Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dave Matthews Band Concert -- missed opportunitites

Did our community miss the opportunity to cash in on the Dave Matthews Band concert just east of us?

Greater CHatham Alliance is selling concessions and getting some small revenue from the concert.  But other than that, have we taken advantage of what could have been an opportunity?

ChicagoNow has a list of transportation options to the concert.  I-94 is completely ignored, and a shuttle bus is noted for the 87th street stop.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people, from several different states, will converge on this site. We could have marketed our community as a place to stop & shop & eat.

But I wonder if anyone will even notice?

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  1. I believe we did miss some opportunity to cash out but not much. As I'm at Bessemer Park on a daily basis (89th South Chicago)travel down 87th to get there is time consuming. Really, the only route that GPS's would recommend is coming to South Chicago by way of 67th or 71st and right now those areas need redevelopment. It gives a good idea what needs to happen for the future.

    As far as GCA, I believe they have bit off more than they can chew. Running concessions is not easy and most NFP's have run away from working those stands because they have had problems manning and have made far less than promised because they have had to absorb losses for miscounts. So if they raise any funds after paying for staff they will have pulled off something most other organizations haven't.


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