superstore.
It's now up to Ald. Edward M. Burke to make it happen.

An ordinance to allow for a long-awaited Chatham Wal-Mart Supercenter, which sells groceries, has languished for months in the City Council Finance Committee, which Burke chairs. This is just the latest delay in a five-year battle by Ald. Howard Brookins to get a Wal-Mart at a former industrial site at 83rd and Stewart.

Burke, an unabashed union supporter, has said Wal-Mart is welcome in Chicago, so long as it hammers out a "living wage" compromise with union leaders.

In a perfect world, we'd like a living wage agreement, too.

Too bad that's not the world we live in.
What's your feel on this issue? Is it about time for an up or down vote on more Wal-Mart stores in Chicago? Isn't it about time for a Wal-Mart in the Chatham community?


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Empty Terminal

Photo posted on Flickr courtesy of ctabusphotographer. Click the pic to see the actual photo page.

City: Conditions 'terrible' at two South Side eateries

Sun-Times media wire:
Two reputed health food restaurants were shut down by city inspectors late Tuesday after more than 1,000 mouse droppings were found at the side-by-side eateries.

Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force visited the 200 block of East 75th Street Tuesday to follow up on complaints of garbage and rodent activity, according to a release from the Department of Streets and Sanitation, which operates the task force.

When those complaints didn’t pan out, inspectors paid a visit to the Soul Vegeterian East restaurant at 205 E. 75th and found more than 700 mice droppings. They also went next door to the Eternity Juice Bar and found more than 300 mice droppings. Both businesses shared a common food storage area where additional droppings were found, the release said.

Bloggers on the radio - WBEW

Worlee Glover & JP Paulus will be on the radio today.

Dan Weissmann of WBEW/ (A Chicago Public Radio station) saw our blog entry on New Calvary MB Church for sale, and inivted us to be guests on their radio show at 11am today to disucss issues prompted by the entry (they have a theme of faith during the month of December).

You can find them at and listen live through this link.

We hope some of you can listen, and comment on what you're hearing.

Thanks to everyone who is following us.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

32nd State Representative elections...

In some recent comments, there have been concerns of bias regarding the 32nd disctrict State Representative candidates.

We here at TheSixthWard strive to be as objective as possible (though we have a particular interest in 6th ward residents), and we also welcome comments and suggestions from different people in the ward.

We are also working on policies to create a fair & just atmosphere for you, our readers to make decisions on candidates in the upcoming election. We will post that shortly.

There have been decisions made for the upcoming primary elections...
Final Summary of Decisions (December 8, 2009) by the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago as the duly constituted Electoral Board for the hearing and passing upon objections to nomination papers of candidates for the February 2, 2010 Primary Election in the City of Chicago:
here are relevent decisions for the 32nd district (which made up 1/3 of the approximately 28 decisions made):
10-EB-RGA-15: (see also RGA-16, RGA-17): Andre Thapedi vs. Bobby Joe Johnson - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections Sustained - Candidate
OFF - 12/01/09 - Insufficient number of valid signatures

10-EB-RGA-16: (see also RGA-15, RGA-17): Yvette Williams vs. Bobby Joe Johnson - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections withdrawn and case dismissed as moot - Candidate OFF - 12/01/09 - See decisions in RGA-15 and RGA-17

10-EB-RGA-17: (see also RGA-15, RGA-16): Donald Tucker vs. Bobby Joe Johnson - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections Sustained - Candidate OFF - 12/01/09 - Insufficient number of valid signatures

10-EB-RGA-18: (see also RGA-19): Andre Thapedi vs. Yvette Williams -
Denmocrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections Overruled - Candidate ON - 12/08/09 - Sufficient number of valid signatures

10-EB-RGA-19: (see also RGA-18): Donald Tucker vs. Yvette Williams - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections Overruled - Candidate ON - 12/08/09 - Sufficient number of valid signatures

