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Mary Mitchell: Church should aid police in solving crimes

Mitchell has the right idea. If we have people who are unwilling to talk to the police about a crime they knew was committed, hopefully they can talk to a minister they can trust. Should neighborhood churches be safe havens for those who have information but refuses to talk to police?

Found this column through our new Blotter page!

South Side boy missing with mother's boyfriend

Have you seen 7-year-old Leneir Green. He was last seen Thursday, reported missing on the 400 block of 70th Street according to Chicago Breaking News. The photo above is also from Breaking News!
Leneir is believed to be with his mother's 44-year-old boyfriend, who was driving a grey 1997 Jeep Cherokee with an Illinois license plate of K834752, according to the alert.

Police describe Leneir as black, 4-foot-3, 62 pounds, with black hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion. He was last seen wearing a black or purple shirt and blue jean shorts.
Call Wentworth Area Special Victims Unit @ 312.747.8385 if you have any information on this child's disappearance.

Officer Bailey's family moves out of the neighborhood

The family of slain Chicago police Officer Michael Bailey has moved out of their Park Manor neighborhood home less than two weeks after his fatal shooting outside the residence, according to relatives, neighbors and local officials.

The officer's widow, Pamela, and his son, Michael Jr., gave away items from their home in the 7400 block of South Evans Avenue before departing Thursday, according to several neighbors. The family then placed large padlocks on the front door and gate and boarded up all of the windows on the lower level of the two-story home.
The rest of the story is here at Chicago Breaking News

Thanks to April Branch for this tip.

We wish the family the best, and pray for their healing.

The Common Ground Project Spoken Word Conference

August 13th, 2010 12:00 AM through August 15th, 2010 12:00 AM
McCormick Theological Seminary
5460 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60615
United States
Contact Phone: 773-947-6300

Registration form

Friday, July 30, 2010

Police round up parolees in slain officer's neighborhood

The roundup was part of a compliance check on the parolees, which are done regularly. But the state has started coordinating with local law enforcement agencies to address specific crime patterns and lend support to officers if they need it, officials said.

Last weekend three neighborhoods on the South and Northwest sides were the subject of similar parolee checks on account of rising violence.

"We are trying to get more target-specific,'' said Mike McCotter, the newly appointed public safety officer of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Rounding up parole violators in Park Manor provided an opportunity to shake information loose from the neighborhood about Bailey's shooting. "We are hoping that something comes of it,'' McCotter said.

Other law enforcement sources said the roundups should also send a message that no one has stopped looking for information on the officer's death.

The sweep was welcome by longtime Park Manor residents who are also worried the case will go cold.

"We are not going to stop,'' said Darlene Tribue, the president of the Park Manor Neighbors' Community Council. "Let every law enforcement agency come and help us.''
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Would you like a text message the night before your street is clean?

1st Ward Debuts Free Street Cleaning Text Alerts
Drivers Get Warnings Night Before, Morning Of, To Move Car
First ward Chicago alderman Proco Joe Moreno may have been in office only four months, but he’s already ahead of his aldermanic colleagues when it comes to technology.

Just a few days ago, Moreno’s office debuted a new text alert system to warn constituents when street cleaning is scheduled for their block, so they can remember to move their cars and avoid tickets.

Residents of the 1st Ward can use their cell phone to sign up for this free service by texting a specific code number that reflects their geographic position on a map. The night before and the morning before street sweepers hit your street, you’ll get a text message reminding you to move your car.

The idea came out of the frustration of the typical complaint of parking tickets for street cleaning that constantly flow into aldermanic ward offices all across the city.
“In this difficult economic time, I’m always looking for ways to help reduce the cost of living in Chicago and the amount of people coming into my office with parking tickets gave me this idea,” Moreno explained in a press release.

“This is a great way to save people money and keep our streets clean,” ehoes Ald. Moreno’s Director of Communications Matt Bailey. “It’s been a very positive reaction so far to the idea. It’s a win-win-win really.”

E-mail alert systems for street cleaning already exist in the 1st ward and the 43rd ward, but Moreno things the text messaging will work better for 1st ward residents. “This reminder will go straight to people’s phones, straight into their pockets,” Moreno said of the service that will be operational just in time for the August street cleaning schedule.

This new text message system was originated in Columbus, OH last year by entrepreneurs attending Ohio State University who just wanted to keep their friends from getting ticketed and towed for street cleaning. This resulted in in their technology application called Anti-Tow.

Read the complete article at

We're number 9,027,196!

No, seriously, we are 9,027,196

The Illinois Observer web site posted this list of top Illinois politcal websites

Acording to that list, we are # 46 on the list of Illinois Political blogs. That list is based on rankings by Alexa, and then factoring out all non-political blogs, or those sponsored by a company.

And according to the Alexa service , this blog is # 9,027,196

We actually beat out long time political columnist Russ Stewart.

Curiously, the Uptown Update is not on that list.

Think we can do better? Help search for this blog, comment on it, and tell others to do the same, post a link to us anywhere (such as Facebook)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Description of Suspect in Officer Michael Bailey's Murder

FOX Chicago:
Police are looking for a man seen running away from the area where Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey was murdered July 18.

The man is described as a 6-foot, 160-pound, 18- to 24-year-old black man with a medium-dark complexion and a short “fade” haircut, according to a community alert issued Wednesday. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, blue jean-shorts with a long brown or orange belt hanging from his pants.
The Fraternal Order of Police, the FBI, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, the Park Manor Neighbors’ Community Council and a group of 13 law firms have all contributed to a reward fund worth $129,450 offered for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman, a police release said.

Anyone with information about Bailey’s slaying is asked to contact Calumet Area detectives at (312) 747-8272.
WOW!!! $129,450 in reward money! This is a new one to me!

Latino leader appointed to Chicago Park District board

Only posted here because Ald. Lyle was opposed to this appointment made by Chicago's city council:
Aldermen today approved the appointment of a Latino leader to the Chicago Park District, another sign of the rising influence of the United Neighborhood Organization in city government.

Juan Rangel, the organization's president, was appointed to the park board by Mayor Richard Daley.  

UNO operates nine charter schools in the city, and Rangel would like to see the park district create “more synergies with schools . . . and just integrate those two institutions, because they are key,” he said.
Ald. Freddrenna Lyle, 6th, opposed Rangel’s appointment, saying she was troubled by “comments he has made on the relationship between Mexican Americans and African Americans.” Ald. Toni Preckwinkle, 4th, also took exception to some of Rangel’s prior statements.

In some of his writings, Rangel has noted differences in Latino and African American efforts to achieve equality and political power in the United States, voicing his opposition to some of the protest tactics employed by various African Americans and Latinos.

Council OKs city's third Wal-Mart

Without a word of debate today, a City Council once bitterly divided on the issue approved Chicago’s third Wal-Mart — at 83rd and Stewart in Chatham.

After authorizing just one Wal-Mart in the last six years, the City Council has now signed off on two in the past month — with more to follow as part of the retailer’s $1 billion Chicago expansion.

The 41 to 4 vote was a long-awaited victory for Ald. Howard Brookins (21st), who had waged a six-year quest for a Wal-Mart, only to be leapfrogged by Ald. Anthony Beale (9th) in the Wal-Mart sweepstakes.

Aldermen Toni Preckwinkle (4th), Ricardo Munoz (22nd), Eugene Schulter (47th) and Joe Moore (49th) cast the only no votes.

