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From Roseland Heights, the next CAPS meeting

This information is from the Roseland Heights newsletter:

The next CAPS meeting is on July 2, 2001at Rosehaven Manor 10220 S. Michigan at 7 PM. Future meetings are to be held every other month. Contact 5th District CAPS Officer Margie Pittman at 312.747.3100

I believe this meeting is for beat 511.

Want to find out about your next CAPS beat meeting please call 311.

Get Involved in CAPS at

2 teens shot in Park Manor neighborhood

Two teenagers were shot and wounded Wednesday night in the Park Manor neighborhood on the South Side, police said.

The victims, an 18-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl, were standing on the sidewalk on the 500 block of East 74th Street at about 10 p.m. when the gunman approached, police said.

Click below for the rest of the story

2 teens shot in Park Manor neighborhood

Ald. Sawyer & Mayor Emanuel at Cottage Grove Walgreen's Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning Mayor Emanuel was at Walgreen's at 86th & Cottage Grove with not only Alderman Sawyer but also 8th Ward Alderman Michelle Harris. There is a purpose to this meeting surely, Walgreen's are adding more stores and that means more jobs:
Walgreen Co. and Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans Wednesday for dozens of new food outlets as the retailer upgrades stores and expands in Chicago, adding 600 jobs in the city over the next two years.

The company and the mayor planned a news conference that the huge drugstore chain will add food products to roughly 40 additional stores in so-called food deserts, up from 11 currently that sell a wider range of groceries.

BTW, Sawyer and Emanuel were quoted in this article found over at
Emanuel praised Walgreens for stepping forward and meeting the challenge of providing jobs and fresh food to underserved communities.

“This is a true story. A few weeks ago I initially stopped into Walgreens here at 86th and Cottage Grove to go to the ATM when I noticed fruits and vegetables out for sale. I never knew Walgreens sold fresh food and I was very impressed,” recalled Emanuel. “It is unacceptable that 450,000 Chicagoans do not have access to healthy, fresh foods for their families and I am committed to eliminating food deserts in out city.”
“I am about growing jobs in Chicago. I am about getting private employers to invest in our city and neighborhoods and Walgreens’ expansion is an example of that,” added Emanuel.
And more jobs is something Alderman Roderick Sawyer, whose 6th Ward incudes several Walgreens, welcomes.

“Residents in the Chatham community are in need of jobs like anyone else, whether it be minimum wage or higher,” Sawyer said. “Middle-class communities are among the ones having it the hardest because residents that are employed may be underemployed and those residents that are not employed are often seen as over qualified for lower paying jobs.”
The picture above of Mayor Emanuel & Ald. Sawyer can be found via his service office's Twitter account @6thWardChicago. There are a number of updates about this appearance at the Chatham Village Square Walgreen's on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer food service program

The flyer below was handed out at last night's Roseland Heights meeting.

Free meals for youths 18 years and under sponsored by Catholic Charities at Wesley United Methodist Church located at 201 E. 95th Street - phone (773) 821-6240.

The meals will occur at two different times namely for breakfast and lunch starting June 27th until September 2nd. The first meal occurs between 10 AM to 11 PM and the second meals at 12 Noon to 2 PM. There is no carry out and all food must be consumed at the distribution site. This is Monday through Friday.

BTW, at the meeting a Rosemoor resident mentioned that a free meals program is to be held at St. John de La Salle Church located at 10205 S. Martin Luther King Dr. If you want to inquire about if they have a free meals program this summer you may want to call them @ (773) 785-2022.

A report from McDade School by a very concerned citizen of Chatham...

NOTE: This blog is not affiliated in any capacity with Alderman Sawyer or his 6th Ward Service Office. He also has a FB page @6thWardChicago if you wish to contact his office that way!

Posted in one of our posts announcing the election of Roderick Sawyer as 6th Ward Alderman:
Dear Alderman Sawyer,
I live behind McDade School, And It's becoming a nightmare for our young children to play in the McDade Campus. The"Young Adults Thugs" are trying to take over!!! It's starting about 7 until 1:00 p.m.and sometimes later than that!! Please have the bicycle police or squads to canvas the areas in the evening. These Young People are smoking, having sex Parties in there vans or cars leaving waste materials every where in the school and on our blocks. PLease see what you can do. A Very Concerned Citizen of The Chatham Community.

In case you missed the Sun-Times series on the Chatham neighborhood...

Late in 2009 I posted about that 1986 series about Chatham from the Sun-Times which will include links to the full text of those articles I found via That past series was what Mary Mitchell referred to in one of her three recent columns about the neighborhood.
Here are JP's posts about Mary Mitchell's  recent columns about the Chatham neighborhood
And just because Worlee's postings over at Concerned Citizens of Chatham on Mitchell's columns

UPDATED Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Why is Street and Sanitation Commissioner Thomas Byrne Stalling in Approving the 6th Ward Superintendent

Commissioner Thomas Byrne

Worlee isn't too happy about the hold-up over Ald. Sawyer's appointment of Paul Bryson for streets & san superintendent for the 6th Ward by that department's commissioner Thomas Byrne. Let's hope this issue is resolved in the near future!

UPDATE: On our FB page it was announced that the Alderman's pick had been approved and will be on the job in the near future!

Urban Partnership Bank Request for Fun Facts about Chatham

A marketing manager at Urban Partnership Bank has asked for our help in finding some fun facts about the Chatham neighborhood for marketing purposed. Here is the actual e-mail posted publicly with permission:
Hi Sixth Ward Blogspot Volunteers,

I am the Virtual Marketing Manager for Urban Partnership Bank. I have been following your blog for the past 3 years. Thank you for all the wonderful write-ups you’ve done about the bank in the past.

We are currently working on ways to promote the diversity and vibrancy of our neighborhoods, including Chatham. I wanted to find 3 fun facts about Chatham and Google and my colleagues are failing me! I thought I’d go straight to the source.

Do you happen to have 3 interesting tidbits about Chatham that I might share with the Urban Partnership Bank national customer base? If so, do you think you might send them to me by Friday?

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a million in advance for your time and assistance in this matter.

I look forward to your response.

Worlee also came up with some tidbits such as the film Ali with Will Smith was filmed along 79th Street. Also Chatham was the home of gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Another tidbit was written on the FB page by Worlee I believe that zipcode 60619 is the haircare capitol of the nation.