10-EB-RGA-20: (see also RGA-21, RGA-22): Yvette Williams, Virgil E. Jones vs. Syron M. Smith - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Petitions withdrawn and case dismissed as moot - 12/08/09 - See decisions in RGA-21 and RGA-22

10-EB-RGA-21: (see also RGA-20, RGA-22): Andre Thapedi vs. Syron M. Smith - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections Moot - Candidate OFF - 12/08/09 - Candidate withdrew

10-EB-RGA-22: (see also RGA-20, RGA-21): Donald Tucker vs. Syron M. Smith - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections Moot - Candidate OFF - 12/08/09 - Candidate withdrew

10-EB-RGA-23: Virgil E. Jones vs. Andre Thapedi - Democrat - 32nd District State Representative - Objections Overruled - Candidate ON - 12/01/09 - Valid Statement of Economic Interests Receipt
As we can see, Syron Smith actually withdrew his nomination, while Bobbie Joe Johnson didn't have enough valid signatures. So it's Yvette Williams vs. Andre Thapedi.

A question i have ...who is Donald Tucker? He seems to support Andre Thapedi, but Rep. Thapedi has made his own objections...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

2 out of the 3 writers for this blog share birthday today, along with St. Representative Constance "Connie" Howard.

JP & Rep. Howard also have causes on Facebook, to celebrate their birthdays. Rather than getting a gift themself, they are asking friends to give to their favorite causes. (These are tax deductible gifts)

Rep. Howard 's request is for Rainbow PUSH Coalition. She says about her cause,
I am a Member of the Illinois General Assembly (State Representative - 34th
District), my initiatives are focused on human rights issues. Because I believe that Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the down-trodden, I am committed to being supportive of this work and am reaching out for others to join me.
JP's request is for a lesser known cause. It's called PURSUE (Providing Useful Resources to Support Urban Education) from Vision Nehemiah. The goal is to help urban youth not just make it to college, but also graduate. This comes in the form of scholarships, advice, guidance, and even care packages.
Hey Guys...sorry for the late notice...and i know the economy has us all scraping by...but i was hoping you could spare some money for Vision Nehemiah's
PURSUE scholarship fund. Since being laid off from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, I have been giving some of my time & new-found knowledge to PURSUE to help them become more effective. Your donation can help with that as well. Please give what you can...and let me know if you want to help me with this in different ways (such as involving your small group, etc.). THANKS!!!!
We encourage you to take some time and celebrate our birthdays!

Should our neighborhood schools have fundraising organizations?

Cross-posted at my other blog, John G. Shedd Public School

I've been wanting to do a post about this for a while. At least in terms of finding ways to connect our neighborhood schools to the surrounding community. If there was a way to do that then hopefully we can provide for public school students better than any public source of funding or even any politician can ever promise. Therefore I provide this example expounded below.

South Loop School is an elementary school with two branches located @ 1212 South Plymouth Court with a branch @ 1915 South Federal Street.

Here is a description of this organization:
Friends and Family of South Loop School

Friends and Family of South Loop School, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization established to enhance the educational experience of students at South Loop Elementary School. Our primary mission is to provide funds for resources not available through the normal school budget but required to operate a successful school. In the past Friends and Family of South Loop School, Inc. has enriched the learning environment at South Loop School by paying for additional classroom resources such as teacher assistants to help increase staff to student ratio, a new science laboratory and new mobile lap top computers.

With this in mind we ask that you consider being a sponsor at our annual spring benefit. We have a few options that provide flexibility for your budget. Your company will have prominent name recognition in gratitude for your support.

Your Support Is Important

Private funding plays a key role in the success of our students. While federal, state and local dollars provide some of the public school's operating expenses, it is not enough to provide access to excellence that our students deserve. With the contributions from parents, friends and local leaders like you we are able to make South Loop the school it is today. With this support, South Loop has seen an unprecedented increase in achievement from 34% of students at or above state standards to 85% in just 4 years time.
Harlan Community Academy is close to an organization such as this, but it's in fact the alumni association.

