No disrespect...

I posted two posts that received comments that were likened to spam attacking this blog because of a column and video shared here. The attacks seem quite petty as we were attacked for the assertions of that column and we were also attacked because we made the "mistake" of not stating exactly that a candidate was running in the 2015 election.

Although let's be clear we had acknowledged this candidate running for alderman during the petition phase and after that had concluded. All I - as the writer of both posts - attempted to state that this individual had ran previously four years ago.

So anyway, we'll be publishing later - as we're really close to election day for the municipal elections - the information that this campaign had sent to the blog. Because of the activity in the comment section of those posts, I had been real willing to drag my feet on sharing this information.

Since this is the final weekend before the election, we're posting this info later today. While this information will be shared it was important air the reservations I had in doing so.


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