“I’m glad it’s over. It seems like it’s been ‘Ground Hog Day’ for the last six years. Every day, I woke up talking about Wal-Mart. Finally, we can start putting people to work in the 21st Ward,” Brookins said.

Asked what took so long, Brookins said, “Clearly, the unions had a stranglehold on the Council. And there was a perception that the [Austin neighborhood around] the store on the West Side was in much more desperate straits for economic development and job opportunities.”
Yup the Pullman store is the second to be approved in Chicago, but the Chatham Wal-Mart had languished in committees for six years before it came before the city council. The Pullman store should open by 2012, but the Chatham Market store should open by late next year.

Here's more:
Moore said he thought about using a parliamentary maneuver to delay approval of the Chatham Wal-Mart because if Mayor Daley “wants it that bad, he could sign the document tomorrow. Why should we wear the jacket for it?”

But Moore ultimately decided against the temporary delay, well aware that Wal-Mart had the votes.
It happened after Wal-Mart and organized labor cut an unprecedented deal that calls for the world’s largest retailer to pay its starting Chicago employees at least $8.75-an-hour — 50 cents above Illinois’ minimum wage.

So long as Wal-Mart lives up to those terms — and its promises to hire community residents to work in its Chicago stores and union members to build them, the Chicago Federation of Labor will not oppose the expansion.

Since the Chatham site was already zoned for a big-box store, Mayor Daley could have gone around the City Council and approved the Chatham Wal-Mart with the stroke of a pen.

But the mayor wanted the City Council to go on record to send a message loud and clear that aldermen had been “educated” on the issue — and that Chicago was now open for business.

“If Mayor Daley does it, [you’d say], ‘The boss does it. He just like rams it down.’ . . . Your headline would say, ‘Look at Mayor Daley. He doesn’t care about the people. He doesn’t listen to anybody.’ I know what you’re gonna do. I’m a ping-pong ball every day for you,” Daley said last week.
Like I said earlier, Brookins may have been the last so far to get that Wal-Mart, but he has the better deal. He'll get his sooner! But it took the Pullman store to be approved first with any agreement between Wal-Mart executives and those opposed to Wal-Mart to come to an agreement for more stores in the city.

Either way let's discuss this issue. Do you think our community will change as a result of a Wal-Mart coming near by? Also let's avoid awful generalizations of different ethnic groups or people of a certain economic class. Be sure to talk about issues that will come up when the Chatham Market Wal-Mart is finally open for business.

UPDATE 2:23 PM Does a story on a site such as CNBC mean that our Wal-Mart is also national news?
Critics have questioned how Wal-Mart treats its employees in terms of pay, benefits and working conditions. But rising unemployment and the need to generate revenue through sales taxes softened opposition among aldermen.

Wal-Mart and other large retailers have been looking for ways to expand their operations into large urban areas like Chicago and New York as sales at their existing stores have stagnated.

Shares of Wal-Mart were up 0.7 percent at $51.30 in afternoon trading.
Via Wal-Mart Can on Twitter!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reward for information on supects for murdered police officer Michael Bailey

I haven't posted about any rewards in the case of Officer Bailey thus far, however there is another increase in the award money thanks to the Park Manor neighbors:
The Park Manor Neighbors’ Community Council has pledged a $1,000 reward leading to information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible in the slaying of police Officer Michael Bailey, a neighborhood resident.

The donation joins those of other law enforcement organizations and community groups, bringing the total reward in the case to $101,000, according to the council’s release.

“Officer Bailey was a police officer that not only served this city, but our friend who served his neighbor,” Park Manor Neighbors’ President Darlene F. Tribue said in the release. “Today we join the chorus of law enforcement organizations calling for our neighbors to come forward with any information that will remove the killers from our streets. All of us are in danger as long the perpetrators walk the streets.”

To date, the Fraternal Order of Police, the FBI, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and NOBLE (the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) have all contributed to the reward fund, according to a police News Affairs release.
If you have any information please come forward!

Also three teens had been released in connection with the murder of Officer Bailey:
But despite the questioning of three teens last week, no one has been charged in the murder.

One of the three teens questioned said he grew up with Bailey and knew his family. The teen, whom the Chicago Sun-Times is not identifying because he was not charged, said he was arrested Thursday but released Friday afternoon.

The 18-year-old said he had a previous conviction for a weapons violation but had nothing to do with the murder.

"They tried to say that I had something to do with Michael Bailey's shooting and I was an eyewitness, but it wasn't true and they let me go," he said. "But I loved Michael Bailey. I knew him, and I grew up with him."
The other teens, ages 16 and 17, were also picked up late last week but were no longer in custody as of Saturday afternoon, police sources said.

Police spokesman Roderick Drew on Saturday said the investigation was ongoing and needed to "proceed ahead."
OK, if you have any info please call Calumet Area detectives at (312) 747-8272.

Clout City: Chatham Walmart Heads to Full City Council

Well we already know that the Chatham Market store is already headed to the full city council this week. But I'll give Howard Brookins the Quote of the Day for this one:
Still, Moore asked for the city’s attorneys to come up with a legal brief that would determine whether the city can take the big-box retailer to court if it doesn’t pay up. Moore wondered out loud why the City Council was rushing to approve the Chatham store by next week, and that prompted the store’s chief proponent, 21st Ward alderman Howard Brookins, to butt in.

“How is six years a rush to anything?” Brookins asked.
If anything was rushed it was the Pullman store and it seems as if the Chatham Market store will be ready to go sooner!

Monday, July 26, 2010

flood assistance form the city of Chicago

Some info that Ald. Lyle passed on to us, so we can pass on to you. If you have been affected by the recent rains have flooding issues, see below, from the City of Chicago web site.

Flood Assistance

July 26, 2010

The City of Chicago has begun the process of applying for flood assistance from the Federal government, and we need residents’ help.

To provide a complete damage assessment to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), please fill out the posted form.

Instructions are provided to make this as easy of a process as possible.

Residents can download the form online and email it back to

Residents can also call 311, and an operator will assist you with completing the form over the telephone. Completed forms can be emailed, or dropped off at your local Aldermanic office.

Residents who do not have access to a computer can visit anyone of the Chicago Public Libraries to download the form.

As always, if residents have any questions, we encourage you to call 311.

Flood Initial Damage Assessment Form
Flood Initial Damage Assessment Form Instructions

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to school info

It's about that time of year again to send our young people back to school some of them will be returning to school starting on August 9th. We recieved this info via an e-mail from a frequent commenter.

School to start Aug. 9th include Dixon, Pirie, Park Manor, Ruggles, Deneen, Hinton, Banneker, and Robeson in the 6th ward. This press release was issued on July 19th.
With 195 year-round schools set to open their doors to students in just three weeks, Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman today launched a citywide campaign to raise awareness among parents and students about the importance of first day and everyday attendance.

At a Back to School rally in Chicago’s Back of the Yards community, Huberman stressed the importance of school attendance while reminding parents that two key dates on the calendar are approaching.

On Aug. 9, school starts for students who attend the 195 year-round, or “Track E,” schools which operate on an extended calendar.  

On Sept. 7, students at “traditional” schools will begin the 2010-11 school year. (View the 2010-2011 school year calendars here)

“In the coming weeks, Chicago Public Schools will be ratcheting up its efforts to make sure everyone knows how critical daily attendance at school is to academic success,” said Huberman.  “We want students in class the first day and every day so they are ready to learn.”