Do you know anything that can be added to these fun facts? Post a comment in this post, write on our FB page, or send an e-mail. Hopefully there will be lots of facts to be turned in by this Friday.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Part 3: Sun-Times features the Chatham community

The Sun Times series on Chatham by Mary Mitchell concludes today.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Here is the intro for part 3
The crowd gathered at Cole Park in Chatham wasn’t much larger than the group of young men who were shooting hoops.

Named after Nat King Cole, the park at 85th and King Drive is surrounded by many of the eye-catching homes built by black people in Chatham in the late ’50s. On this chilly and wet Sunday afternoon, people had come together there for a peace rally prompted by a gang shooting nearby, on 79th Street.

“It was like ‘New Jack City,’ ” the Rev. Marc Robertson told the crowd.

Once, Cole Park was symbolic of the pride Chathamites took in their neighborhood. Now, as Robertson tried to stir the crowd to action, a group of teenage girls hung out on benches defaced with obscene graffiti.

The park is where Thomas Wortham IV played as a child. It’s where he worked as a volunteer until the day last summer he was gunned down by attackers who wanted his motorcycle.

“He understood there were challenges, but he wanted the community — the park, in particular — to be a safe place to play, the way it was when he was younger,” says his mother, Carolyn Wortham, who joined in the prayer vigil.

I listened in awe. Having endured the worst catastrophe a mother can face, Wortham is still working to save Chatham for a future generation. Nobody would have faulted her and her husband if they had packed up and left Chatham behind. But there they were. In the crowd. Standing shoulder to shoulder with their neighbors. Just like their son would have been.

The rest of the story is here.

What are your feelings on this story or the series as a whole?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Community Alert- Central Air Unit Theft Spree

Post over at EveryBlock by Concerned Citizens of Chatham (Worlee) I believe:
Please survey your property as there have been a number of central air unit stolen from the grounds of properties in the area of 79-83 state to king drive and 95-99 state to king drive.
We might need to keep an eye on our air conditioning units.

Went to the Alderman's office for city sticker sales...

I have to accept since now that we have a new Alderman, that Sawyer will do some things much differently than Lyle has. It could be how to inform the community, how they handle service requests, etc. So another example of that is the city sticker sales.

This was the fastest I've been waited on for purchasing a city sticker. Perhaps the weather kept some people away this morning which was when I dropped by the office @ 463 1/2 E. 83rd Street which was sometime after 10 AM. There was no line outside of the office and Alderman Sawyer and Chief-of-staff Sleet was outside to greet people doing sticker sales.

The office from the outside just seems so small but then you go inside. I had to ask an office worker where to go for sticker sales and was directed straight towards the back. And it didn't seem like a long wait before I was able to walk to a register to complete the transaction for a city sticker and residential parking permit. I would give it at least 10 or so minutes. In fact before I left Alderman Sawyer told a constituent about the short wait for a city sticker.

BTW, there was a lady who I believed was with the City Clerk's office who was just friendly. I'm giving her some credit for that although, there was some woman who she said she was trying to start a convo. Most of us already know what we're here for and if there are any questions surely they would know to ask. Going into this office, it's a lot huge than I thought it was and there was enough room for city clerk employees to do their transactions.

Then I walk back out on 83rd Street with the Alderman and Sleet outside I see a truck (which just so happens to be a hot dog stand) with a smoker on the street. Perhaps for those who are hungry when they come out of the Alderman's office. For certain this was a day of activity even if there will only be Aldermanic office sticker sales here in the 6th for today only.

Does anyone else have any comment about city sticker sales at the 6th Ward Service Office?


    Part 2: Sun-Times features the Chatham community

    The Sun-Times series of articles by Mary Mitchell continues with part 2.

    There have already been several (at least 71) comments on part 1.  (However, several of them have also been marked "under review"). There's a lot of hostility that reminds me of the anonymous comments you'd see on Uptown Update.

    Here's the beginning of part 2 of this 3 part series:
    It used to be that, to live in Chatham, you practically had to know someone. As a mother with no husband — despite having a 9-to-5 — my chances of finding a landlord who’d rent me an apartment in one of Chatham’s immaculate three-flats were slim.

    The landlords there could afford to be picky. Few of them would rent to you just because you told them you were a mom desperate to move to a neighborhood where you didn’t have to worry about gangs and guns.

    That’s another thing that’s different about Chatham these days.

    It is interesting to note that in this article, Mary Mitchell mentions the fact that about 10% of  units even as far back as 1990 were vacant.
    In 1990, 10 percent of the 17,234 housing units in the neighborhood were vacant, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2009, the number had grown to 13.5 perent of what were, by then, 18,017 housing units.
    So it seems major change was happening, even during the Eugene Sawyer era.

    Another interesting note in the story:

    According to a recent study by the Chicago Housing Authority, as of 2010, 117 families with housing vouchers had been relocated to Chatham after being displaced by the tearing down of the city’s public housing high-rises. That number represents less than 1 percent of the available housing in Chatham. But as anyone who has ever lived next door to a house where there was gang or drug activity going on knows, it only takes one bad house to ruin a block.
    So what's going on with the other 99%?

    What are your thoughts on the stories so far?

    Sunday, June 26, 2011

    Sun-Times features the Chatham community

    Mary Mitchell began a 3 part series on Chatham.   It features several of our residents.

    In 1986, the Sun Times wrote some articles about Chatham.  This series is a sort of update for those articles.

    Here's the intro
    There are things the good Lord and good black folks just wouldn’t allow in Chatham.

    No barbecuing on the front lawn.

    No hanging on corners.

    No loud music.

    No ball-playing after dark.

    No penny-pitching on sidewalks or racket on the street at all hours of the night.

    And definitely, definitely no trampling the grass.

    The rules in Chatham were never painted on signs. Instead, they’ve long been etched in the hearts of homeowners who live in the neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago bounded roughly by the Dan Ryan Expressway to the west, Cottage Grove Avenue on the east, 87th Street on the south and 79th Street on the north
    Read the full article here.

    The series is as follows:
    DAY 1: The Changing Chatham – a look back at 20 years of a neighborhood in transition.

