Sunday, July 10, 2011

311 Service request follow up

Here's  a sinkhole that has been getting worse each day.

This is particularly a problem for several reasons:

  1. The sewer wall has collapsed
  2. Parking here is like the nroth side, so bad feelings are being created as the elderly & those with small children are having a hard time finding parking. 
  3. Potentially cars will be damaged if they park near the sinkholes.
  4. The CTA #3 bus route which ends at 81st will drive down Calumet to turn around. The sinkholes & the many potholes we have can cause some unneeded chaos.

The request # is 11-02-706730 and was filed on June 9.

I called again July 8.

I also forwarded these to the Alderman's office as well.

The sinkholes seems like  systematic problem along Calumet.  At the NW corner of 83rd & Calumet, there is a sinkhole that had just been repaired months before it collapsed again.

And I have posted a photo on another hole at 7928 S. Calumet as well as one forming just 10 feet from the sewer.
In addition, a new hole seems to be forming

This is actually 7928 S. Calumet. It needs work as well.

How is 311 responding to YOUR requests?


  1. I had a sinkhole on my block (76th & Indiana), it took approximately 7 months for it to be repaired after I contacted 311. So be prepared to wait!!

  2. The problem is it isn't a sink hole but rather a collapsed sewer. Typically when this happens it signals much deeper problem whereas several sewers are collapsing nd they all have to be repaired. Unfortunately, as the previous comment stated it will take time to repair as this is a problem throughout the area because of the aging sewer system.


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