“The Chicago Board of Education is proud to join the effort to bolster attendance at Chicago schools on the first day and every day,” said Chicago Board of Education president Mary Richardson-Lowry.  “We know that when students are in school every day, they are engaged, they are learning and they are on the path toward graduation and a successful future.”

This year, 63 additional schools will operate on the Track E schedule, bringing the system-wide total to 195 schools.  Chicago Public Schools introduced the Track E calendar in 2007, giving schools and communities the option of adopting the new calendar.  That year, 18 schools operated on the Track E calendar; this year, nearly 200 schools will do so.

The Track E calendar starts the second week of August. It includes a two-week intersession in the fall, three weeks for Christmas-New Years and two weeks in spring. It ends in June on the same day as the regular calendar and includes all of the same holidays.

Centered around the theme, “Show Up!  First Day and Every Day,” the 2010 back to school campaign is designed to educate parents and students about the upcoming school calendar while also building enthusiasm and excitement for the start of the new school year.

There will be Back to School festivals in the Englewood, Austin and Humboldt Park communities.  Informational fliers are being distributed throughout the city.  Parents will receive reminder phone calls reminding them about the first day of school and the link between attendance and success. 

“Chicago Public Schools is doing everything it can to ensure our students are ready to return to school ready to learn.  Part of that effort is educating parents about the first day,” said Huberman.  “But the other part is stressing consistent attendance day in and day out.  Students who aren’t in class cannot learn. So it’s important to establish good attendance right off the bat.”

At today’s rally at Chavez Elementary Multicultural Academy, 4747 S. Marshfield Ave., the Jesse White Tumblers and the New Generation Fancy Drill Team performed in front of students and community members.  Chicago Fire mascot Sparky also joined the festivities.  CPS officials also distributed backpacks to students in preparation for the new school year.

Chavez last year enjoyed a 95.1 percent attendance rate, among the city’s highest.  

Huberman and Richardson-Lowry were joined at today’s event by Aldermen Willie Cochran and Lona Lane, Chavez Elementary School Principal Barton Dassinger and faculty and parents of Chavez school community.
The schools I listed from the 6th Ward are all on Track E, the schools on the traditional track will start on September 7th.

OH YEAH: I want to refer you a comment in this post from November 27th, 2007 about Harlan High School for a listing of all schools in the 6th! Where is Joy these days.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

3rd Wal-Mart gets OK from City Council panel

Location: W 83rd St & S Stewart Ave, Chicago, IL 60620, USA
Greg Hinz:
With a minimum of debate or controversy, a City Council committee Friday approved what would be Chicago's third Wal-Mart outlet, this one at 83rd and Stewart Avenue in the Chatham neighborhood.

"We appreciate the support from residents and elected officials," the Arkansas discount retailer said in a statement. "In the meantime, we continue to evaluate additional opportunities across the city."

The Finance Committee approval came on a voice vote Friday afternoon and goes to the full council, which meets Wednesday.
I suppose the coming Wal-Mart to Pullman has only proved to be a catalyst.

BTW, this post by Hunter Klauss at Clout City was probably written before that committee vote:
Daley told reporters yesterday that he wants the City Council’s finance committee to take a vote on a proposed Walmart for the Chatham neighborhood at today’s meeting. If the store passes that hurdle, it could go up for a vote at next week’s full City Council meeting. It's not unusual for the mayor to pressure aldermen to approve what he wants at breakneck speed, as was the case with the parking meter lease and the the city's new handgun law. It took two months for aldermen to approve the Pullman Walmart, but Daley doesn’t seem to want the City Council to take its time on the Chatham store, even though he says there’s room for debate.

“As everyone knows, the issue of whether Walmart should be allowed to build or open new stores in the city was debated for a long time, and it was a good debate,” Daley told reporters. “There’s nothing wrong with a debate like that.”

The Chatham store is the ugly stepsister in the Walmart saga. In 2004 the council rejected it even as it approved a Walmart for Austin, and the store’s chief proponent in the City Council, 21st Ward alderman Howard Brookins, has been trying to get his fellow aldermen to revisit it ever since.

But aldermen technically don’t have to vote on the store in order for it to move forward. Daley could have his top city planner sign off on the project. Instead he's letting the City Council take any heat for the store.
And in that article it still boils down to how much Wal-Mart pays their workers. Ald. Joe Moore (49th) was quoted on that and he was quoted in a brief story on CLTV about that. Yet it appears more Wal-Marts will be coming over the protest of those who have a problem with the wages they pay!

Either way, would you support the Wal-Mart that maybe coming to the Chatham community?

OH YEAH, almost forgot that Ald. Moore is the only Alderman who opposed the Wal-Mart store of course for the reasons stated above. He was always a Wal-Mart opponent even going so far as passing that ordinance in 2006 that mandated that big box stores must pay their employees $10/hr in wages and $3/hr in benefits.

There's also this from Clout St:
Ald. Howard Brookins, 21st, said he's confident the full City Council will approve the plan, unless aldermen opposed to it use a parliamentary procedure that would stall the vote until September's meeting.

Moore said he wants more concrete assurances Wal-Mart will honor its wage pledge, and to find out where else in Chicago the company wants to build the more than 20 stores company officials have said they would like to open. Moore said Friday he's undecided on whether to seek to defer the vote, a move that would require at least one other alderman to join him.

Because the Chatham location needs less infrastructure work, the Wal-Mart there would likely open before the one in Pullman.
So by the time next Wednesday arrives we still have a long ways to go. Will it even come to a vote or will it be deffered as it has been on the finance committee. At that it went from the city council rules committee to the finance committee.

If it does get approval by the full city council next week, I can't believe it will open sooner than the Pullman Wal-Mart. Perhaps Brookins has the better deal after all!

3 Teens Arrested, Questioned In Officer's Killing

CBS 2 Chicago:
Just hours after the funeral for slain off-duty Chicago Police Officer Michael R. Bailey, three South Side teenagers were arrested on suspicion they were involved in his murder Sunday outside the officer's Park Manor home on the South Side.

Bailey, 62, who faced mandatory retirement next month, was shot in an apparent robbery attempt about 6:30 a.m. July 18 outside his home in the 7400 block of South Evans while he was polishing his new Buick Regal, which he had bought himself as a retirement gift.

The 20-year veteran officer was assigned to the Central District, which encompasses the Loop and he had just finished an overnight shift guarding the mayor's home, officials said.

The three males, 16, 17 and 18, were all placed in custody at Calumet Area headquarters, 727 E. 111th St., late Friday afternoon on the suspicion they had some involvement in the officer's death, according to police.

As of 4 a.m. Saturday no charges have been filed for any of the three South Side teens.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Taste of Park Manor in Chatham

The Taste of Park Manor Christian Church will be on Saturday July 24, 2010 at 10:00am -6:oo pm. at their site on 83rd-84th King Drive. I guess the proceeds will go to pay for the proposed new building seen above.

Slain Police Officer Michael Bailey Honored at Vigil

Location: E 74th St & S Evans Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
Check out the latest update listed for today just found another story about this prayer vigil!

FOX Chicago had coverage of the prayer vigil at 74th & Evans last night. In this video you will see footage from that event in addition to an unidentified Chicago Policeman who laments current rules of engagement the limits what the Police can do these days.
Slain Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey was honored at a prayer vigil Wednesday. Residents, aldermen, ministers and members of the Chicago Police Department gathered at the intersection of 74th Street and Evans Ave on the South Side near Bailey’s home.

Speakers spoke to the crowd about moving forward as a community and having the faith to end the violence that is ending the lives of their neighbors.