Either way there has to be a way to connect school faculty, students, neighbors or even alumni to a particular school whether on the elementary or secondary level. Especially for the purposes of enhancing the education experience for our public school students and for the purposes of raising money so that they will be successful they further they go in the educational careers.

For high school, it might be important if our young people expect to go to college. Perhaps the surrounding community can help to raise scholarship funds so that they may not only afford to go to a university, but so that they wouldn't have to depend on student loans.

In any event what could such an organization do for our neighborhood schools other than enhancing the level of instruction or achievement at the schools? Do you think this is a good idea?

My local shopping 12 days of Christmas

During the 12 days of Christmas I'm going to purchase good from the following stores/restaurant.

Brown Sugar Bakery- Cakes, Pies, baked goods

Mama Pickys Chocolates- Candies, Chocalates, Sugar Free candies

Honey Baked Hams- 86th & Stony Island- Smoked Hams and other meats

Wings Around the World- 25 flavors from 9 countries. Great for those days you don't want to cook and holiday parties

Quench- Turkey Burgers, Jerk Chicken tacos

Soul Vegetarian East- Take your vegetarian and vegan friends out for a holiday meal

Lem's Barbeque- Some of the best ribs in Chicago

Reggios Pizza- Chicago Southside style pizza

Capt. Curts Barbeque- Some of the best ribs in Chicago

There may be more and if you are aware, please let us know.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Church for sale

I passed by 87th a couple of weeks ago, but finally was able to take some photos.

The New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church is for sale. It is located on 120 E. 87th Street.

There are approximately 35 parking spaces (including 2 handicap designated), plus some yard space in the back.

It looks like a church van might be included in the deal. The letters for the sign are strewn around it, so you might need to update that.

My personal opinion on churches in our community: i think we have too many of them. Within a 1 mile radius of 79th & King Drive, Mapquest says there are 80 churches. Now, other parts of our community are actually devoid of church buildings such as a 1 mile by 1/2 mile section , bounded by St. Laurence to Indiana, 95th to 87th.

Now, i am not to the point of calling for a ban on churches, as others are calling for with dollar stores.

But rather, i would challenge the pastors of these churches to really pray about whether they. Is the reason why they are a pastor truly because they are called to the ministry (which is possible), or is it because they are too prideful to be held accountable by someone?

And as for this church building -- it seems like a great spot to have a youth community center (which could be run by a church, but should be a church in the community). The parking lot can be used for basketball when needed, or utilize all the spaces for special events.

Anyone have any background on this church?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Whitney Young Library Hours

Courtesy of an older post from the Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council  blog:
Library Hours Starting in January, 2010!

The Whitney Young Branch of the Chicago Public Library, 7901 South King Drive, will have new hours effective January 2, 2010:

Monday, Wednesday 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Tuesday, Thursday 12 NOON to 8 P.M.

Friday, Saturday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Closed Sunday

Deep freeze tips

For the past three or four days the weather has turned cold. I often like to say that the weather we're experiencing now has turned December into January.

I wrote a status/tweet about whether or not I should do a cold weather post on city warming centers. Last winter I wrote some posts about warming centers especially ones located on our part of the south side. Late last year it was reported that an elderly man died due to cold exposure. Let's hope that we can avoid that during this winter!

First off I want to refer you to Uptown Update. I know it's all the way on that north side, but they offer some tips for the cold weather on Thursday, especially these three we should pay attention to:
In this brutal weather, please keep an eye out for anyone sleeping outside and call 311. Shelter beds were still available last night! City services will come out and try to talk the person into sleeping inside, and at the very least will try to talk them into a warming van for a bit. Don't forget about the warming centers
Another new development with the parking ticket machines: they freeze up in extreme weather. Call the number on them if you can't get them to work to avoid getting a ticket.

