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2014: Year in review and looking forward

It's New Year's Eve and at around this time we often take a look back at some of the stories we've covered during the past year. Many of our 2014 stories will have effects lasting into 2015 and beyond. To start, it's time for the 2015 elections. We're covering wards 6, 9 and 21 for the 2015 elections and a number of candidates are running in those wards. We're also looking forward to the Mayoral race to see who might be able give Mayor Rahm Emanuel a run for his money. Speaking of the mayoral race, Rahm would've faced a challenge in his CTU nemesis in Karen Lewis. The Greater Chatham Alliance Chat with Karen forum story in September garnered us at least 900 individual reads. Unfortunately it turned out that she's suffering an illness and was forced to drop from contention as a result.  We'll see who else would be favored instead of Rahm. Also, back in the community, there was concern over debris left as the result of a fire near 75th/King

DNA Info neighborhood 2014 in review

DNA Info offers their own year in review with stories they covered in 2014. These stories mainly affect Chatham and Englewood. On New Year's Eve we will offer our own year in review and hopefully you would share yours with us. :)

Petition objections for 9th Ward Alderman

Petition objections for candidates for 9th Ward Alderman. One hearing is scheduled for New Year's Eve 2014. You may also view this document via Chicago Board of Elections. 15-EB-ALD-017 | George Brown | Michael E LaFargue | 9th Ward Alderman | ON the ballot; objections overruled | Yamil Colon 15-EB-ALD-018 | George Brown | Harold "Noonie" Ward | 9th Ward Alderman | Pending Board Decision | William P. Jones 15-EB-ALD-019 | George Brown | Agin Muhammad II | 9th Ward Alderman | Recommendation Pending | Yamil Colon 15-EB-ALD-033 | Ronald Walters & Alonzo Anderson | Agin Muhammad II | 9th Ward Alderman | 12/31/14 11:00 AM | Lower Level Conference Room | Yamil Colon 15-EB-ALD-020 | George Brown | Theodore "Ted" Williams | 9th Ward Alderman | Recommendation Pending | Yamil Colon 15-EB-ALD-021 | George Brown | Curtiss Llong Bey | 9th Ward Alderman | Pending Board Decision | Yamil Colon  15-EB-ALD-022 | George Brown | Marcia Brown | 9th Ward Alderman | Can

Seaway Bank celebrates their 50th year anniversary

Seaway Bank & Trust Company main branch located @ 645 E. 87th Street will be host to a 50th year celebration on Friday, January 2, 2015. It will be one in a series of events as next year Seaway Bank celebrates being in business 50 years. It will definitely be noted in our New Year's Eve year in review to be published on New Year's Eve !

PHOTOS: 9100 S Indiana Block Club "A Winter Wonderland"

We got this e-mail from the West Chesterfield Community Association on Saturday which is two days after Christmas. It would've been nice to show this block which is near 91st/Indiana. The scene along Indiana Avenue is certainly very festive even as we move towards the New Year. If you have any Christmas displays from the community that you want to share please feel free to e-mail us or post to our fb page , tweet us , or tag us on instagram .

Was your garbage unemptied last week?

I live the area between State and King, 83rd to 79th.  Our scheduled garbage pick-up is Wednesday, and Recyclables had recently been changed to Thursday. However, the garbage was NOT picked up on Wednesday (Christmas Eve). I understand our recyclables not being picked up on Thursday due to Christmas. But since they hadn't been picked up the week before, I would have expected it to be done on Friday, Saturday at the latest. Of ALL the weeks to NOT have service, this would be the worst. Due to boxes and wrapping paper, this would be the "ideal" time for recyclable pick up. And of course, garbage would increase, due to meals, preparation, and the like. Is the garbage here still privately managed? If so, it's time for a new service! And what will happen since a SECOND holiday is happening exactly a week later? Will they skip us again, or come today? Please let us know if you have not had your garbage picked up, or if it was, did they come on time?

MyBlockMyHoodMyCity: "K-Town" North Lawndale

[ VIDEO ] Jahmal Cole visits the west side again with a visit to the North Lawndale neighborhood. He speaks with former county board President Bobbie Steele, lead attorney at Lawndale Christian Legal Center Cliff Nellis, and Pastor Phil Jackson of the Firehouse Community Art Center . BTW, Cole meets with Steele at an establishment called the Green Tomato Cafe . If only they were ready to expand to our part of the city. Steele breaks down why a place such as a cafe - what she terms a meeting place for everyone - is truly necessary in North Lawndale. This episode is about 9 minutes. Enjoy.