Ald. Freddrenna Lyle (6th) said that gunfire was not a normal part of her childhood growing up and that it should not be normal for children today or tomorrow.

Along with the grief, there was anger and frustration among Chicago’s men and women in blue. Officers feel they are targets, and they said that department regulations prevent them from fighting crime the way they need to.
BTW, FOX Chicago the neighborhood is not Portage Park. It is in fact Park Manor!!!

UPDATE 2:47 PM WGN also has footage of the prayer vigil from last night!


UPDATE 7/23/2010 2:18 PM Neighbors of Officer Michael Bailey Rally video from CBS 2 Chicago via the CAPCC Blog! The screen shot below is of Ald. Lyle who spoke at the prayer vigil Tuesday Wednesday night.
Click picture to watch video

VIDEO: Garrard McClendon - If you see something, say something.

Ald. Lyle's appearance on GML last night as mentioned in JP's previous post.


Sleep out at Cole Park - Friday August 20th

Ald. Lyle was on the Garrard McClendon Live Show on CLTV on Thursday, July 22. She was being interviewed regarding the latest police slaying. During that time she mentioned a community sleepover being planned. Basically , neighborhood residents staying in the park, like camping, and taking it back for the community.

The date is Friday night, August 20th at Cole Park , 85th & King Drive.

When I mentioned this to my wife, her immediate reaction was to shake her head and say no. Anyone else facing this problem -- of wanting to be involved, but being shut down by people close to you? I wish i could get my daughter out...i just might go by myself if i have to.

We could use an event like that at Ruggles Playlot, just to stave off the alcoholics and gangbangers ruining the park

One other footnote -- I think Garrard McClendon Live is a great show, and I'd love the opportunity to pursuade Garrard and his family to move to our area. People like him, who provided the best reaction to the worst circumstance, is a great community leader, and would be an absolute asset here. I'd love to have him as a neighbor!

THIS Saturday - 7th Annual Garden Walk

The Chatham Avalon Park Community Council blog had a comment with community news...
che'menju said...

On Saturday, July 24, 2010, The Michigan Indiana Community Association will be celebrating its 7th Annual Garden Walk. We invite the community to meet us at the corner of 76th Indiana at 10:00 am to view the many beautiful gardens we have in our community. There will be plant giveaways and refreshments at end of viewing the gardens.
Anyone going? Can you take photos?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Mortgage Assistance

The Science Fair Preparatory Program at Chicago State University

Deadline July 25th, 2010

How would you like to win the gold medal in the Science Fair? Would you like to create a winning science fair project?
Would you like to advance from one science fair to another? Or perhaps you would like to hear the judges say, “You have
an outstanding project, how would you like to intern in my laboratory? All this and much more may be possible if you enroll
in the Science Fair Preparatory Program sponsored by the 21st Century initiative of the School of Graduate
and Professional Studies at Chicago State University.

The Science Fair Preparatory Program (SFPP) sponsored by the 21st Century Initiative of the School of Graduate and
Professional Studies at Chicago State University is a two-week innovative science fair program designed to assist students
in composing science and math projects.

Students serve in an apprentice role working in laboratories under the guidance and supervision of Chicago State University
graduate students and faculty in designing research projects for the Chicago Public Schools’ Annual Science and Math Fair.
SFPP students will be introduced to legitimate research methodology.

Science Fair Preparatory Program students select a topic related to real world application and work closely with their assigned
graduate student to design a science project in their area of interest.

SFPP will meet two days a week for two weeks beginning July 26 – August 5, 2010

Eligible applicants:

Juniors and seniors from Chicago Public Schools (Strong sophomore candidates should inquire.)
Received grades of C+ or better in mathematics and science
Demonstrate an interest designing a science project
Possess a committed work ethnic

Please contact:

Jimmie Bush, Dir. College Bridge
280 Williams Science Center Chicago State University
9501 So. King Drive Chicago, IL 60628
Fax 773-995-3759

EVENT: Kidsfest

Location: 645 E 87th St, Chicago, IL 60619, USA

To be held on Saturday, July 31st at Seaway Bank located on 87th and Langley. Featuring among other things a book bag giveaway while supplies last. Refer to this embedded flyer and press release for more details!

Mayor urges council to approve third Wal-Mart

Looks like the Mayor wants movement on that Wal-Mart at Chatham Market:
Mayor Daley today urged the City Council to approve Chicago's third Wal-Mart — at 83rd and Stewart in Chatham — to send a message loud and clear that Chicago is open for business.

Daley acknowledged that he didn't need the City Council to take action. He has the power to grant administrative approval for the Chatham Walmart without aldermanic approval.

But the mayor said he decided to let Finance Committee chairman Ed Burke (14th) take the lead in ending the six-year stalemate.

That is expected to happen Friday.

"If mayor daley does it, the boss does it. He's gonna ram it right through," the mayor said at a news conference at Prosser High School. "You have to educate your alderman that people don't have jobs."

Keith Tate on the threats to police officers

Click picture to watch video
With regards to that e-mail you've seen an excerpt from in a post from yesterday (you can also watch the video):
"My true hope is we don't fall into a scenario of The Lord of the Flies, you know where there's lawlessness and things of that nature happening within our community, because it's a lose-lose situation for everybody," said Keith Tate reacting to the text message.

Tate is the President of the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council.
"Police, their primary objective is to maintain communities and also exhibit authority, when their authority is needed to be exhibited. I would hope that anything like that, that's being said, can and should not be, taken as a truism because we're going to work continually to make our community strong and more viable," Tate said.

The threat to officers working in the Chatham community comes just two months after the death of Officer Thomas Wortham IV in Chatham, right in front of his family's home.

Tate has not only been the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council President for the past 14 years, he's also a close Wortham family friend.

"In the Wortham situation, it was not just the Wortham family, it was four additional families. So it's important that people understand, that we are our brothers' keepers. That we need to make sure, that we take care of each other," said Tate.
Hat-tip 2nd City Cop!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PHOTO: That is quite a pothole @ 96th & Prairie

Location: S Prairie Ave & E 96th St, Chicago, IL 60628, USA
I posted this photo on the Facebook page on Monday. I walked by on Saturday on my way to work and noticed there was a cat lying in this deep hole. By Monday the cat was decomposing as you see here.

This hole has been there for months perhaps since either last summer or last fall.

Capitol Fax: The Great Chicago Train Wreck

Well this post was better off fresh, but I didn't allow myself a chance to post this yesterday. By now you should know that Mayor Daley has been taking a beating poll wise over the weekend. The Tribune took a poll that showed that 31% wants to see Daley re-elected.

At this point most of us are uncertain that Daley will run for re-election or that anyone else would be willing to step up to the plate and run against him. In addition to that if someone does run against the Mayor, it's not certain that they would be able to beat him either. According to the Capital Fax link (with regards to polling about the Mayor) in 2007 41% wanted to see him re-elected but took 71% of the vote that year.

Either way what brought this to mind was going back to that FOX Chicago story that I had linked to earlier:
Police officers told FOX Chicago on Tuesday that the threat underscores the need to get more uniformed officers on the street. The department is 600 officers short of a full staff of 13,200. Another thousand officers are on sick leave.

Some Chicago aldermen are urging Mayor Daley to use Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds to pay for more police. The TIF fund is flush with half a billion dollars set aside for city projects.

However, Mayor Daley rejects the idea of using TIF funds.