    DAY 2: A Class DIVIDE - Chatham isn’t the exclusive community with high property values and picky landlords that it used to be.

    DAY 3: The Next Generation Fights for the Future.
    What do you think of the article? Does it represent us well?

    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    CTA Prez cites Ald. Sawyer

    On Fox Chicago Sunday , new CTA President Forrest Claypool talked about Ald. Sawyer's thoughts on transit -based economy, and agreed with him. However, he implied there are problems with financiing it, due to the economy.

    Here's the video:

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Ward Room: Are Charters Better Schools?

    View more videos at:

    [VIDEO] A question to consider as we are curious at to the direction the Chicago Public Schools will take in the near future.

    Ward Room:
    But Mayor Rahm Emanuel during the town hall Q&A said it's not a competition between the two entities. "It's not charter vs. public schools," Emanuel said. "It's good vs. bad."
    Here's a press release for the event that Emanuel and CPS Chief Exec. Jean-Claude Brizard attended with United Neighborhood Organization CEO Juan Rangel yesterday from the Mayor's office. It was described by the Ward Room blog as a "town hall".

    Police hope getaway car photo leads to South Side robbers

    This crime took place in Roseland Heights this is part of a series of crimes where two robbers approach victims in their garages throughout the South Side:
    The last robbery happened June 17 in the 9800 block of South King Drive about 12:20 p.m. Three black men approached a 63-year-old man and 66-year-old woman in their garage, pointed a firearm, struck the woman in the face and took property.

    The offenders are described as between 18 and 25, 5-foot-8 to 6 feet tall. They used a Tec-9-type black handgun with a vented barrel and extended clip, the alert said.

    Anyone with information should call detectives at (312) 747-8273 or e-mail tips to
    Oh the pic is from that ABC 7 story is of the getaway car a four door late model blue Chevrolet Impala. Keep your eyes open and be careful out there.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Boy, 1, taken in carjacking found safe - The SouthtownStar

    Boy, 1, taken in carjacking found safe - The SouthtownStar
    A 1-year-old boy seated in the back seat of his mother’s car was taken Thursday morning after a carjacker stole the vehicle, but has since been found safe, police said. The suspect remains at large.

    The boy’s mother was carjacked at gunpoint about 4:30 a.m. in the 7100 block of South Calumet Avenue, police officer Laura Kubiak said.

    The woman was driving a black 2001 Hyundai Sonata, Kubiak said.

    The vehicle with the boy inside it was found about 6:30 a.m. in the 500 block of East 70th Street.
    Be safe out there everyone!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    New cafe at Walgreens coming soon...

    Yesterday, we mentioned the free HIV testing at the Walgreens located at 11 E. 75th St. Chicago IL 60619, happening right now.

    What is also happening, as you may have noticed, is some reconstruction. (Other Walgreens are also getting remodeling done as well)

    Manager Wayman Freelon told me that part of what they are doing at 75th is creating a cafe.  This is interesting, as Walgreens stores used to have  a lunch counter as part of the stores in their early history.

    In addition, the fruit vendors that you have seen walking into the 75th Street store will be distributing their fresh fruit within the store after remodelling.

    We'll let you know when the grand re-opening will be.

    The Expired Meter: How To Get That #@%! City Sticker Off Your Windshield

    It's that time of year again to start purchasing the city sticker for your vehicle. The first question I'm sure many of you have is, how do you get last year's city sticker off of your windshields? Well the Parking Ticket Geek has provided us with 10 tips to remove last year's sticker from your vehicle's windshield.

    For next year's sticker, you may want to consider using Sticker Shield. (It's tip #6). It will make removing stickers easy. However, please not that new city stickers include your license plate number, so you can't transfer the sticker between cars.  This is important to remember if you want to avoid a parking ticket.

    BTW, you can buy your city sticker next Monday - June 27th - from the Alderman's office located @ 463 1/2 E. 83rd Street between 9AM to 5PM. If you can't make it to the Alderman's office these are other locations courtesy of the City Clerk's Office where you can buy a city sticker. After a grace period city sticker enforcement will begin on July 16th

    Ald. Sawyer meet and greet June 25...

    This coming Saturday @ Carter Temple Church - 7841 S. Michigan Avenue. Not that far away from the GCA May 2011 meeting that introduced that organization to Ald. Sawyer and the 6th Ward service office staff.

    Related to this event is a comment from the 6th Ward Chicago FB page regarding any future ward meetings like what former Ald. Lyle used to have:
    We do not have any 6th Ward Meetings scheduled this summer, however the office is open 6 days a week to handle concerns but this summer the Alderman is focused on getting some older concerns handled. That said the Alderman is making the rounds at community and block club meetings, you can send an invitation to and we are hosting a series of meet and greets this summer at different sections of the ward. Our next Meet and Greet is this Saturday at noon at Carter Temple CME Church.
    I hope that there weren't others held that wasn't publicized.

    Via Concerned Citizen's of Chatham!

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council: Revitalize & Rebuild Chatham

    Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council blog:
    Chatham Avalon Park Community Council hosts: Revitalize & Rebuild Chatham" a call to action block club workshop: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, St. Mark United Methodist Church, 8441 S St. Lawrence, Chicago, IL 60619. 6:30 pm until 8 pm

    How to contact the service office

    Time to put this information out one more time. Just got an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know where Ald. Sawyer's office is located. And just to note one more time that this blog has not connection to Ald. Sawyer or the new 6th Ward Service Office.

    The number to the office located at 463 1/2 E. 83rd Street is (773) 635-0006 and you can contact them via e-mail at 6thwardchicago [at] gmail [dot] com. In addition you can find the service office on FB at and on Twitter @6thWardChicago.

    Walgreens offering free HIV test = June 22-24

    One of our local Walgreens is one of only 3 in the city offering free HIV testing. (the others are North in Uptown and in the SouthWest, near Midway).

    In partnership with Greater Than AIDS and National HIV Testing Month, Walgreens is proud to offer FREE HIV testing at select Walgreens pharmacies on June 22-24 from 3-7PM. Check out the list of participating stores below. Don’t see a pharmacy in your area? Go to to find an HIV testing center location near you.