If you're shoveling, lots of layers are better than one heavy layer, don't drink before you go out there, and wear a hat. We now return the blog to the bloggers, and away from your mother.
Here are two posts to look at for city warming centers on this blog:
Here's the city's page on weather relief. You can call 311 to locate a warming/cooling center near you.

According to the link provided by Uptown Update the two nearest shelters to us are located at:
  • Englewood Center
    845 W. 69th St.
    Chicago, IL 60621
  • South Chicago Center
    8759 S. Commercial Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60617
By all means take advantage call 311 or even the numbers at those two locations. Stay warm out there!

BTW, we have an Accuweather widget at the very bottom of this blog. You should be able to see current temperature, radar, or even a forecast. It's perfect to check the weather if you have a few minutes to surf the web online before you go anywhere.

Although, it would be real nice indeed if someone in the community had a website like Pete's Weather and the equipment that goes with it to provide weather updates for our community!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Man shot and killed in Chatham!

Two men were killed Thursday night in separate shootings, that police early this morning said appeared gang-related, on Chicago's South Side.

About 7:15 p.m., 25-year-old Juan Davis was shot in his torso and legs while sitting in passenger's side of a parked vehicle in the 8300 block of South Rhodes Avenue in the Chatham neighborhood, officials said.

The shooter approached the vehicle on foot, fired into the vehicle and shot the Davis, who lived in the 8000 block of South Wentworth Avenue. He was pronounced dead at 8:20 p.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, said a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office.

The shooter fled the scene southbound on Rhodes in a vehicle, police said.

Test poll -- how often are you in Chatham?

We're testing a poll feature, and we'd like to see who's reading this blog.

Please answer our question...

6th ward newsletter-December 2009

Here is the final Newsletter for 2009

6th Ward Newsletter December 2009

Christmas Decorations: 8000 block of Calumet

A few photos from my block. Sorry they aren't very good. (We welcome submissions form our readers).

On the 8000 Block of South Calumet, our tradition is to have out light posts alternate between Red & Green colors.

In upcoming posts we will publish photos of different blocks, who each have their own traditions. Please let us know of your own block. We're also interested in finding the best block for Christmas lights in the 6th Ward. Let us know!

CAPCC Christmas Party and December Monthly Meeting

From their blog:
We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, are happy to announce that our Christmas Party and December Monthly Meeting will be at the Northern Trust Bank, 2ND Floor Meeting Room, 7801 South State Street, Monday, December 14, 2009 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

For more info, check their link

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Community meetings tonight! (reminder)

The 6th ward alderman's meeting and 8000/8100 S. Calumet block club. Both meet tonight at 6:30pm. See links for details.

Special events at Creative Floral and Gifts

Creative Floral & Gifts are one of my favorite local businesses. Some day we'll write up a profile of the business

A couple of special events to be aware of:
1. Christmas Wreath Classes: Mondays, 5pm - 6:30pm and Tuesdays, 10am-11:30am
2. "Open House" with refreshments, door prizes, as well as 20% Silk arrangements and Christmas Decorations. Dec. 10th & 11th, 17th & 18th
When you go, tell them that JP sent you. You probably won't get a gift or extra discount or anything, but probably a big smile.

Tangent: They also hosted Ruggles school students in a tree decoration a week or so ago. (Just another example of how local businesses can interact with the community in creative ways)

Christmas Decorations: 7900 block of Prairie

On the 7900 block of Prairie, the tradition is to wrap light posts with foil, and then with red ribbon to create a candy cane effect. This particular home owner upped the design a level by creating a snow man.

In upcoming posts we will publish photos of different blocks, who each have their own traditions. Please let us know of your own block. We're also interested in finding the best block for Christmas lights in the 6th Ward. Let us know!

Princess and the frog special event THIS Saturday

NOTE: the Following is SOLD OUT, according to the web site. But if you are still interested, you may want to contact the organizers. Maybe they can do another event? I would love to tak emy daughter...

Thanks to Worlee for passing on this info on an event at ICE Chatham Theater. Unfortunately, we have another event to go to.

But it sounds like some great family fun.

