Monday, July 11, 2011

How To Request City Services in the 6th Ward

It appears that since there has been a change in administrations at the Alderman 's office that some feel that their service request have been neglected and others are not aware of the options they have available to request City Services.

First, and easiest way is to dial 311 and report what the problem is (i.e Garbage Cart, Lights Out, Potholes, Sinking Sewers, Sanitation Violations, etc.) when making that request ask for the 10 digit request #(11-00000000) and write it down. If the request is not fulfilled in a reasonable amount of time contact the Alderman's office.

Secondly, report via internet on the City of Chicago Website There you can report various type of services, if the service you want is not listed, contact 311 or Alderman's office. You will not receive a service request number but will receive a confirmation email.

Lastly, contact the Alderman's office. The contact information for the Alderman's office is as follows:
6th Ward Service Office
463 1/2 E. 83rd (Eberhart)
Chicago, IL 60619

The Alderman's office is accepting request by either method (phone or email). The more detail information given helps get your request fulfilled faster. Also,if there is something that is not straightforward taking pictures is suggested.

Lastly, sanitation related request (tall grass, fly dumping, trash not picked up , etc. should be called into the ward sanitation office at 312.747.8776.

Hopefully, this information will help you get your problems solved faster. Remember, if you don't call no one else will.

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