"So when you go off budget, and you say 'we're gonna take money from here, here and here,' how do you replace all that money?" he asked. "How do you come back and create something like this? Affordable housing, retail, how do you create jobs?"
Hmmm, to be sure I hear a lot about this TIF issue. The concern I see is where the money is taken from and where the money is going. More police protection amongst other issues is a good reason to go into TIF funds, but in that quote Daley rejects that idea.

Back to the polling story, on the issue of crime do you think Daley is at all that engaged on that issue?

Either way here's what Rich Miller says about "The Great Chicago Train Wreck":
“The city that works” doesn’t. It’s an old cliche, but it certainly applies.

The middle class is being squeezed hard by high taxes and fees and service that gets worse every day, not better.

Expensive parking meters are springing up all over the city where meters have never been. It’s never cost more to take a bus or a train, yet the service has never been worse. Billions are spent on downtown, while neighborhoods crumble. None of Daley’s big projects were done properly because he wanted them done so fast. Midway’s remake was a disaster, for instance. Millennium Park had so many retrofits that the grass where the general public watches band shell concerts couldn’t be sloped for fear that it would collapse the entire thing. So, nobody can see what’s going on except the swells up front.

The schools still suck. The streets aren’t even close to being safe. Remember Natasha McShane and Stacy Jurich, the women who were beaten half to death in Bucktown? There’s a far different vibe in the city now, and the murders of three police officers in the past two months has gotta have residents on edge. Police cameras are everywhere, but crime is legitimately freaking people out.

Chicago has failed its people. Illinois has failed its largest city. The federal government has failed one of the nation’s greatest cities.

Why doesn’t the city launch an all-out war on the gangs with the state and federal governments? They infest everything now.

Why not try new ideas in the city’s schools? A friend of mine in Kansas City sends her daughters to a fantastic French immersion charter school. She’s the widow of my best friend and we’d all love her to move to Chicago, but there’s nothing even remotely like that school in Chicago’s public system.

Why not take some of that bloated TIF fund and put it towards hiring more cops?

Why raise CTA fares just enough to barely get by but never enough to make the system decent again?

Most importantly, why isn’t the mayor asking why?

It’s time for fresh thought and a complete do-over. Top to bottom. And Daley is far from fresh.
We have a lot of work to do in this city. Unfortunately who do we trust to take care of the various issues of this city? Do we trust Mayor Daley to do this?

Right now Daley is at the plate. And unfortunately there aren't too many people stepping up to the plate currently. Miller is correct however to say that it's definitely time for some fresh thoughts. Who has any?

Police Uniform No Longer Guarantees Officer Safety

Jay Levine @ CBS2 discussing the fallout from the shooting death of Police Officer Michael Bailey. Here's something you should know if you haven't already:
Hillard had heard about the text message sent warning that gang members might be targeting police in Chatham, where Officer Thomas Wortham IV was killed back in May. There have been similar threats before, he said.

All you can do, said the former superintendent with two kids of his own, on the force today, is hope and pray, and wish for the good luck that nothing ever happens to them or any other Chicago sons and daughters, husbands and wives who risk their lives, to protect ours.
If that first paragraph is true we may have bigger problems than thought. There has been a lot of analysis since it appears that there were thugs out there willing to target a police officer only to steal his car. Unlike Thomas Wortham who wasn't in uniform Officer Bailey was.

UPDATE: Here's more on that subject from FOX Chicago:
An email warning Chicago police that gang members would be trying to kill them has officers on alert.

The email was written on Monday, apparently by a member of the Chicago Police Department's SWAT team.

The subject line said: "FYI--Officer safety." The email goes on to say "per area two detectives, phone calls were received in both the 3rd and 6th Districts in which the caller stated 'More police will be shot. Gangbangers in the area are passing the word. Every night they will be ambushing police in the Chatham area.'"

Three Chicago police officers have been murdered in the past few months, and two of those murders happened in the Chatham neighborhood where they lived.
Well Bailey's murder was actually in the Park Manor neighborhood not Chatham, but both neighborhoods are contained within the 6th!

Both via CapFax morning shorts!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prayer vigil at 74th & Evans

Location: E 74th St & S Evans Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA

Got this in an email from the Greater Chatham Alliance. This vigil is in honor of Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey who was murdered outside of his home one early morning after work. He worked on the security detail for Mayor Daley.

If you are able to make this vigil please let us know what happened there. Post a comment in this post or send an e-mail @ thesixthward [at] 1chicago [dot] net. Please replace the [at] and the [dot] with the appropriate symbols, FYI. ;)

Quinn campaign video

Ald. Lyle is in this video featuring Pat Quinn signing a new gun bill into law right at Cole Park on Monday.
Mayor Richard Daley, Gov. Pat Quinn and a host of other Democratic politicians gathered Monday at a South Side park to boast of a new law mandating prison time for gun-toting thugs -- but ended up facing a barrage of questions about whether they are doing enough to combat crime.

The setting, Cole Park in the Chatham neighborhood, was chosen because Chicago police Officer Thomas Wortham IV recently was gunned down outside his parents' nearby home. The suspects are young men, including one who Daley said was recently paroled on the kind of gun charge targeted by the new law.

The Daley-backed law, signed by Quinn at the park, sets a minimum sentence of one year in prison for someone convicted of carrying a loaded handgun without a state firearm owner's identification card. Previously, probation was possible.

The event was planned in part to honor Wortham, but it took on even more significance after Sunday's fatal shooting of uniformed off-duty Officer Michael Bailey two miles away in another middle-class, 6th Ward neighborhood battling violence.
So the 2010 gubernatorial contest has reached the Chatham neighborhood. This time with Pat Quinn taking on the issue of crime. Bill Brady last fall was on the issue of jobs when he visited Chatham Market, the site of the proposed Chatham Wal-Mart.

Big Band Jazz Concert Featuring The Merchants in Cole Park

Big Band Jazz Concert Featuring The Merchants
Date: 07/22/10
Start Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Cost: free
Location : Nat King Cole Park

361 E. 85th St.
Chicago, 60619

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mather's More Than a Cafe Receives Fourth Digital Divide Grant

From a recent press release....

Mather's More Than a Cafe Receives Fourth Digital Divide Grant

Illinois Department of Commerce Grant Allows Older Adults to Receive Discounted Computer Training

Chicago, IL. (July 16, 2010) �

Since receiving its first Digital Divide grant in 2004, Mather's More Than a Cafe locations in three Chicago neighborhoods have provided computer training to more than 2,500 older adults. Now, a fourth grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce will continue the program and provide inexpensive computer training to Cafe customers. Mather's More Than a Cafe locations include 7134 West Higgins Avenue, 3235 North Central Avenue, and 33 East 83rd Street.

According to new research, older adults are adopting computer skills at a fast rate. More than 25 percent of Americans 50 years and older stay connected using sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. And nearly half of older adults, aged 50 to 64, say they are savvy about the Internet. "

"We are making it very easy and affordable for Mather's customers to learn how to use a computer," said Betsie Sassen, Executive Director, Cafe Development. "We are offering four levels of regularly priced $50 classes for just $10." The computer classes will allow participants to learn the basics as well as advanced techniques. Classes are two hours each, meet once weekly, and run for one month.

In speaking about her computer training experience at Mather's on 83rd, one student said: "I wanted to learn to use the computer but it never was the right time for me until I heard about this opportunity. I am encouraged to learn what I was avoiding all these years."

The State of Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity has awarded Mather's More Than a Cafe funding to "Bridge the Digital Divide." The program allows the Cafe to reduce computer class fees for Levels 1-4 to $10 per level. The program will continue until funds are depleted.