Please post on your experience there...or if you wish, we can even have you do a guest blog. Photos are very much appreicated.

For more information, go to

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alderman's Monthly meeting (December)

I recently got a phone call (from a real live human being -- Not a robo-call!)

The meeting will be Thursday, December 10, 6:30 PM at Carter Temple CME Church, 7841 S Wabash Ave. (Note, this is the same time as the 8000 / 8100 S. Calumet block club meeting)

At this particular meeting, they are also collecting non-perishable food and hats and gloves for the needy. Please bring at least one of these items.

The January Monthly Ward Meeting is Thursday, January 14, 2009 6:30 PM at New Bethlehem Church, 8850 S Cottage Grove Ave.

For further information about any of these events, call the 6th Ward Service Office at (773) 846-7006.

For more information, call the 6th Ward Service Office at (773) 846-7006

8000 & 8100 S. Calumet block club meeting TOMORROW (Thursday)

The 8000 & 8100 blocks of Calumet are meeting tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 10) at 6:30 pm at Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church, 8100 S. Calumet (corner of Calumet and 81st).

This meeting will elect new officers for 2010 as well as cast a new vision for the block club.

A light meal will be served (sandwixhes, chips, soft drinks), but an RSVP is requested (toget enough food). Contact JP Paulus at 312 (area code), 282- 2809 or e-mail jp ((at)) paulus ((dot) )com to RSVP.

Please note that this meeting is at the same time as the 6th Ward Alderman's meeting.

What is Howling Moon Entertainment?

Can someone answer the question: What is Howling Moon Entertainment or what happens there? This is at 211 E. 79th Street.

From what little I have seen, there are 2 bar stools near the front window, and i saw a dart board in the back.

When i was trying to look one afternoon a man approached. The only things he said, in addition to asking what i wanted, were:

"This is my place"

"It's private"

They took over the space previously occupied by a African hair braiding salon.

This is also next door to the former US Mortgage Release, which was recently shut down by US Postal Inspectors.

US Mortgage Release also didn't have many it makes me nervous that another such "business" is popping up. (And i am assuming that the owner of the building doesn't do a good job of either screening or monitoring tenants)

They have a van that's in the back of the office space. So I am not sure what that means.

If you walk by 79th street in the evening, PLEASE take a look at what goes on there. Call 311 if you think there might be a problem.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Abundant businesses in Chatham (positive)

Last week, we had a post talking about what community residents thought were businesses Chatham had too many of , and undesirable.

I wanted to briefly mention some businesses that we have an abundance of, but are actually good for a community.

- Dry Cleaners: which indicate a number of professionals who want to look good for society

- Day Care / Chid Care centers: indicating many working parents, who are trying to make sure their kids are safe, while they are hard at work, possibly commuting long distances.

i think having a number of these businesses are good, as long as they follow the best practices & guidelines fo their industry as well as the community. Issues such as parking (where people are dropping off & picking up, while the businesses don't have their own parking spaces) are things to be aware of and should be addressed proactively.

Am i missing anything else?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Roseland Heights Crime Report

The Roseland Heights Neighborhood Association has also picked up the dispatched from the Greater Chatham Alliance that was posted this past week here. But they add something to those reports:
New Safety & Security Tip: . NEW technique used by robbers TO ROB YOU...expect anything with the decline in the economy and job losses.

If you are driving at night and eggs are thrown at your windshield. Do not operate the wiper and spray any water because eggs mixed with water become milky and block your vision up to 90% so you are forced to stop at the roadside and become a victim of robbers.

Ms. P. Stanley would also like to send out an alert for all neighbors to be vigilant and look out for each other during this holiday season. ... Burglars will be looking for an easy mark. This is a reminder, Be aware, watch out for our neighbors and be vigilant.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It would be nice if...

