Greater Chatham Alliance 6th Ward Aldermanic Forum is online

Chatham from Narvelle Media on Vimeo.

From Greater Chatham Alliance, regarding the forum they hosted on January 31:
Hello, Greater Chatham Alliance Members,Chatham and other 6th Ward Neighbors:

If you are still undecided about your votefor our 6th Ward Alderman, GCA is proud
to present an on-line video viewing, for 5 days,to present an on-line video viewing, for 5 days,of our Aldermanic forum held on Saturday,January 31st at Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church.

We had hoped to have it also featuredon CAN-TV, but we may not make theirschedule.

In any case, click on the link below toview our Aldermanic forum:

From The Sixth Ward blogger JP Paulus: I attended this forum, and thought, like the 2011 one, was well done. Forum moderator (and WVON Radio host) Cliff Kelley stated that he felt that out of the many forums he has hosted and attended, he felt Greater Chatham Alliance was one of the best.

If you haven't decided, I think this forum will be one major tool to help you to decide.


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