Friday, February 5, 2010

Blood Drive at ShoreBank on Cottage Grove.

Greater Chatham Alliance recently sent out 2 e-mail blasts asking people to donate blood at Lifesource this upcoming Thursday.

Here's the text of a second message from Greater Chatham Alliance
Dear GCA Members & Chatham Neighbors:

ShoreBank informed me that out of the five community groups that are participating in their blood drive, only FOUR (4)-- that's right-- four people have signed up.

Folks this is pitiful!

Let the Greater Chatham Alliance Community Council (GCA) put the other community groups to shame by promoting this much needed blood drive to our friends and family.

Okay, putting the excuses aside about "hating needles," "I'm busy", "I don't know if I can leave work early", and so forth, this is truly an example of what they mean by African-Americans won't participate in blood drives.

If nothing else, remember Haiti! Then think about the time when your loved one had a planned or emergency surgery. Someone who donated blood may have made a difference during the surgery.

Again, the event time and date flyer is attached. As well as info on blood drives and African-Americans.

If we want ShoreBank to continue to support us as a corporate sponsor, let's show them we are worthy of that distinction.


Leslie Honore
GCA Corresponding Secretary

To schedule an appointment (recommended) call 1-877-543-3768. However, walk-ins are accepted as well.

When you go, mention Greater Chatham Alliance, and the community organization could get an additional donation! Make sure you bring ID as well!

My daughter's life, at the very first few months, was saved in part by a donation of blood.

I plan on being there, hopefully by 10am. How about you?

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