There was either a FedEx or UPS store in the community so that if either company wasn't able to deliver a package to your door after several attempts you wouldn't have to either leave the neighborhood or even leave the city to get a package. Especially after UPS recently closed their facility @ 8133 S. Dobson. It would be real nice, real nice indeed. :P

Yup I'm copying off of the CAPCC blog. Hey we should play with some ideas too. As we have been doing.

From Roseland Heights: Scam Alert!!!

An e-mail from the Roseland Heights Neighborhood Association:

Last night W/12-2-09, 'after dark', a white guy and a black guy were ringing bells, attempting to sell 'energy', EVEN though they shouted out (because I never opened the door) that they weren't trying to sell anything. SCAMS GALORE are inundating our neighborhoods. Before they could get too much more out, I shouted, "Not interested!" and slammed the inner door The Holidays are here, and it's the season for scammers to start making their neighborhood rounds. The most common schemes are Holiday classics: ... magazines, information on religion, phone/energy service and insurance.

--It's impossible to catalog all the perpetrators but most scams are the same old song, slightly different verse. Scam Alerts editor Mark Huffman says it's trite but true -- if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scam artists specifically target older people that own their own homes and live in middle income neighborhoods. There is more money here than in lower income neighborhoods but there is also a lack of coordinated services from contracted service professionals.

These scammers are targeting seniors in particular. They try and sell things like home repair, driveway repair, chimney cleaning, gutter cleaning and tree trimming,” ** note selling door-to-door requires a license in many municipalities, and home repair always requires a license.

RHCA Tips to Avoid Scammers

1. NEVER buy anything from a door to door person, not a magazine, not religion - NOTHING!
2. Always answer the door. Sale scams are sometimes used to see if anyone is home. You don't want robbers breaking in on you thinking no one is home!
3. Never unlock the door. Talk to them thought locked closed door (Ms Whitehead is 100% right)
4. Finally NEVER LET anyone in!!!! NEVER!!!!!

For a complete tour of Scamland, check the scam news below, then examine the Classic Pitch Lines and reader complaints. Use the search box to look for specific scams.

Read more:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

AIDS charity must return $500K grant

A Chicago AIDS charity has been ordered to return a $500,000 state grant it received to rehabilitate a South Side apartment building, amid questions about the group's spending.

The legal judgment obtained by the Illinois Commerce and Economic Opportunity Department and announced Friday, comes in the wake of Chicago Sun-Times stories outlining the Let's Talk, Let's Test Foundation's financial struggles and failure to complete the apartment project, which was meant to help fund AIDS-education efforts.

State officials said the foundation -- created in 2002 by state Rep. Connie Howard (D-Chicago) in an effort to stem the spread of AIDS in African-American neighborhoods -- hasn't finished the project and didn't "disclose the complete nature of all grant-fund expenses."

Separately, Illinois Public Health Department lawyers plan to try to recover $523,545 more from the organization, based on questionable expenses they say it made after getting a separate, $1.2 million AIDS-awareness grant. A court-style hearing in which the foundation would be allowed to defend its spending should be opened in the "very near future," and a judge would decide if the money was misspent, a health department spokeswoman said.
We've posted another story related to this rehab back in September.

Read the whole thing!

Web page with details on what Chatham offers...

i was surfing the net and came across's Chatham page.

It's very detailed, with all kinds of stats and history.

Some samples of what's on the page:
It's hard to fathom that the area of Chatham was once a place so swampy that it was referred to as "Mud Lake," but such was the case. The land was mostly used for hunting and some farming was done to the west, but all in all, Chatham's beginnings were rather boggy and uninviting to residents for many years.

Things started to take a turn for the better in the 1860s and '70s when railroad tracks were laid nearby.
This info also includes some write-ups on stores i have seen, but not actually been inside:
New Boutique Africa (213 E 75th St, 773-488-9755) and Raggs (7943 S King Dr, 773-783-8303) are places we suggest scoping out that sell decorative arts and unique home furnishings
Please check it our and give YOUR opinion!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Girls in the Game empowers Chicago girls to lead healthier lives

A program at Neil Elementary School located in the Chatham neighborhood courtesy of Medill Reports:
Energy invigorates the room as young girls pass a football and practice blocks to enforce the defense line. After the game, they discuss the importance of hygiene and the “real deal” on beauty.