Once funds are depleted the Cafe will return to regular fee schedules pertaining to both customers and Mather Advantage Discount participants.

Information and schedules for the computer classes are available by calling: (773) 488-2911

About Mather LifeWays: Based in Evanston, Illinois, Mather LifeWays enhances the lives of older adults by creating Ways to Age Well. Founded in 1941 by entrepreneur and humanitarian Alonzo Mather, Mather LifeWays is a unique not-for-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing a continuum of living and care; making neighborhoods better places for older adults to live, work, learn, contribute, and play; and identifying, implementing, and sharing best practices for wellness, workforce issues, memory care support, and empowering caregivers.

To learn more about our senior residences, community initiatives and Institute on Aging, please call (847) 492.7500 or find your way to

Don't suppose some of those lessons could include blogging...?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chicago Police Officer Killed in Park Manor

Story courtesy of CBS News

Chicago Police Officer Mike Bailey, 62, was shot and killed outside his home in the Park Manor neighborhood on July 18, 2010, after returning home from a shift guarding Mayor Richard M. Daley's home.

He spent 20 years on the job and was ready to retire in a few weeks. But Sunday night, fallen Chicago officer Mike Bailey is being remembered. Just hours after signing off from duty on the mayor's home protection detail, Bailey was shot and killed.

It's devastating for many, and not just for Bailey's family, but the entire police force. Men and women are now coping with the third shooting death of an off-duty officer in the last two months.

A long line of police cruisers traveled a far too familiar path Sunday morning, escorting the body of slain officer Michael Bailey from Northwestern Memorial Hospital to the medical examiner's office for a murder investigation.

"Words cannot express the shock and outrage and sorrow we feel at the loss of a Chicago police officer. This is the third brave officer killed since May," said Assistant Police Superintendent Beatrice Cuello.

For much of the day, the area in front of Bailey's Park Manor home was busy with detectives collecting clues from a street littered with bullet casings. As many as three guns were found at the scene as family members like John Holmes try to cope.

"Everyone is sad --- and this happens too frequently," said Holmes, who is the cousin of Bailey's wife.

Officer Bailey spent the night on detail guarding Mayor Dailey's home. At 6 a.m., still in uniform, Bailey returned to his own house, cleaning out the new Buick he purchased for his retirement next month. Police sources say that's when as many as three suspects opened fire in an attempted robbery of the 62-year-old near the intersection of 74th Street and Evans Avenue. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he died at about 6:40 a.m.

The officer -- still in uniform-- managed to fire his duty weapon, but it's unclear whether anyone was wounded.

"He was coming home from work," Ald. Freddrena Lyle (6th) said. "He was out there shining up his new car and somebody accosted him. How do you convince people to stay in a community when you have armed police officers shot down? It's devastating... It's like a war out here."

"The sadness is that we have laws on the books to stop this, but people have no fear for the consequences of what they do," said Holmes.

Neighbors said they knew Bailey as 'Big Mike,' the vice president of their block club who'd stop for a cigarette outside his home after a shift. He was looking forward to his retirement, they said.

"Big Mike was the guy who kept this block straight," neighbor Faia Malik, said. "This neighborhood has fallen. This is random violence — everybody knew who Big Mike was."

Longtime friend Stephanie Tatum, said Bailey was godfather to her two sons.

"I don't believe it. You never think it would have happened," Tatum said. "He made it this long. They are just killing cops like they are crazy."

"He was a wonderful man he was like a father of the block, he was wonderful," said neighbor Kiana McMahn.

She said Bailey's kindness included teaching many here to confront stress through meditation. Others remember him as president of the Community Block Watch Association, trying to keep others safe in his off-duty life.

"He was a wonderful man; he was concerned about his community," said neighbor Lillie Nix, who served on the community watch with him.

"I couldn't believe it. I screamed, I cried," neighbor Guylidia Hester said. "I wanted to go up to him but I couldn't."

Now she just wants to be able to comfort his grieving wife and console her over the loss of a man she calls a sweet angel.

"I'm scared to even look at her right now," Hester said. "I can't. It's so emotional right now."

Outside the hospital where Bailey died Sunday, members of the force gathered to show their respect in yet another instance of a murdered colleague.

"The frequency in which we are experiencing this is disturbing but it does go along with what's happening in our communities and it's unfortunate," said Mark Donahue, president of the police officer's union.

Daley was stunned and outraged when he heard of the officer's death.

"This is a tragic, stunning reminder of the senseless violence that stalks too many of our neighborhoods. Another Chicago Police officer gunned down, this time just weeks before leaving a long career of protecting Chicago. It's absolutely outrageous," Daley said. "Our prayers go out to the family of Officer Bailey. I knew him; he was a good man. He did not deserve this."

Police sources say Bailey's son, who was home at the time, tried to run after the suspects. They are said to have driven away in a tan Ford pickup truck possibly with bullet holes on the side. Detectives are searching for a black male, between the ages of 19 and 21, with "very short hair," and a tall, slim build. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a brown belt.

Independent Police Review Authority and Calumet Area detectives are investigating. If anyone has information, contact police at (312) 747-8272.

Bailey is the third Chicago Police officer to be shot and killed since May. On July 7, Officer Thor Soderberg was shot and killed with his own weapon outside a police facility at 61st and Racine.

And late on the night of May 19, Officer Thomas Wortham IV was shot and killed outside of his parents' home as four men tried to steal his motorcycle.

Sunday morning, those fallen officers and thousands of others killed in the line of duty were remembered during a memorial ride.

"2010 has been a bad year for us-- Allan Haymaker, Thomas Wortham, Thor Soderberg and today Michael Bailey," said Officer Curt Kiebels of the Wheaton Police Department.

Former Police Superintendent Phil Kline lead more than 100 cyclists in a moment of silence for the latest Chicago police officer to die on Chicago's streets.

The cyclists came from all over the state to ride from police headquarters to the Gold Star Memorial honoring the more than 550 Chicago police officers killed in the history of the department. Many were fellow officers who started the ride four days earlier, more than 350 miles downstate.

"We all hope that none of us have to use the organization, but we all come together to raise awareness, to raise money, and to help those in their darkest hour when a situation like that does occur," Kline said.

Fifteen-year-old Riley Kralik knows about that darkest hour. She lived it when her uncle John Walsh was killed in Joliet six years ago. She knows how it felt then and how the love and support of other officers helped with her recovery. That's why she traveled to Chicago from her Tennessee home.
They were always there for u, so coming back and helping the new survivors grieve with everything they need makes me feel better," she said.

Several of the Illinois cops who rode across Illinois did so in honor of Officer Alex Valadez who was gunned down in June of last year. Valadez's sister, Brenda, says such support has meant everything to her family.

"It means so much to us and we want to express that same gratitude to the other families," she said.

It's what the late Thomas Wortham did for her family when he travelled with them to Washington to pay tribute to her murdered brother at a national police memorial. That was in May. Her seven-year-old son Adam made the trip and got to know Officer Wortham just days before he too was shot dead.

Complete story at

7801 S Cottage Grove: One year later

Over a year has passed since this blog brought up the subject of 7801 S. Cottage Grove Chicago, Il 60619. The building has been in disrepair for many years which has led for some to call for the property to be demolished.

The city of chicago asked for proposals to rehab the building and we had several

Now one year later we still have a building in disrepair. What is the status of this building?

Chatham Business Association Awards dinner -- NOT in Chatham?!