    In partnership with the AIDS Foundation of Chicago


    (northeast corner of Kedzie & 55th)

    CHICAGO, IL 60632

    (773) 436-7396

    11 E 75TH STREET

    (corner of 75th & State Streets)

    CHICAGO, IL 60619

    (773) 224-1211

    4720 N MARINE DR

    (southwest corner of Marine & Lakeside)

    CHICAGO, IL 60640

    (773) 769-1315

    Russ Stewart: "No whites win" in Cook County's 2012 Democratic primary...

    A variety of races mentioned in this column starting with the Cook County State's Attorney, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Recorder of Deeds, and the race we're focusing on in this post Water Reclamation District:
    Metropolitan Water Reclamation District: Better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to say something and prove it. That modified truism applies to ambitious office holders who cultivate the image of "political powerhouse": If you run and lose embarrassingly for another office, you prove you're not.

    That's O'Brien's problem. First elected commissioner in 1988 and elected water district president in 1996 by a vote of the nine commissioners, O'Brien was perpetually boomed as a future mayor or board president. In 2010 he took the plunge and got a measly 131,896 votes (23 percent of the total) in the board president primary against three black candidates, Toni Preckwinkle (who got 50 percent), Brown (14.4 percent) and incumbent Stroger (13.6 percent). At least half the white vote broke for Preckwinkle.

    Along with O'Brien, Commissioners Debra Shore and Patricia Horton are facing nomination. Horton, who is black, saw her prospects evaporate when her mentor, Rickey Hendon, quit politics. Black committeemen will support Kari Steele, the daughter of a former alderman and judge, who finished fourth in 2010. Barbara Moore, the wife of 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore who heads the ward's Green Corps organization, is generating support. Shore, aligned with the North Shore "machine," run by U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky and husband, Bob Creamer, has strong ties to gays, environmentalists and feminists, and she will run first, as she did in 2006.

    Having proven himself a paper tiger in 2010, O'Brien will be in real jeopardy in 2012.
    Could that support by Black committeemen throughout Cook County translate into a victory for Kari Steele next year?

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Fresh start for council's freshmen

    And Ald. Sawyer was quoted in this Tribune article from yesterday!
    Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th, may be a rookie, but he's not new to the ways of City Hall. As a child and young man, Sawyer saw his father, the late Mayor Eugene Sawyer, deal with the council as both an alderman and the city's chief executive during the racially tinged Council Wars era.

    "I think we're finally going to see a council exercising its rights and flexing its muscle as a strong council, getting together on issues that are common to all of us, because we all have the same issues," Ald. Sawyer said, singling out safe streets as the primary concern that affects all wards.

    Sawyer and [47th Ward Ald. Ameya] Pawar were among seven independent-minded freshmen who spoke at a recent breakfast meeting of the Union League Club of Chicago. Several talked about a stronger council, but none spoke of political combat with the new mayor.

    The time-honored job duties of aldermen in Chicago include fielding requests for city services, from potholes that need paving to alleys that need cleaning. They also make the final decision on nearly all zoning issues and sign off on various fee waivers for nonprofit groups.

    "The problem in the city of Chicago is that the aldermen have inserted themselves as gatekeepers," Pawar said, when asked if the council needed 50 aldermen. "That's why you end up with all these fiefdoms. … Do you want us to be custodial vicars, or do you want us to be legislators?"
    I think we should look at some news regarding the first 30 days of Mayor Emanuel's administration.

    School board president seeks to raise funds

    He was on FOX Chicago Sunday. David Vitale is also the Chairman at Urban Partnership Bank:
    Chicago homeowners will see a property tax increase for the public schools this fall.

    Estimating it would raise about $140 million, the new President of the Board of Education David Vitale said schools need the money desperately, despite the Board's recent decision to cancel a pay raise for union workers. That would save about $100 million.

    “The school system does have a capability of increasing taxes up to the rate of inflation,” Vitale said. “In fact, the prior school board passed a resolution that would, in fact, put that in place.”

    Vitale also indicated the board may have to eliminate some popular school programs, in order to avoid increasing class size.
    You can watch Vitale's segment above or click this link to view the video.

    WBEZ - Parents to CPS: Make our school a charter

    What do you think of this idea of a "parent trigger" is a good idea here in Chicago?
    [Lynn] Evans and the other parents are at the center of a national phenomenon known as the parent trigger. California has a law allowing parents in failing schools to “trigger” major overhauls, including converting a school to a privately run, publicly funded charter. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said he supports a parent trigger here.
    That is lifted from a WBEZ article that talks about parents wishing to turn Wendell Smitth Elementary School @ 744 E 103rd St. into a charter school. Lynn Evans is chairwoman of the Smith LSC and is frustrated with administration there and it seems other parents aren't too happy with the school's administration either. It's worth a read to find out what's going on there.

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    Space for rent near 95th & King Drive

    I took this picture this evening just before the sun went down!

    This space @ 336 E. 95th St. was home to Quench's Fresh Family Foods that even had ABC 7 come out and do a news story on them. Now, the store is for rent with a huge sign to tell you how to inquire about this space. It makes me wonder what happened to this place after a huge roll-out with a major TV station and then nothing.


    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Sun-Times: School Board rejects teacher raises, union plans to negotiate decision

    More about the new School Board action on Wednesday to reject teacher raises:
    Newly-elected School Board President David Vitale said that board members, following a presentation by board staff, were convinced of the “depth of the budget problem’’ but also were persuaded by staff contentions that:

    ◆ Even without the four percent previously-negotiated raises, 75 percent of all teachers will get automatic raises of between 1 percent and 5 percent for adding another year of experience or for increasing their credentials.

    ◆ Based on base salary alone, the minimum CPS starting teachers salary of $50,577 is No. 1 among the nation’s 10 largest cities. Its maximum salary, requiring a master’s degree, of $87,673 is No. 2, behind New York City. Its average salary also is among the top one or two, Human Capital Officer Alicia Winckler told board members.

    ◆ While teachers have enjoyed four percent raises for the last four years, central office staff have swallowed two years of pay freezes and furloughs and principals endured one year of them.

    The last time the board claimed it could not cover its teacher salary obligations was in 1991, said one board attorney. In that year, the CTU agreed to shrink a scheduled seven percent salary increase down to four percent, but resumed its previously-agreed seven percent raise the following year, the attorney said.