It’s all a part of an after-school program held by Girls in the Game at Neil Elementary School, 85th Street and Michigan Avenue.

Girls in the Game empowers more than 2,500 girls at more than 40 Chicago schools to make healthier choices while they develop self-esteem and leadership skills.

Since 1995, Girls in the Game’s after-school program has emphasized health and fitness for an increasing number of elementary and high school participants in Chicago.

“We focus on the whole girl. We develop their leadership and life skills as well as encourage them to be healthy inside and out,” said Erin Starkey, team services manager. “We focus on sports and fitness as a way to encourage the importance of healthy living, nutrition and healthy food choices. Those skills build self esteem.”

Girls in the Game exposes girls to a varied mix of fitness activities that range from yoga to football.
Read the whole thing!

8000 & 8100 S. Calumet Block club meeting Dec. 10

The 8000 & 8100 S. Calumet Block club has a meeting on Dec. 10 at 6:30pm. Meet at Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church, at 81st & Calumet.

This is a very important meetings as not only officers will be elected, but a new vision for the club will be cast.

If you are interested, please contact JP at

Leave a comment as well..

p.s. Note that this is the same time as Alderman Lyle's monthly 6th Ward meeting

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New PSC trustee is public office 1st-timer

From the Sun-Times Newsgroup, the Southtown Star.

Of particular note: Ms. Hill Corley grew up in Chatham and went to Harlan High School.

You can click the link for the full story.

New PSC trustee is public office 1st-timer :: The SouthtownStar :: News

ShoreBank announces revamped website

This press release was sent on Tuesday. The people at ShoreBank, a financial institution who has had an impact on our community, have taken notice of our blog, and wanted to share this press release on their revamped website (the easy to remember ):

Brian J. Berg

ShoreBank “Discovers Possibilities”
New web site launch kicks off online marketing campaign

December 1, 2009--(Chicago, IL)-- ShoreBank, America’s first and leading community development and environmental bank, today announced the launch of its new website, “Discover Your Possibilities,” Designed to offer increased access to responsible, affordable financial services and product information, the new online resource reflects ShoreBank’s commitment to providing consumers with access to the financial services and information that can help reinvigorate lives and stabilize underserved communities.

The “Discover Your Possibilities” website, designed by Digital Pulp, will make online banking simpler and more convenient. It features new state-of-the-art technology that makes it easier for visitors to quickly locate the information and services they need. Whether learning about obtaining a ShoreBank Rescue Loan or saving money through an online savings account, the website’s goal is to help customers increase their financial knowledge and get the most out of life’s possibilities.

“Fresh and compelling content and special sections on our retail banking services, deposit products, and customer stories will keep people returning to the website and help us build the ShoreBank online community,” said Karen Weigert, ShoreBank, Senior Vice President, Online Banking. “The new site offers the information our customers want, whether it’s help for better managing their budget, saving for college, or trying to hold onto the family home,” added Weigert.

The website features interactive elements to encourage convenient communications between visitors and bank staff. New search functions, navigation tools, a simple page layout, access to online banking on every page, and banners promoting special products and services will make it easier for customers to quickly find the information they need.

To make it as customer-focused as possible, “Discover Your Possibilities” is equipped with a set of analytical tools that will enable bank staff to update the site in real time to ensure that the information and material displayed matches the needs of visitors.

“A great website reflects the needs of its customers, and we’re excited to launch ‘Discover Your Possibilities’ at a time when many of our communities are feeling the impact of the economic slowdown,“ said Weigert. “We intend our new website to be a powerful resource for anyone interested in learning how ShoreBank can help them achieve their goals in life.”