Curbed Chicago: Will These New Developments Gentrify Black Neighborhoods?

Rendering of the new 95th Street CTA Terminal Bouncing off an article courtesy of Chicago Public Radio, Curbed Chicago takes a look at new real estate developments in Black neighborhoods around the city that could benefit. For example, we here at the Sixth have our eye on the Whole Foods Market coming to 63rd/Halsted in 2016. Certainly people are concerned about the " dreaded G word " in like of the upscale grocer moving in. Another nearby development that Curbed Chi has listed to provide a benefit to the surrounding community is the new 95th CTA terminal that's currently under construction. As a matter of fact in our year in review post coming New Year's Eve we noted one side effect of the new terminal - the loss of a long time hot dog stand. Curbed notes that we shouldn't "discount the effect that new transit hubs can have on a surrounding area". Which reminds me speaking of transit, what effect could the future CTA Red Line extension

Ruggles alum Demario Bailey will be remembered at the school today

We apologize for the late notice, but we just got this e-mail from Cee Powell of Greater Chatham Alliance. There is a memorial for Demario Bailey, who was tragically shot, simply for defending his brother.  This event will start at 4pm today (an hour from publication of this event). I'm sorry for the short notice, but things have been so hectic and I really thought I had sent this to you guys yesterday.  There will be a memorial held for Demario Bailey today.  Because Demario & Demacio have been members of the Ruggles family since Pre-k as well as the community his death has hit us all very hard...and Kendell LaRue being a Ruggles Alumi himself put together this memorial together to give the students at Ruggles as well as the community a way to pay trubute to Demario.  As you may know he still has an abundance of friends & staff members that could not make it to the memorials held at Johnson College Prep and we of his Ruggles family need to give our children an outlet

DNA Info: Residents Rip CPS' Rejection of Private School's Offer To Buy Vacant School

Levois J of The Sixth Ward :P So the fight continues over what to do with the closed Shedd School - 200 E. 99th St. Shedd was closed in 2013 due to declining enrollment having been used as a branch of the larger Bennett School located at 10115 S. Prairie Ave. Recently there was a meeting held at the office of 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale. It was advertised here on Saturday and this DNA Info article discusses the debate over the sale of Shedd. The neighborhood of Roseland Heights had been in support of a religious school ultimately moving into the former school apparently CPS accepted the bid of a real estate developer. Needless to say the leaders of the Roseland Heights Community Association wasn't too happy about this development. Here's why: In fact, Patricia Hernandez, an official with CPS' Department of Procurement, told the group that Shedd's sale wasn't technically part of those being repurposed in the June 2013 closings. Therefore, "solic

Capitol Fax: On “war zones” and “foreign invasion”

Rich Miller notes that N'Digo publisher Hermene Hartmann was involved with Governor-elect Bruce Rauner's outreach to the Black community. She offered her comments to FOX Chicago about her work with Rauner and bringing him to Black neighborhoods to expose the many issues that exist during the governor's race. She points to the crime and the dearth of businesses in Black neigborhoods. However, Miller has this to say about some of her comments: Blaming “foreigners” for this problem is really odd. It’s not like they’re crowding out other potential business owners because there aren’t that many retail stores in the first place. I hope you read the post and article and feel free to let us know your thoughts.

How does one get to become neighborhood of the year?

I saw this post on Uptown Update regarding Curbed Chicago's Neighborhood Cup . The north side Uptown neighborhood is in the running for the honor of the best neighborhood in Chicago. Basically it's determined by the feedback of Curbed Chicago's readership. Now they've had this tourney for many years now and I've always wondered what are the nominations based on. Not only that what does it take to get some of the neighborhoods on the south side in the running. I've always figured Chatham or Park Manor should be on that list. Not only that Pullman should be on the list as in recent years they've started to get some action as far as new retail in Walmart but also interest in turning that area into a national park. So readers how can we get some of our neighborhoods onto that list? Feel free to talk about the neighborhood where you live and why it should get the recognition of being one of Chicago's best neighborhoods.

