A Geneva startup is putting a newsy spin on help wanted ads.

Job Search Television Network is presenting job listings in a broadcast news format on the belief that an anchor delivering a 60-second job description will leave a stronger impression with a job seeker than print. It’s aiming its sales pitch at companies seeking workers.

“What differentiates us (from other job sites) is that we have video,” said Roger Stanton, the network’s co-founder. “People remember pictures. People remember video.”

To find clients, Mr. Stanton turned to job listings and cold-called companies looking for workers. He persuaded nearly a dozen companies to get on board, among them McDonald’s Corp., Allstate Corp. and Evanston Northwestern Healthcare.

“What attracted us to this is that it fell into an area that didn’t replace anything like Monster.com or classified ads,” said Bill Luehrs, chief human resources officer for ENH. “It gives us the ability to get to the passive job-seeker through a media that we didn’t have before.”

Mr. Stanton’s three-year-old company recently inked a deal with Comcast Corp. to carry Job Search Television Network on its cable system for three hours a day. The network will debut June 30 on Comcast’s channel 102, which typically airs local programming. The show will air daily from 6 to 8 a.m. and from 9 to 10 p.m.

“We bought three hours (of air time) to start and we can buy more hours,” Mr. Stanton said. “We have enough content. Right now, the number of jobs out there far exceeds (our air time).”