    The showdown is nerve-wracking for parents, who were threatened last year with higher class sizes. New Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard said Wednesday he does not want to even consider such a move.
    Of course, there is a debate about that...
    [Chicago Teacher's Union President Karen] Lewis called some of Winckler’s numbers “ridiculous’’ and claimed the added pay for another year of experience or added credentials amount to. at most, $35 to $50 more in take home pay every two weeks over 26 pay periods. “People tell me, `Oh, I thought I would get a raise and it’s only 20 bucks,’” Lewis said.

    She also noted that across the state, CPS teacher pay is not that competitive. Lewis cited a May 31 Chicago Sun-Times report that found that CPS high school teachers average total compensation, with benefits, ranks No. 71 in the state. CPS elementary teachers came in No. 38.
    Any parents out there willing to comment on this issue about the teacher's union vs. school board debate?

    Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Southside Farmer Markets

    Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Southside Farmer Markets

    All the farmer's markets on the South Side including the Seaway Bank farmer's market that was mentioned on this blog during the week.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Capitol Fax: Drilling down into the numbers

    Rich Miller on the story out of the Chicago Public Schools. Potential labor strife between the Board of Education  and the Chicago Teacher's Union. Namely the fact that the board had recently rescinded a 4% pay raise!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Chatham Business Association (CBA) - Junior Employment Workshop

    Thanks Shorty

    June 18, 2011
    Chatham 14
    210 W 87th.

    Mathers Cafe White Elephant Sale

    June 18, 2011
    8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
    Mather More Than A Cafe
    33 E. 83rd
    Chicago, IL
    Mather Connection Volunteers’
    White Elephant Sale
    You are invited to attend a White  Elephant sale. These items may be new or used but in good condition and
    will be sold at reasonable prices.
    Proceeds will be put back into Mather’s—More Than a CafĂ© programming.

    Sawyer on gun registration in Chicago

    Click for larger resolution
    From an article by Mick Dumke at the Chicago Reader:
    Roderick Sawyer, alderman of the Sixth Ward, is skeptical of that theory. "It's like buying a car," he says. "If you want one you'll find a way to do it."

    Sawyer's south-side ward includes struggling, high-crime areas in Englewood as well as middle-class parts of Chatham where residents are openly talking about getting guns because of crime concerns. He says it's appropriate to have "reasonable restrictions" on gun ownership in the city, though it's also clear that many people aren't complying with the law. He recalled an evening when he offered to walk a senior citizen home after a community meeting.

    "She moved her coat to the side and showed me she was packing," he recalls. "She said, 'How about if I walk you home?'" 
    Yeah for context what is the theory?
    John Lott, an economist who argues that gun control laws like Chicago's actually lead to higher crime, says the cost of meeting the gun application's training and registration requirements essentially discriminates against low-income black communities. In Chicago, the training and permit fees cost about $250 on top of the price of the gun.

    "Those who are most likely to be victims of crime benefit the most from owning guns, and unfortunately, that is one very well defined group in our country, poor blacks who live in high crime urban areas such as Chicago," Lott wrote in an e-mail. "But these white, middle class areas can much more easily afford the fees to register their guns and to go through the training requirements."
    Another theory mentioned about gun registration is that there are high rates of convicted felons in black and latino communities. Also that blacks and latinos have high levels of distrust for the police.

    The pic above measures the rates of gun registration according to zipcode around the city. So 60619 and 60628 in orange are almost close percentage wise with those areas in red on the northwest, southwest, and even around downtown Chicago.

    Starting July 13, 2011, the Seaway Bank Farmer's Market...

    Seaway Bank's main branch is located at 645 E. 87th Street or the intersection of 87th & Langley. The farmer's market is to be located in the employee parking lot. Starting July 13 to September 28 and operating hours are from 9 AM to 2 PM every Wednesday.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    GCA job hot list for those searching for work, part two...

    GCA #2- Job Hot List

    Sent to us from Leslie Honore at the Greater Chatham Alliance...
    Dear Greater Chatham Alliance members, Chatham and 6th Ward neighbors:

    Attached, you will find listings of jobs that have been referred to us since June 11th.

    Normally, we would send out our GCA e-magazine with community article information and other topics
    of interest.

    But again, this list of jobs is so large, that this kind of information was just too important not to send it out.

    It's 40 pages of job listings!

    You'll find the GCA Job Hot List document in both a word and pdf version.

    Okay, so you are fortunate enough not to need a job right now. Or maybe you're retired. But please don't hesitate to forward it to friends and family members.

    Thank you on behalf of GCA.

    Leslie Honore
    GCA Corresponding Secretary

    Events coming up here in the 6th ward...

    I have only four to share, but if you know of any worth noting on the blog feel free to let us know. Write a comment, e-mail the blog, tweet us, or post it on our FB page!

    Harlan Community Academy's LSC will meet this Thursday, June 16 at 6:30 PM. It will be located in Harlan's Social Room and the school is located at 9652 S. Michigan Avenue.

    Greater Chatham Alliance will have their monthly meeting on June 18th between 11 AM to 12:30 PM at St. James Lutheran Church at 8000 S. Michigan Ave with special guest speaker, Stephanie Patterson, Associate Director of the non-profit, "Connections for Abused Women and their Children". Patterson's agency provides services for victims of domestic violence.

    Also there is Real Men Cook event at Chicago State University at 9501 S. King Drive on June 19th. Details of this even have already been posted onto the blog! :P

    Roseland Heights Community Association (RHCA) will have their last monthly meeting for the summer on June 28th at the Temple of Glory located on 311 E. 95th Street starting at 7 PM. Thereafter meetings will resume for the RHCA on September 27, October 25, and November 22.

    Also here are some beat meetings coming up for some of the beats within the 6th ward. This was also posted onto the blog earlier.

    Once again if there are any meetings that we should know about please let us know. Write a comment, e-mail us, tweet, or post on our FB page. Thanks!

    Capitol Fax: Education reform roundup

    Click image to see the post
    Yesterday, Gov. Pat Quinn signed an education reform bill into law that is designed to make it more difficult for teachers to strike and make it easier for school districts to fire teachers. Today a round-up at CapFax with regards to the new reform law, the aftermath, and the ever present issue of public school funding. It's worth a read!