Saw this sign for the Chatham Business Association's annual awards gala, to be held on September 17, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency downtown.

Why isn't it being held at some place such as Captain Hard Times Dining? It's a perfect place for an awards banquet (or a wedding reception, or other special events)

Seems kind of strange that an organization that is supposed to promote business in the neighborhood is taking it (necessarily?) out of the neighborhood, no?

Unless there isn't capacity in our neighborhood, why not have it here?

Now, if there are so many attendees that it might not be practical to have it at Captain's. But if the only issue might be parking, perhaps they could provide complimentary valet service (using places such as Ruggles School and local businesses).
Let's hope other community leaders continue to use the meeting rooms of businesses such as Army & Lou's and Chatham Pancake House.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Greater Chatham Alliance hosts community group leaders...

From an e-mail sent today...

Dear Greater Chatham Alliance members and Chatham neighbors:

This Saturday, July 17, GCA is proud to host a rare opportunity to
meet the CEO/Presidents of the largest 6th Ward CommunityGroups.
You will get to meet and hear from:
= Eli Washington, CEO of the Chesterfield Community Council
= Darlene Tribue, President of Park Manor Neighbors Community
= Michael LaFargue, Vice-President of the West Chesterfield Community Organization

We are still awaiting word on the attendance of Keith Tate, President of the
Chatham-Avalon Community Council.

But here's your chance to get an overview of what is going on in communities neighboring Chatham in the 6th Ward.

You'll learn what the priority issues are --and what we allneed to do together.As our new president Madelyn James said in her invitationto these groups, it promises
to be a lively discussion. Andwe hope your questions will be equally up to the

Plus, Toya Bey, our Safety & Security Chairman, will have the
information you need to know about the new handgunlaw recently
passed by our City Council.

Saturday, July 17

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

St. James Lutheran Church
8000 S. Michigan

Leslie Honore
GCA Corresponding Secretary

if you can make it, please post details!

Note that this meeting happens at the same time as the 6th ward Picnic at Tuley Park at 91st & King Drive.

Lee Bey: Farming as a solution to the problem of vacant land

Basically Lee Bey's recent post uses Detroit's example to suggest urban farming in Chicago. In fact his first picture appears to be right in the Englewood neighborhood off of 63rd & Halsted. I believe in the past we have posted about an urban farm in the Englewood neighborhood.

Now Chatham isn't home to vast vacant lots of course that's not to say none exist. Well this post doesn't have to be limited to Chatham. The 6th Ward has some parts of Englewood in it as well.

The idea is until we do finally find something to build on the various vacant lots within our community we should turn them into gardens. Especially growing food if you believe we live in a "food desert". It would be a great service to the community instead of letting such lots grow weeds and collect trash of all kinds.

This reminds me I know that the CAPCC blog likes to throw out many ideas for the revitalization of Chatham. This ought to be one of them. Who knows if this community will be home to R&D companies and foster the next technology entrepreneur.

Then again who knows if a Wal-Mart will ever be built at Chatham Market. Until it is decided what will be built there that is a perfect place for a garden or urban farm. Well perfect unless it's time for a ground breaking for whatever will be placed there on the site.

What do you think about gardens/urban farms in our community?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

South Side cop who coaches to be honored at All-Star Game

Fullman, of Chicago's South Side, was voted the White Sox's representative in "All-Stars Among Us," a nationwide program sponsored by Major League Baseball and People magazine that honors people serving their communities.

Fullman knows firsthand that helping youths early on may prevent them from making mistakes later.

His father, Gerald Fullman Sr., was killed one night when he tried to break up a gang fight. Kenny Fullman, a Chicago police officer, was 12 when his dad died.

"I think about him all the time. We had a very close-knit relationship," Fullman said Friday.

"I had just broken my leg playing baseball, and he was trying to cheer me up that morning. Then he's dead that evening," Fullman recalled.

Years later, he's following in his father's footsteps by "trying to make a difference."

That's why Fullman coaches varsity baseball at Harlan Academy, 9652 S. Michigan Ave., and also coaches White Sox Amateur City Elite, an inner-city baseball program sponsored by the White Sox Charities.

"This is a great outlet for the boys. It keeps them out of trouble. I'm just trying to help these kids. That's why I do it," he said.
Congrats to him!

I do however wonder what happened to the former baseball coach at Harlan, Rick Attreau.

Greater Chatham Alliance Hosts other community organizations THIS Saturday.

Location: St James Evangelical Lutheran, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
Several community organizations will be at the Greater Chatham Alliance Meeting this Saturday at 11am at St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Went to buy a city vehicle sticker at the Alderman's office...again

Unlike my last experience a couple of years ago, there was less of a line standing outside of the office. There was a lone older gentleman handing out tickets for our place in line. The wait was relatively short since I was back out within half an hour.

What probably helped was that I came in relatively early which is not long after the scheduled starting time for city sticker sales. I would expect also that a lot of people had bought their city stickers already to at least avoid that July 15th deadline although it has been extended until the end of the month.

I would like to offer a comment to the city clerk office. It's great that they'll offer their services in the various wards of our city. Without hopefully having to travel very far from their homes to buy a city vehicle sticker. Otherwise city residents will have to either find a currency exchange or other vendor such as Seaway Bank to buy their stickers and permits in addition to going to offices of the City of Chicago in the neighborhoods in addition to going directly to city hall.

Anyway, I was purchasing a city sticker for my mother and since I only was prepared to pay for a city sticker I didn't write the check for a parking permit as well. I for some reason thought that the permit was already included in the price of a sticker if the permit was only going to be renewed. For the most part if you have a parking permit the vehicle sticker serves as the parking permit.

All the same I was prepared to use another method to pay for the permit. I had a check and I said that I could debit it. According to the young lady who was educating me, she said that they don't accept partial payments. So the comment is that the city clerk office should consider allowing people to split their payments on city stickers and permits between two methods. Well that's my idea and I'm sure it will be beneficial to a number of people around the city.

Does anyone else have any suggestions with regards to doing business with the city?

6th ward picnic THIS Saturday at Tuley Park

Location: 501 E 90th Pl, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
Just a reminder that THIS Saturday, July 17, is the annual 6th Ward picnic.

It's located at Tuley Park, 501 E. 90th Place, and will take place 11am - 5pm.

Last year they had free food & music, as well as activities for kids. They will also have a marketplace, so be prepared to shop.

If you have any questions, please contact Picnic Coordinator Francine Smith at 773-846-7006

Anyone want to meet up at 1pm? If so, we'll try to work out some details as to where.

p.s. Don't forget to buy your city sticker TODAY!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thomas E. Wortham IV Playground Fund

Friends of the Parks in partnership with the Wortham family, the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Police Department, the Fraternal Order of Police, United Service, Alderman Lyle and Children’s Memorial Hospital have begun planning the creation of a playground in honor of slain Chicago Police Officer Thomas Wortham IV.

This new children’s playground will be constructed in Cole Park at 85th Street and Martin Luther King Drive across the street from his parents’ house. The new playground will be named the Thomas Wortham IV Playground in honor of this exemplary citizen.

Thomas Wortham IV was the President of the Cole Park Advisory Council and was active on a city-wide Park Advisory Council Network. Thomas committed his time, energy and vision to improving Cole Park. As President of the advisory council, Thomas worked on expanding recreation programs for youth, improving the children’s playground and the running track. At 30 years of age Thomas Wortham IV was a dedicated and respected community advocate who was a model for his community and all of Chicago. His loss on May 19th was devastating to all Chicagoans.

