Saturday, October 9, 2021

Ward Remap: The People's Map

[VIDEO] I'm a few days late however an independent group the Chicago Advisory Redistricting Commission created a map for consideration by the Chicago City Council. This report from WGN discusses this proposed map.

A few things to consider and it wasn't much different from the debate in 2011-2012. The Latino community wanted more representation and this map would create a ward designed to elect an Asian-American to the City Council. For that Asian-American they would likely be elected in a ward centered around the Chinatown community.

With this said, I see that Englewood could be one ward which is what R.A.G.E. has often advocated for. How many wards will be drawn to elect Black Aldermen (or is it Alderperson or Alderwomen). The map is a bit different than I'm sure many of us are used to and for the city council itself I'm sure they will debate among themselves how their map for the next 10 years.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot campaign in 2019 for an independent commission to draw a ward map. She welcomes this map reportedly though she's a long way from supporting the map you will see below the People's Map.

The People's Map

Also noted in this report by Tahman Bradley the political reporter for WGN and you might know from the last remap led by Rahm Emanuel. 41 Aldermen must vote in favor of this map, however, if more than 10 Alderman reject this map and propose another this will trigger a special election where Chicago voters will choose a ward map.

I also wanted to add that the Mayor had also supported an elected school board then opposed proposals for an elected school board when it was proposed in Springfield and we ultimately got an elected school board whether or not she actually wanted one. Will she treat a city ward map much different we shall see?

Do you like what you see with the above map?

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