    Emanuel says 'head tax' cut for businesses will be in his first budget

    Clout St:
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel said today he remains committed to phasing out a corporate employee "head tax" that brings in about $19 million annually to the city.

    "I believe it's a disincentive for companies," Emanuel said at a news conference to announce United Airlines will be bringing 1,300 more jobs to Chicago. "My goal is -- and it will reflect it when I do my budget -- that we will roll back a buck a year, so that over my term, it will be the $19 million that is quote unquote raised, will be eliminated."

    The head tax is currently $4 per employee per month for companies with at least 50 employees on their payrolls. Emanuel said he believes the city will be able to raise more money by getting rid of the tax because companies will add more jobs in Chicago, helping the government bottom line in other ways.

    Ald. Thomas Tunney, 44th, introduced an ordinance this week to phase the head tax out by the beginning of 2015.
    You can read a previous story about this here. The article itself has a history about Chicago's head tax on employers.

    Monday, June 13, 2011


    I took this pic near the corner of 99th & Michigan Monday afternoon. Someone had commenced landscaping this area near the bridge over the Bishop Ford (Calumet) Expressway. I wonder who's responsible and hope that they continue to keep it up for years to come.

    Looks as if the Do Not Enter sign is in a box where some flowers are expected to grow. Then some landscaping stones on top of some woodchips mulch. It's very nice!

    5 Loaves featured on Vocalo blog

    5 Loaves Eatery featured on Chicago Public Radio's Vocalo blog

    Molly Adams & Brian Babylon had lunch at 5 Loaves Eatery in Chatham. We reviewed the food and interviewed owner Robert Kincaid about the differences in price for a South and North Side brunch and establishing a neighborhood joint. We also unsuccessfully tried to get his fried chicken secrets, but he did give us a few tips.
    Check it out & post your comments.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Real Men Cook- Come See Alderman Sawyer Cook

    Father's Day is next Sunday. This event will take place at the Jones Convocation Center on the campus of Chicago State University @ 9501 S. King Drive between 3 PM to 6 PM. For ticket information go here:

    Via Concerned Citizens of Chatham!

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    We're not affiliated with the 6th Ward Service Office

    This blog is not affiliated with the 6th Ward Service Office nor with Ald. Roderick Sawyer in any capacity. Any e-mail that's meant for the service office will only be forwarded to his office. In future we would will also ensure that you will have the contact information for the service office directly in addition to utilizing the 311 system.

    Within the past two weeks we've gotten e-mails that were meant for Ald. Sawyer. One hoping to see him at an event referred to as the "Community Conversation meeting regarding 'the Crime Spine of the City' here in the 6th District". Friday, we got an e-mail from a woman about her tree that she says hasn't been cut down by the city yet and it's been three years.

    The graphic above was posted here before, just to reiterate the many ways you can contact our service office. There's not only the old fashioned phone or e-mail, but there's also Facebook or Twitter. Especially note the phone number for the office and the e-mail address for service requests. If you have service requests the e-mail is 6thwardchicago [AT] gmail [DOT] com. The office number is also (773) 635-0006. Further more you are more than encouraged to call 311 and then be sure to request a service request number.

    Also note that you can make service requests online here. I have some experience with this, it will be hard to get a service request number so that you can follow up on it. Although even on this page you're encouraged to call 311 to follow up on your request.

    We hope to contribute to the community conversation and we're not trying to facilitate service requests. Also we want to encourage you to interact with our public officials and one way to do that is to get into touch with them (mainly Ald. Sawyer and his staff) directly through the methods outlined in this post. If you like or dislike the level of service provided by the 6th Ward Service Office feel free to applaud/vent on the blog accordingly, as always.


    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Upcoming beat meetings for the 6th Ward

    Posted over at 6th Ward Chicago - the Facebook page for Ald. Sawyer's service office:

    3rd District
    • 321 - June 28 - 1pm 3rd District Station 7040 S. Cottage
    • 322 - June 23 - 7pm St. Columbanus 331 E. 71st St 
    • 323 - June 27 - 7pm Park Manor Church 600 E. 73rd St
    • 324 - June 16 - Carey Temple AME 7157 S. Greenwood
    6th District
    • 623 - June 15 - 6:30pm Northern Trust 7801 S. State Street
    • 624 - June 29 - 6:30pm St. Dorothy's Church 450 E. 78th St
    • 633 - June 16 - 6:30pm Tuley Park 501 E. 90th PL
    • 634 - TBA - 6:30pm St. James Church 9256 S. Lafayette
    7th District
    • 731 - June 21 -6:30pm Hamilton Park 513 W. 72nd St 
    • 732 - June 21 -6:30pm Hamilton Park 513 W. 72nd St
    What's missing here is the 5th District with beat 511. 

    City Colleges of Chicago replaces 4 campus heads

    Nearby Olive-Harvey College @ 10001 South Woodlawn Ave. is one of those four campuses who will get a new President, however, a search will continue for a new President at Kennedy-King College @ 6301 South Halsted St.
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday the new presidents will have the autonomy to tailor solutions to the needs of the system's approximately 60,000 students. He added they will be held accountable for improving student performance.

    The colleges getting new leadership are Malcolm X, Olive-Harvey, Truman and Wright.
    The presidents of Daley and Harold Washington colleges will retain their jobs, while the search continues for a new Kennedy-King College president.

    Chancellor Cheryl Hyman says a change in the perception of City College is needed to reverse an enrollment decline. She said getting new college presidents is the key to that.

    Fuel spill temporarily closes Dan Ryan

    At 3:13 a.m., a semi carrying a food shipment crashed into a concrete barrior on I-94 northbound at 87th Street, causing the fuel tank to rupture, according to an Illinois State Police master sergeant.

    The semi was the only vehicle involved in the crash and the driver suffered minor injuries, the sergeant said.

    Traffic was diverted off the Dan Ryan at 87th Street and immediately allowed back on, but the spill was cleaned up within an hour and a half and the Dan Ryan completely reopened.
    At least it didn't affect the morning commute from what I can tell.

    Ald. pushing phase-out of employee head tax

    The $4-a-month employee head tax despised by Chicago businesses would be phased out over four years, depriving the city of $19.6 million in annual revenue, under an ordinance quietly introduced by a North Side aldermen.

    Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), owner of Ann Sather restaurants, has been on the warpath against the head tax since he was appointed to the City Council by then-Mayor Richard M. Daley in 2002.
    At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Tunney re-introduced the ordinance, turning up the heat on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to honor a campaign promise.

    Tunney said he’s well aware that Emanuel inherited an annual operating deficit approaching $700 million — and $1.2 billion when unfunded pension liabilities are factored in.

    But, the alderman argued that $5 million a year should not be hard to find.

    “Eliminating this tax is important to business. I think it can be done. In our search for cost-efficiencies and savings, we can find time to send a signal to the business,” he said.

    “We’re gonna bring in businesses to hear what a negative impact it has on their ability to hire new workers. The most important thing we can do is to provide every incentive for people to add to their payrolls. This could be a job creator, which would help the business climate and, ultimately our budget issues.”

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Bennett-Shedd LSC: Principal selection and other issues...

    Bennett Elementary School

    I like to talk about about what goes on at Harlan's LSC, but I rarely talk about Bennett-Shedd's LSC here. It's not like there's much going on to report at Harlan anyway. Although it's great to hear them trumpet some of there accomplishments at Harlan as far as the students go.

    Basically the main thing going on at Bennett-Shedd is that they're just now starting their search for a principal. The process might have started at either the April and certainly the May LSC meeting when they wanted to draft a statement to announce their opening at the elementary school.

    If you haven't been particularly familiar with Bennett-Shedd, the original principal was Barbara Ellis who passed away in January of this year. In honor of her legacy Bennett School's library was named the Dr. Barbara J. Ellis Media Center. On the next Monday after the May 2011 LSC meeting there were some events scheduled to commemorate the dedication of the library which was under renovation.

    In any event, there should be a posting out there for the Principal vacancy for Bennett-Shedd Elementary School. It should be noted that that the assistant principal, Roberta Fields, announced at the May LSC meeting that she planned to apply for that position . She could be an interesting choice and provide a certain amount of continuity.

    So, I've been attending these LSC meetings since October 2010 when Mrs. Ellis was still principal. Of course in the wake of her untimely passing it was noted - mainly by the LSC chairman Mr. Cartman - that Mrs. Ellis took care of a lot of things that LSC was supposed to have taken care of. Now that she's gone they have to take care of business now.

    Since about February or so, the LSC meetings have been attended by a CPS representative who breaks in to give the council pointers on how to conduct their meetings. It could be on parliamentary procedures, on how the LSC needs to stay focused, taking the roll such as noting who's not physically in the room, in addition to urging LSC members to start their meetings on time. Yesterday's meeting was close to 30 minutes overdue!

    It's safe to say that during the months when it was time to start a principal search, there are some things that need to be done differently. At that hopefully the sooner they start searching the sooner that Bennett-Shedd will find and offer a contract to the best candidate for Principal. This would definitely be a case of staying focused.

    Another thing noted is that the CPS representative wants the LSC to be sure that they publicize the date of their next meeting on the agenda that's passed out at every meeting. They could also announce that date during the course of the meeting. While I did have a list of dates for LSC meetings during the 2010-2011 year sometimes they would change the scheduled dates. In fact there have been some specially called meetings and I would have little idea until I either see the board at either Shedd or Bennett or notice the agendas of other meetings that were missed.

    Well I believe it was noted at this month's regular meeting that there will be a special meeting called and that should take place on Monday @ 4:30 PM. The LSC went into a closed session near the end of the meeting to further discuss the Principal vacancy. The main point of this meeting was to have parents give feedback on the process but only one parent showed up and she was involved with the Parent Advisory Council. In addition they wanted to create surveys for not only teachers but for parents. They also wanted to possibly offer a survey for the surrounding community as well.

    There is a question that should be asked by all concerned about the Principal vacancy. What are they looking for in a new Principal? That would be my question, shall report on the answer!

    FYI: Bennett School is located at 10115 S. Prairie Ave and its Shedd School branch is located at 200 E. 99th Street.

    EDIT: Had to fix the address for Bennett School sorry about that!

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Live at work? Alderman proposes zoning change to allow it

    Could this be good for our community?
    Ald.”Proco” Joe Moreno (1st) wants to change the city’s zoning code to allow up to 30 percent of work space in low-intensity business districts to be used for living space.

    The zoning code currently allows only artists to live in their work space as well as those with home offices. The new ordinance would pave the way for attorneys, accountants, retailers, chefs and hairdressers to do the same.

    “Families used to live in stores. This ordinance is a return to tradition. It makes a lot of sense in the present economic climate,” Moreno said in a press release.

    “Government needs to act as a resource for business — not as an impediment or obstacle. I’ll do whatever I can to help encourage entrepreneurialism and innovation”
    I wonder why not allowing people to live in their places of business was put into zoning code in the first place. And Ald. Moreno is right, families live in an apartment above their stores!

    Perhaps one way to revitalize our commercial streets. Although I'm not certain about all those buildings that have storefronts and apartments.

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    Concerned Citizens of Chatham: WTF- The Pimpin Continues

    Concerned Citizens of Chatham: WTF- The Pimpin Continues:
    Last night Congressman Bobby Rush held a "Conversation" on Crime at St. Dorothy's Church along with some of his cronies. I found out as many others did after the meeting took place because most 6th ward residents east of the Dan Ryan were not notified, but it appears "community church's" were. Frankly, it's all just publicity stunts because no one can answer the simple questions "Why Can't We Light Up 79th Street?" and "When is there going to be a zero tolerance stance taken on 79th street?". The merchants and residents on the God Coast have declared enough is enough and getting what they want, why can't we? I'm sick of politicians and other so call leaders coming into Chatham pimpin the crime situation because when the cameras go away so do they.
    A rant by Worlee! What can we do about crime when the cameras go away?

    BTW, at one of Ald. Lyle's final ward meetings on Cottage Grove earlier this year, Rush pledged not only that he wouldn't move his office he would also pledge to help the beat (624) where his office is located. Well we can only wonder what came of that help.

