Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sun-Times: Cops angry over delay in charging suspected cop killer

UPDATE: Read the original text of this post below, but I think it's worth sharing this ABC7 [VIDEO]

This isn't good at all!
The prisoner was questioned Thursday night and admitted to police and prosecutors that he intended to rob the officer July 18 when Bailey pulled his gun, they exchanged gunfire and he shot and killed the off-duty cop, according to sources.

They said detectives who have been working the case for the past year also have statements from eight other people to support their case and think they have a “chargeable case.”

Police were told Thursday night that the filing of any charges against the inmate would have to wait because Alvarez was leaving for a conference and vacation in Hawaii.

“He won’t be charged for two weeks — until she gets back,” one source said. “They want additional interviews done with witnesses whom we and they have talked to already. They want ’em brought down to the grand jury. Normally, they bring witnesses to the grand jury after they charge and before they indict. But they’re buying time until she can get back from vacation.”

Dan Kirk, Alvarez’s chief of staff, said that’s not the case.

“There are things that still need to be done,” Kirk said. “There are significant things that need to be completed in terms of the overall case assessment. Once those items are completed, we’ll be in a position to make a charging decision on the case. We’ll charge the case when the case is ready to be charged. It’s got nothing to do with whether the state’s attorney is physically in Cook County or not.”
The gall at this inmate at being bold enough to want to rob a Police Officer in uniform. I don't know if it's simple boldness or outright stupidity and then being willing to shoot back at someone who also has a gun. At that has a badge as well. I hope the state's attorney office will step up their game!

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