Youth helps lead chairty event at SMG Movie Theater

The following is a press release involves a young man who has helped lead these  charity events the past couple of years. 11-YEAR-OLD SAM LOVE TO BRING CHRISTMAS TO ENGLEWOOD AND 2 TORNADO-TORN ARKANSAS TOWNS Coming to Englewood Dec. 19th By Chinta Strausberg Just 9-days before Christmas,11-year-old Samuel Love is bringing his entire Beasley Academic Center school to the 87th Street Studio Movie Grill Chatham Theater, which has partnered with the youth leader for his third annual disaster relief Christmas toy drive, where he will present an adaptive tricycle, to a special needs child. Sam’s movie day will be held on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 210 West 87th St.. The students are scheduled to arrive at 9:30 a.m. to watch either “The Hunger Games or Madagascar Mockingjay, Part I” movie, according to Sam’s father, Victor Love. And, at 12 noon on that same day, young Sam will present a tricycle to a special needs child, and he will accept a check from the Black McDonald’s Operators Ass

Meeting on the closed Shedd School

MEETING NOTICE! All Communities Are invited Please join us for our Meeting on Monday, December 15, 2014 Discussion: The Sale of Shedd School Invited Guest: The Every Block & Educational Village Keepers community organizations, concerned citizens; union affiliates & Alderman Anthony Beale Shedd school was closed in 2013. The school is in a one block park with ball field and play lot. CPS took bids to Sale the school. The top two bids were Rescue Missionary school, which had community support and a housing developer who's name is still unknown. On Wednesday December 3, 2014, we heard from Principal Marilyn Keeter of Rescue Missionary School to inform the community that CPS has given Shedd school to the housing developer. CPS has not given us the name of this organization. We thought that whoever made a bid for the property must have the consent of the community. CPS says soliciting community input is not required or incorporated into this process and it's up

Press Releases for this Sunday's #BlackLivesMatter Church Demonstrations

We have two official press releases this Sunday's #BlackLivesMatter Church demonstrations along 79th Street .  The first is from Greater Institutional AME Church PROTEST MARCH & PRAYER CIRCLE AT 79 th & DAN RYAN SUNDAY WHO: Rev. Dr. Walter B. Johnson, Jr. of Greater Institutional AME & Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Gordon of Carter Temple CME to March in Protest of Deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and countless others WHAT: Protest March & Prayer Circle in Protest of Deaths of Eric Garner & Michael Brown Pastor Dr. Walter B. Johnson, Jr. will lead Greater Institutional AME Church and community members in a march in protest of the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and countless others. Pastor Dr. Joseph B. Gordon will also join the march with Carter Temple CME Church.   A call to action and prayer for the community will be read at 79 th & the Dan Ryan to stop the violence and unjust police brutality against young black men. WHER

9th Ward Alderman on CAN-TV "Political Forum"

[ VIDEO ] You know I wish I was more in tune to what's going on the CAN-TV call-in program Political Forum . Now that we're in the midst of municipal election season we're probably going to find plenty of incumbents willing to come onto this show to tout their positions on important issues and their accomplishments. Last Wednesday December 3rd it was Ald. Anthony Beale's turn to talk about " jobs, raising the minimum wage, cab regulations, red light cameras, and more ". I haven't yet had the chance to watch the video above but everyone who reads this blog is more than free to discuss their thoughts on this appearance. The map of the 9th ward which you have seen here from time to time is shown below.

Schedule for 9th ward petition objection hearings

We covered some of the developments over in the 6th Ward as part of our 2015 election coverage for wards 6, 9, and 21. Well today we turn our attention to the 9th Ward. One of these petition objection cases - for candidate Marcia Brown - is scheduled to be decided TODAY December 12th. Now what you see listed below are the case numbers, the objector, the candidate, the office, the date and time of hearing, the location within board of elections HQ on Washington Street, and finally the hearing officer. 15-EB-ALD-017 | George Brown | Michael E LaFargue | 9th Ward Alderman | 12/16/14 10:00 AM | Lower Level Conference Room | Yamil Colon 15-EB-ALD-018 | George Brown | Harold "Noonie" Ward | 9th Ward Alderman | 12/17/14 1:00 PM | Lower Level Conference Room | William P. Jones 15-EB-ALD-019 | George Brown | Agin Muhammad II | 9th Ward Alderman | 12/18/14 9:30 AM | Lower Level Conference Room | Yamil Colon  15-EB-ALD-020 | George Brown | Theodore "Ted" Williams |