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    USPS is Hiring

    Information courtesy of
    signup for daily job leads at

    The United States Postal Service is hiring temporary positions for the summer. If interested go to applications taken June 6-10, 2011.
    This position pays $14.40 per hour.
    This a temporary position
    For various Chicago Postal Facilities.
    Must be 18 years of age or High School graduate
     Must be a US Citizen or have permanent resident alien status
     Must pass a background check and drug screen
     Must take the 473 Battery examination
     Limited benefits include paid vacation days and health insurance after the first 360 day term
    Your completed profile and application must be submitted online by 11:59pm Central Time June 10, 2011.

    GCA job hot list for those searching for work...

    From the Greater Chatham Alliance. The 61 pages here are hosted on Scribd in PDF format:
    Dear Greater Chatham Alliance members, Chatham and 6th Ward neighbors:

    Attached, you will find listings of jobs that have been referred to us since May 30th.

    Normally, we would send out our GCA e-magazine with community article information and other topics of interest.

    But this list of jobs is so large, that in the end, this kind of information was just too massive not to get it out first.

    It's 61 pages of job listings!

    You'll find the GCA Job Hot List document in both a word and pdf version.

    Though you might not need a job right now, please don't hesitate to forward it to friends and family members.

    Thank you on behalf of GCA.

    Leslie Honore
    GCA Recording Secretary

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    Training and employment opportunities for window replacement

    Click for larger resolution
    This event is sponsored by Imagine Englewood If. The idea as indicated by this flyer is to find contractors who will help train people from the community who will be able to replace old leaded windows with new energy efficient windows in over 200 Englewood homes.

    This event will be at Teamwork Englewood located at 815 W. 63rd Street on Wednesday, June 15th between 10 AM to 12 PM

    Four possible Chicago casino sites - Chicago Sun-Times

    Four possible Chicago casino sites - Chicago Sun-Times

    I'm not particularly supportive of casinos in Chicago whether for the sake of economic activity or even generating revenue for governmental entities. The Sun-Times talked about this very subject:
    Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Where do you want a new Chicago casino?

    The question assumes, of course, that you want a casino at all. The debate on the advisability of government-sanctioned gambling will go on, but with the Legislature having sent a casino bill to the governor, more Chicagoans ponder implementation and the eternal inquiry, “Where’s mine?”

    For Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a casino would become his first challenge as the city’s planner-in-chief. Most people don’t want a gambling den that casts a leering presence over a beautiful downtown and a diverse economy. In the words of Paul O’Connor, urban strategist at architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, “It’s a matter of how much it junks up the city.”
    This column suggests several sites such as Block 37, Lakeside Center @ McCormick Place, Navy Pier, Old Meigs Field (Northerly Island), or even the Old Main Post Office.

    I'm unsure how many casinos that are proposed for Chicago. Unsure if it's only one in the city or more, my hope is that if one won't be located within the Loop where it's largely easy to get to then one could be located in a relatively depressed part of the city.

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    Added some more links under Government in the sidebar

    I added a link to the state Constitution having mentioned in another post that document's section on education. Another link to US Constitution online @

    A little over three year ago since I created this blog I wanted to link to as much material possible. The main idea was to allow the reader to inform themselves on a variety of issues. Mainly in the first year of the blog, my focus was mainly on political or governmental links on the local, state, and federal levels.

    BTW, still waiting on a website for Ald. Roderick Sawyer. Even after Sawyer was inaugurated into office as Alderman of the 6th Ward, Ald. Lyle's old website had remained under the Government section. While there is a Twitter and FB page for Sawyer's office (both under 6th Ward Chicago) there will be a link for his official website. Currently under one of those two Facebook logos in the sidebar is for the FB page for Ald. Sawyer.

    Also to be added onto the Local Links page, a link for Real Men Cook @

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Brizard’s pay as new Chicago Public Schools chief to be tied to performance

    Do you think that this performance based contract for the CPS CEO is good for the Chicago Public Schools?
    Newly-appointed Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard disclosed Thursday that he is finalizing a “performance contract” that will tie his compensation to “student achievement.”

    Brizard said his performance would be measured “the same way everyone’s gonna be measured. Fundamentally, it’s about student achievement.”

    Sources said Brizard’s base salary is expected to remain at the $250,000 temporarily approved by the lame-duck school board.

    But that salary could rise based on a host of factors ranging from test scores and parental participation to graduation and student drop-out rates.

    Asked Thursday if he expects to be paid more if student test scores rise, Brizard said, “Not necessarily. … I can’t talk too much about it because it’s still being negotiated and finalized by the attorneys. That will be in the next few days. … You’ll get all the details. I promise you.”

    City Stickers available at Ald. Sawyer's office on June 27th

    City stickers are available for purchase (renewal or new) from the City Clerk's office, as well as several locations around the city. See the official website, at for more details.

    On Monday, June 27th, the city clerk will be at Alderman Sawyer's office in the 6th ward, from 9am to 5pm. The address is 463 1/2 E. 83rd Street. This location will have stickers available only for that day.

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Kusanya Cafe

    [VIDEO] For this moment, we're going back to Englewood to look at a new attempt to bring the Kusanya Cafe in Englewood. According to Asiaha Butler's blog, this cafe hopes to open a location near 69th & Green. There is a FB page for this non-profit venture and an official website. This description is from the FB page:
    The Kusanya Cafe will be an inline espresso bar located in Englewood on Chicago's southside. Our mission: To provide a place of empowerment and encouragement to the residents of Englewood through a high-quality coffee establishment.
    You know I wonder if such a place can be found in either Park Manor or Chatham?

    Service requests information from the 6th ward service office

    Click for larger resolution
    This image you may have seen on our FB page. The information you see here was provided at the May 21st Greater Chatham Alliance meeting featuring Ald. Roderick Sawyer and his staff.

    FYI, Worlee provided a review of that GCA meeting at Concerned Citizens of Chatham!

    To be sure, it's quite innovative to use Twitter or even Facebook to send service requests. Currently the "new" 6th Ward Service office has Twitter (@6thWardChicago) and Facebook (6th Ward Chicago) accounts. It's already being utilized for the purposes of letting people know what to do as far as service requests. For example with the recent weather the 6th Ward Chicago Twitter account is already urging constituents to call 311 in addition to either tweeting them  or sending a direct e-mail to 6thWardChicago [AT] gmail [DOT] com to report downed trees or flooding.

    Joe Zekas R.I.P.

     Joe Zekas ran the real estate news website YoChicago . If you have been following that site and their social media channels i.e. YouTube o...