The Thomas Wortham IV Playground will be designed and constructed in Cole Park. The playground will be accessible to children of all abilities. The goal is to build the Thomas Wortham IV playground in the fall of 2010 during a two-day community-build event with volunteers from the Police Department, his family and friends and Friends of the Parks.

The cost of the playground is expected to be $225,000. Contributions can be made to the Thomas Wortham IV Playground Fund in c/o Friends of the Parks, 17 N. State Street, Suite 1450, Chicago, IL 60602 or online at

Get your city stick @the 6th Ward Office TOMORROW (Tuesday July13)

Just a reminder of this city sticker post from 2 weeks ago.

On July 13, 2010 the Ald. Lyle's service office @ 406 East 75th Street will conduct vehicle sticker and parking permit sales from 10 AM to 6 PM.

The deadline for having the stickers is now July 30, but don't wait -- put it on as soon as you get it! Otherwise, the Department of Revenue will live up to its name! (Unless of course, you enjoy "donating" $120 to the city).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Has the original Chatham Pancake House closed for good

Passed by the Original Chatham Pancake restaurant now known as Yonni;s Chicken & Waffles, earlier this week and saw the infamous green city sticker"License Revoked" on the window. Typically with restaurants they are significant sanitation issues that were uncovered and not corrected in a timely manner.

The current owners the Edmonds were not restaurant people so I'm wondering will they continue or just keep it closed.

Anyone with additional information?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

South Side gardener planting, beautifying, uniting her community

Photo from Chicago Defender by Dominic Brown
Walking arm and arm with her mother down Cottage Grove Avenue, Leiana Gary noticed an empty flower planter and said, “Humph somebody needs to do something about that.”

Her mother replied, “Who might that somebody be?”

Little did Gary know that somebody would be her.

With her mother’s words resonating two years after her death in 2007, Gary decided it was time to do something about that planter.

To get started she sent letters to Alds. Freddrenna M. Lyle (6th) and Michelle Harris (8th), and the Department of Transportation, to get permission to put flowers in the planters.

With the OK to move forward, with her green thumb and care for her community the Chicago Public Schools speech pathologist and avid gardener then headed to Home Depot.

She told the Defender she spent about $2,500 on gardening materials. And with some help from her son, Jerald, and others, Gary began digging, planting, cutting and watering the 75 different plants and 48 varieties of perennials she planted in the cement “pots.”

Gary started planting Memorial Day 2009 at 80th Street and Cottage Grove, looking to beautify her Chatham community. This Mother’s Day, she dedicated that planter to her late mother. And her work continues.
Read the whole thing.

I believe this woman was on Ald. Lyle's 6th Ward Scene that is showing the 1st and 3rd Thursday and Friday every month. The episode I recalled seeing aired earlier this year and also was shown again within the last two or so months.

Also Ald. Lyle offered us this tidbit via E-mail back in May she may have been referring to Ms. Gray:
There's a resident that started a project last year maintaining the stone planters on Cottage.  Take a look at her newest endeavor that displays student art at 80th
Hmmm, now is there anyone else with some artistic talent and a green thumb willing to volunteer their talents to beautify our community?

GCA Meeting Flyer

July Gca 2010 Meeting Flyer[1]

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Every Block items

Looks like one neighborhood Walgreen's will be allowed to sell liquor according to info from Every Block 
  • 11 E. 75th St. WALGREENS #03539 
  • License for Package goods (liquor) issued on July 7, 2010.
Refer to this post about Walgreen's wishing to sell liquor at their locations once again.

Here are some crimes

    I saw an old posting for 87th Street on the Red Line for Domestic battery. May we be very careful out there!

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    July 8th Aldermanic meeting.

    This meeting will take place tomorrow @ Northern Trust Bank, 7801 S. State Street. Featured are representatives from the Water Management Department, Environment Department, and Safe Haven-Safe Summer Program for the 006 Police District.

    The starting time is 6:30 PM.

    If you're there you're more than free to offer your thoughts on the latest aldermanic meeting in this post. You can also send an e-mail.

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    The old site of Kennedy King College

    Appears to be all gone now. Perhaps I need to drive by there when I get a chance. What new ideas can be had with this free real estate, I wonder?

    Photo posted on Flickr by Noah Vaughn.

    Monday, July 5, 2010

    Teen girl missing from South Side

    A 16-year-old girl has been reported missing from the South Side.

    Briana Harris, 16, was last in contact with her family Friday, according to a missing persons alert from Calumet Area detectives.

    Harris is described as a 5-foot-8, 119-pound African-American with black hair, brown eyes and a medium complexion.

    She was last seen wearing a black tank top, gray jean shorts and black flat shoes with a rhinestone design in the middle, according to the alert.

    Harris may be with a person named Ronald Robinson in the area of the 300 block of West 75th Street, the alert said.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Calumet Area Special Victims Unit detectives at (312) 747-8274.
     I know the address here is really west, but it's a missing young girl and it's close enough to us that perhaps someone reading this blog may have some answers!

    The picture of Briana is courtesy of Chicago Breaking News.

    17-year-old shot in Park Manor

    From Chicago Breaking News where this was one incident of many shootings overnight from the holiday!
    About 9:15 p.m. Sunday night, police said a 17-year-old boy was shot in the 7400 block of South Vernon Avenue in the Park Manor neighborhood on the South Side. Police found the teen with two gunshot wounds to his left leg. He was taken in good condition to St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center. Preliminary reports said the boy was walking down the street when he heard shots and felt pain in his legs.

    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    Happy Independence Day

    I wish everyone a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday. Stay cool out there as well!

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    City Council OKs strict gun law

    Members of the Chicago City Council have approved what city officials say is the strictest handgun ordinance in the United States.

    Friday's 45-0 vote comes four days after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling made it almost certain that Chicago's handgun ban would be overturned. The high court ruled Americans have a right to own a gun for self-defense anywhere they live.

    The new city ordinance bans gun shops in Chicago and prohibits gun owners from stepping outside their homes, even onto their porches or garages, with a handgun.
    Some of what I heard about the new gun ordinance is reasonable. I do have questions about prohibiting a gun owner from even stepping onto their porches or into their garages with their guns. And as for banning gun shops well that's more money that's going into other municipalities while the city is suffering through budget deficits.

    BTW, know that there are going to be challenges to this new ordinance in court and the Supreme Court ruling ordered this case remanded to a federal district court so the fight with regards to guns in our city isn't over.

    Labor deal paves way for stalled Chatham Wal-Mart

    Now that Wal-Mart and organized labor have ended their six-year-long stalemate, paving the way for a $1 billion Chicago expansion, Mayor Daley plans to do what he could have done long ago: grant administrative approval to build a Chatham Wal-Mart in Brookins' ward.

    "Why not? Why wouldn't he?" said a top mayoral aide, who asked to remain anonymous.

    "There needed to be some sense that this was not the desire of a handful of people, but that the citizens wanted it. That has been demonstrated."

    Brookins said one way or the other, his Wal-Mart Supercenter at 83rd and Stewart is a "done deal."

    Either Daley will sign the agreement, or Finance Committee Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th) will lift the brick in time for approval at the July 28 City Council meeting -- after the developer files a new economic disclosure statement.
    Via Capitol Fax morning shorts!

    So will we actually have two supercenters within a short distance of each other? One in Pullman and then one here in Chatham?

    Voice your opinion on whether you would support a smaller scale Chatham Wal-Mart in our recent open blog.