#BlackLivesMatter demonstration THIS Sunday, Dec. 14

Following up on last Sunday's demonstrations, more churches are coming together, as coordinating, as they "get off their streets, and go into the streets." This is an effort to show that #BlackLivesMatter, several churches are continuing the movement that Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina initiated less than 2 weeks ago. Chatham Fields Lutheran Church, 8050 S. St. Lawrence, will start a march  THIS Sunday, Decmeber 14, meeting at Cole Park at 1pm. They will then walk up King Drive to 79th, possibly meeting other churches there as well. Greater Institutional AME Church, at 7800 S. Indiana, will have a Black Lives Matter Sunday Service at 10 a.m. Here's their press announcement: PROTEST MARCH & PRAYER CIRCLE AT 79th & DAN RYAN SUNDAY Rev. Dr. Walter B. Johnson, Jr., Pastor & Greater Institutional to March in Protest of Deaths of Eric Garner & Michael Brown WHAT: Protest March & Prayer Circle in Protest of Deaths of Eric Garner &

6th ward: Former candidate makes endorsement and petition challenge continuance

Worlee has been doing a great job keeping track of what's been going on in the race for 6th ward Alderman. Yesterday we learned that candidate Dumars Franklin had withdrawn from the 2015 election for Alderman and then we learned today that Mr. Franklin has endorsed Richard Wooten. That news was announced in the tweet below: Thank you Dumars Franklin, who previously was an aldermanic candidate for the sixth ward, but has now endorsed me. — Richard A. Wooten (@TeamRichWooten) December 11, 2014 Furthermore it was noted by Worlee on his Concerned Citizens of Chatham page that there is a continuance with the petition challenge for Delton "Jerry" Pierce to December 18, 2014. Of course for the 2015 elections in wards 6, 9, and 21 we will continue to have further updates.

Chatham Churches Demonstrate that #BlackLivesMatter = part 1

Here are some photos from this past Sunday's #BlackLivesMatter protests by area churches. From Rev. William Hall and St. James Lutheran Today GOD blessed our church... TODAY was the FIRST time our church marched in its history!!!  22 of us marched from our church down 79th and PRAYED and chanted "HANDS OUT WE HELP"...  Along the route we hugged people, even helped during an accident between an elderly man and a guy....   When we were done we ate SOUP... ‪#‎ BlackLivesMatterChatham‬ ‪#‎ HandsOutWeCare‬ And from Greater Institutional AME Church     Temple of Glory International marched with Bethlehem Star on 95th, between Cottage Grove & King Drive. (The churches were for each end, but came together). If there are others, please share with us...Or if anyone would like to do a guest blog post on your experience, we would welcome it. e-mail photos and text to blog (at) thesixt

DNA Info: South Shore Dominick's: City Council OKs Use of Eminent Domain

Former Dominick's 71st/Jeffrey - Eric Allix Rogers/ flickr So now the shopping center at 71st/Jeffrey in South Shore is now subject to eminent domain takeover by the city of Chicago. Now it's the city's problem to figure out who might fill the space formerly occupied by the Dominick's chain - which is owned by Safeway who opted to vacate their Chicago area stores last year. There's been some difficulty in finding another grocer to take this spot. We've often heard that the Mariano's chain growing in the area after Dominick's departure isn't interested in this location but is looking at other spots in the South Shore area. The current owners claimed per DNA Info that they had been close to signing a deal with a Puerto Rico based grocery chain. However there are those dismiss this company because of allegations that they stole electricity at this chain's Virgin Island stores. So the question is will the city prove to be more successful

More petition objections info and a withdrawal in the 6th ward

Yesterday JP posted about petition objection hearings for 6th Ward alderman candidates. Today Worlee posted an update regarding an early withdrawal in Dumars Franklin and that means he will be struck from the 2015 page . Mr. Franklin we hardly knew you! In any event I wanted to be sure to share this document from the board of elections regarding the hearing schedule. Worlee is definitely helping to keep an eye out for any news regarding candidates in our 2015 election coverage for wards 6, 9, & 21. Now you can do the same in that arena with that document. In the meanwhile we'll keep our eyes out for anything new regarding aldermanic candidates.

6th Ward candidate challenges on Wednesday

From Worlee's Concerned Citizens of Chatham Important Dates for Petition Challenges 15-EB-ALD-102 Glen Sanderson Challenges Dumars Ervin Franklin 6th Ward Alderman 12/10/14 11:30 AM Lower Level Conference Room June A. Brown 15-EB-ALD-104 Glen Sanderson Challenges Delton Jerry Pierce 6th Ward Alderman 12/10/14 12:30 PM Lower Level Conference Room June A. Brown 15-EB-ALD-093 Kirk R Donley Challenges Dumars Ervin Franklin 6th Ward Alderman 12/10/14 11:00 AM Lower Level Conference Room June A. Brown 15-EB-ALD-095 Kirk R Donley Challenges Delton Jerry Pierce 6th Ward  Alderman 12/10/14 12:00 PM Lower Level Conference Room June A. Brown We'll find out tomorrow who's in and who's not for 6th Ward Alderman ANd who do Glen Sanderson and Kirk Donley work for?