About Digital Pulp
Digital Pulp is an interactive marketing and web development firm that builds brands online by combining robust technology with award-winning creative. Working with such prestigious clients as Continental Airlines, Bausch & Lomb, Harvard University and Lancome, among others, Digital Pulp develops digital marketing communications that perform—whether to grow awareness, move product, generate leads or make connections.


Census Recruitment and Practice Test

U.S. Census Bureau
On-Site Recruitment and Practice Test

Hiring for 2010 positions
Hundreds of (temporary) positions available
Starting salary $17.50 per hour
Must be 18 yrs of age

Thursday, December 3, 2009
6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Trinity UCC Village Center
1947 W. 95th street

For more information, contact Charmin Jones at 773-947-0322 or email

Formal testing and registration with Census officials has been done at 1546 W. 79th Street, in one of the storefront rooms from the AFC church at the corner of 79th & Ashland.

CRIME ALERT 4 of 4 = from Greater Chatham Alliance

Last alert on a recent e-mail for Greater Chatham Alliance.
There is a suspicious African-American man lurking in the area from 81st to 84th Street recently in the last week and a half. He seems to be carrying some sort of package. He is dark, medium built and about 6 feet tall. He was last seen wearing all grey.

People, the probability is that he is pretending to be a delivery person. If you see him, call the police. If he rings your doorbell, don't answer it.

Man shot dead in Park Manor

The unidentified adult man was found unresponsive in the alley on the 100 block of West 74th Street, said Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro. The man was believed to have been in his 30s, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Police received the call about the man at 3:20 a.m. and arrived to find the man with an apparent gunshot wound to the chest, Alfaro said.

Detectives are conducting a homicide investigation but do not have anyone in custody and do not have a motive for the shooting, Alfaro said.
According to the Sun-Times media wire:
No one was in custody as of 4 a.m., Alfaro said.

Wentworth Area Chicago Police detectives are investigating.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CRIME ALERT 3 of 4 = from Greater Chatham Alliance

From a recent e-mail blast from Greater Chatham Alliance...
On Tuesday, November 15, there was an attempted break-in at a home located in the 8300 block of S. Prairie. However on Wednesday, November16, their garage was broken into and a car window was smashed. TheGPS system was taken.

People, if you can, put security gates over your garage doors. Use heavy block glass in your windows. If you can't put block glass in, then you may want to put bars over the windows. It's unfortunate but necessary.

And be sure to keep your car alarm on! Don't take it off just because it is in the garage.

Lastly, if you can afford it, get the wireless alarm for your garage as well as motion lights for the garage. If you are driving or leaving your alley and spot a car or SUV coming through immediately after you are leaving that you don't recognize, take the time to ride around again through your alley. The garage burglars are also casing our area.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chatham Food Market for toys and coats

Hey the people at the Chatham Food Market under new ownership as of 2008 has been reaching out working with either the Salvation Army on clothes and/or toys for children or the QBG Foundation on a coat drive. Both posts on these drives are from the CAPCC blog.

BTW, if only Chatham Foods would remove the whole This site is currently under construction!, deal. Either it's ready or it's not!

CRIME ALERT 2 of 4 = from Greater Chatham Alliance

From a recent e-mail blast from Greater Chatham Alliance...
On Tuesday, November 24, a male neighbor walked out into his backyard,toward his garage, and saw a drug deal taking place in his alley betweenthe 8200 blocks of Wabash and State. Adult men were inside of two cars (a blue, Chevy Suburban and a white car) when the neighbor attempted to make them leave. One of the men hopped out of the car waving a gun and threaten the home owner saying essentially: "Mind your own business and go back into the house." The neighbor called the police immediately.

People, if you see a situation like the above occurring, call the police immediately! Something like this could turn into a fatal situation if you try to handle it yourself. Drug deals turn-around so quickly, most often the police can't get there in time. Documenting it helps us to alert police to hot spot areas.

Joe Zekas R.I.P.

 Joe Zekas ran the real estate news website YoChicago . If you have been following that site and their social media channels i.e. YouTube o...