Capitol Fax: Plenty of blame to go around on minimum wage

Rich Miller's syndicated column posted to his blog this morning was regarding the push for a minimum wage hike in the state. Of course as well as know last week the Chicago City Council passed a minimum wage hike of their own and will be signed into law by Mayor Emanuel. That being said locally 6th Ward Alderman Sawyer had been in favor of a hike and put out a statement in support of the minimum wage ordinance after its approval. He had also been out with the Fight for 15 crowd in support of a hike. Regardless now that the city has supported a hike of their own and the state hasn't been able to pass one of their own what are you thoughts on this? Do you think it will hurt small businesses? Do you think this will help out those low-wage employees at many of these corporate service-industry establishments? Do you think our young people who need work experience would be adversely impacted by this hike?

St James and Temple of Glory churches to protest THIS Sunday re: #BlackLivesMatter

From Rev. William Hall of St. James Evangelical Lutheran church (8000 S Michigan) Tomorrow  we will march down 79th from State to Eberhart praying on each corner. Our morning worship service will start  10:00am  and directly following worship we will march down 79th. Rev.  William   Hall Pastor St. James Lutheran Church Pastor Fredrick Wilson of Temple of Glory International ( 311 E. 95th st.) is also planning a protest in conjunction with their 10am service. (Home page = /)  I don't usually march or participate in politics but This is IMPORTANT!! I've been inspired by my friends Chris Harris Sr. LaRue I Pastor Kidd and Roosevelt Watkins!! I need my soldiers tomorrow!!!! Our church is participating in a protest march against the violence and injustice in our nation, from our church to 95th St. & Cottage Grove immediately after church!! We need people! Invite friends!  ‪#‎ blacklivesmatter‬  (wear or bring comfortable shoes and warm cloth

Sun-Times: Hairston demands Emanuel do more to replace shuttered Dominick's

71st & Jeffrey by Eric Allix Rogers/ flickr It's really unbelievable that the former Dominick's in South Shore still hasn't found another tenant. The space is located at the shopping center on 71st/Jeffrey. While the Mariano's chain is coming close with a store coming to Bronzeville and another coming to the Lakeshore development on 87th Street they're not interested in the former Dominick's space. Could this become a campaign issue for Mayor Emanuel at least for constituents in South Shore?  Although one positive development yesterday in addition to voting to raise the minimum wage in Chicago, the city council also voted to acquire the 71st Street Dominick's space. That still didn't serve to appease 5th ward Ald. Leslie Hairston: South Side Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) said she wants Mayor Rahm Emanuel to summon the CEOs of major grocery chains to a meeting and demand that somebody — anybody — fill the gaping hole at 71st and Jeffrey Boul

CTA Holiday Bus on King Drive THIS Saturday and Thursday

There's a rough schedule for the #3 route Holiday Bus! 12/6 – Sat * #3 King Drive 10:30am from Ontario/Fairbanks 2:30pm from Chicago State U./95 th 3:25pm from Ontario/Fairbanks Photo stop at 95 th /Chicago State U. 12:15pm –1:15 pm 12/9 – Tue #3 King Drive 12:30pm from Chicago State U./95 th 2:25pm from Ontario/Fairbanks 4:45pm from Chicago State U./95 th JP Paulus & his family hope to be there! More details at the CTA Holiday Bus web page !

Petition objection webinar

From our friends at Aldertrack Particpate in Aldertrack's first webinar. Jimm Dispensa and Mike Fourcher will provide an overview of the petition objections so far, a review of the process and a Q&A. Open to all, but preference given to Racing Form subscribers. Wednesday, December 3 at 9:00 am CDT . Register here . We encourage you to check it out! Aldertrack has had some great resources over the years, and this year, they made it very affordable to keep track. However, we will continue our own coverage as well.

VIDEO: Black Owned

[ VIDEO ] You may have seen a link to the vid above on our FB page. Produced by students at Chatham Academy High School through their After School Matters program it's a short documentary about Chicago's Black owned businesses. They definitely highlight the businesses of 75th Street with Brown Sugar Bakery, Lem's BBQ, Soul Vegetarian, Authentic Cooking Catering, and KMT Health Food Store. This documentary runs over 10 minutes.